Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Springfield - Week 68

Monday 8/24:  P-Days recently have been pretty lame so we decided to make it sweet.  Turned out to be Elder Swiderski's birthday today, he's in training so he's pretty new.  But we decided to buy a cake and some decorations and drive an hour out to Oakridge to see him and a Elder Campbell.  We snuck in the house and scarred the crap out of him.  It was hilarious!  Man the cake we picked out was good.  We chowed down on that sucker.  So we were trying to figure something fun to do and we heard of some sweet waterfalls so we decided to go check them out.  We ended up going to Salt Creek Falls which is the second biggest waterfall in southern Oregon and drops 50,000 gallons of water per minute.  That's a lot!  It was a nice hike and we had some good times there.  All in all the adventure was successful.  Tonight I had the opportunity to do my first baptismal interview with Pam Sabrowski.  She is an older lady and her husband is a member so it's really exciting.
Tuesday 8/25:  For the first time in my life I went to the bishops store house to do some service cleaning the warehouse and cleaning all the produce shelves.  It's a really cool place.  We had some lessons this afternoon with Brother White and another one with Brother Udy.  We had dinner tonight with Brother Durfee who took us out to Fins Drive In.  It's a old classic burger joint that has a car show every week. They have some good food there.  We were talking about sports because he played a lot and also coached a lot as well.  But he said that the University of Oregon has one of the best Physical Trainer/ Sports Medicine program in the country.  That's pretty sweet!  Tonight I went on splits with Brother Booren and we went shopping to buy a suit for M for his wedding.  Good stuff.

Wednesday 8/26:  We saw M and M and talked to them more about their wedding and baptism coming up.  They are totally locked in and ready.  We saw D a little later.  He's a less active guy but is really cool.  We are working with him to get him back to church.  He knows it's important but is just being lazy.  Tonight we saw V and she is doing well.  She isn't keeping commitments so we are trying to work through that but she has a ton of potential.  We were also in the boonies today doing some work and the country is just so beautiful around here.  Josh Budden from Klamath Falls was up here visiting family so he stopped by and gave us Dairy Queen and we got caught up.  It was sweet seeing him.

Thursday 8/27:  We did some major planning today.  I just want this area to be great so we sat down and really thought about how we can help improve this area and help the people here.  We were able to meet with President Russell for about an hour and talk about the Spanish work here.  The Branch in Eugene, Santa Clara, and Springfield was dissolved about a year ago and the work has just gone hill since then.  We want to get a group back together so that the work can progress once more.  We are really excited to see what happens and we are willing to put the effort and work in to get it done.  President Russell is all for it so we will see what happens.  We also now have a new Ward mission leader in Santa Clara named Brother Charlton.  He's a younger guy going to school at the University of Oregon.  We got to feed the ducks at Brother Deanes one last time.  Tonight we also dropped in on Hermano Flores since he had back surgery.  He's actually doing really well and is already walking.  He appreciated us stopping by and seeing him.  

Friday 8/28:  The Russell's came to District Meeting.  I was pretty nervous because we had to teach a portion before but it went smoothly.  So today I went with Elder Campbell on exchanges out to Oakridge.  It's this tiny town in the middle of no where.  It was fun spending the day out in the woods.  It's nice and peaceful but these poor people are just stuck here and aren't doing anything with their lives.  We did find a Hispanic family so I was able to talk with them.  They are always so nice.  So tonight we talked to T and S.  T is a less active from Utah and S is his girlfriend.  They are by far some of the funniest people I've met.  We had a blast talking with them and then they loaded us up with food.  So Elder Campbell is from Utah and is by far one of the coolest Elders out here.  TOP 5.  He loves soccer, loves MMA, loves working out.  So we get along really well.  Tonight we just talked about MMA stuff and sports.  It's been sweet!

Saturday 8/29:  We couldn't sleep last night so we were up late just talking.  This morning we went and fed some chickens for a member who is out of town.  He had a ton of chickens!  Also taught a family from North Highlands.  Pretty crazy how small the world is.  The son Chaz Carter went to Foothill High.  So after we switched back we had to go to M and M's wedding.  It was awesome to see them get married and see how happy they are now.  The food and cake was also delicious haha.  Tonight we went over to The Flores to help pick some plums and pears.  We picked a ton of fruit.  We even got to keep some!  We stopped by Fidel's and talked with him for over an hour about the Gospel.  He's had a rough past of drugs and gangs and wants to put God first in his life now.  He was telling us all these crazy stories of him and his homies getting in fights and how one time 3 big dudes came up to him to rob him and Fidel pulled out a gun and was going to shoot them but he just scared them off.  He was crazy back then haha.  But he's really chill now.

Sunday 8/30:  We went to 5 hours of church today since we went to Santa Clara then to Springfield.  Long day!  Tonight we did see T though and had a great discussion with him.  It's hunting season now so it's going to be hard to teach people haha.  The weather today is super nice.  It's been raining so it actually looks like Oregon now.  Got a call from President Russell informing us about the meeting he had with the Stake Presidents here.  He said he stirred the pot and got them thinking about getting s group back together.  I'm stoked to see what happens!  Tonight we also were able to visit Brother Pristavec.  He's an old army guy with 13 kids and is going to school to be a doctor.  He's a BOSS!  We got onto the topic of religious freedom and how now a days religion is getting pushed aside and the world is more wicked.  Reminded me of a scripture...

 20 Wo unto them that call evil good, and good evil, that put darkness for light, and light for darkness, that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! (2 Nephi 15)

The world is flipped upside down now.  Evil is now good, and people look at good as being evil.  Gods commandments are even under attack but we know that Gods Commandments will never change but the world just doesn't understand that.  We must continue to defend our beliefs and Gods commandments but we must do it by love.  Otherwise we will not be followers of Christ because followers of Christ do things out of love.  We have to stay on our foundation which is the foundation of Christ.  And Christ will not move.  These are the last days.  We must continue to fight against Satan and his Army.  We must put on the full Armor of God now!  Do not wait till it is too late...

Thank you all for the support!  It means a lot to me!

I love you all very much!

Con mucho amor,
Elder Perrine (AKA La Mole)

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