Monday, September 21, 2015

Springfield - Week 58

So this week we went hard and worked our butts off! It's been a long week.

6/22 - 6/28

Monday 6/22:  This morning we woke up at 5am... It was so early. We drove over to Eugene to play some racquetball with Brother Hiner.  It was a blast and I was getting better at it towards the end.  It gets super intense!  Today was a chill day.  We played some soccer with a bunch of Elders at the Hayward fields.  It was the track I threw the Javelin on for Junior Olympics so that was super cool to be able to see again.  Tonight we taught A. about Church Attendance and we also taught some new investigators named V. and her little daughter D.  They also had a three year old boy and it was his birthday but they didn't have a cake so we went to the store and brought back a cake for him.  He was so happy.

Tuesday 6/23:   This morning we woke up at 5am again...  We rode up with the A.P's (Elder Boyd and Nash).  We were so tired so I just passed out on the way up.  The Portland temple is sweet!  It's always nice going because it gives you a spiritual recharge.  Afterwards we went out to eat at Changs Mongolian Grill.  I ate sooooo much food!  I was stuffed haha.  We taught A. again today.  We talked read a little bit of Joseph Smiths History.  We had dinner with the Durfee family who are super awesome and funny.  We had splits tonight and Elder Allen and I went out with Hermano Salgado and we taught J..  He said he wants to come to church but he doesn't talk too much so we aren't sure if he understands what we are teaching.

Wednesday 6/24:  Today seemed like a very long and crazy day.  All three of us were super tired today.  More like we've been tired for the last couple days.  We had lunch at the Salgados store.  We taught S.  We did a ton of finding today.  We taught S.  She had like 6 little dogs running around her house yapping.  It was so annoying haha.  Elder Johanson lost both of his tags today and he said a prayer and we found both in like 2 seconds.  It was awesome!   V. basically dropped us for a while.  She said she is super overwhelmed right now so she needs a break.  We also taught G., his brother L., and his friend M.  We are excited for that family because they are super solid.  Tonight we stopped by to see if R. was home because he fell off the face of the earth.  We found him home and talked to him for like 30 minutes. This week has been really hard on him.  He's working overtime like crazy and is moving in with his girlfriend so he can see his daughter everyday.  He's sad because now he can't be baptized but he just wants to be around his daughter and get out of the bad environment he is living in right now.  We are excited for him because he is definitely progressing it's just going to take a while for him to be baptized.  Tonight we also taught the L. family about the sabbath day.  They are such an awesome family they just need to come to church. It got work done today!  HAMMER DOWN!  

Thursday 6/25:  This morning we did some great weekly planning so that we can be well prepared and get work done next week.  We also helped Brother Greer who is probably in his 70's or 80's take a load to the dump.  He was a Marine and has a ton of Military stuff in his house.  He's very Patriotic.  He took us out to Fins diner which is like an old school burger joint.  Good food!  Brother Greer is a crazy, funny old man.   We also had an adventurous day tracting today.  We talked to a hippie lady who was probably hairier than me ha.  We talked to a young lady who answered the door as she was putting pants on.  It was really weird because she didn't seem to care that she was half naked.  We talked to a guy who's dog almost ate us, huge pitbull.  Also an old man answered the door holding a handgun in his hand then he saw it was us and put it away.  Lots of crazy stuff haha.  We taught J. and L. today and they are both from Michoacan.  We also saw A. again and taught him about the Ten Commandments.  Tonight we taught the G. family.  The daughter is a recent convert but the rest of the family are less active.  They are super cool but they just need to have the desire to come to church.  We also taught C, and he son L.  C's mom was also there and as we were talking to her out front she accidentally sprayed us with the hose haha.  It felt good though because it's been so hot.  So at the end of the lesson with them they asked Elder Johanson why he was so serious and didn't talk.  We just laughed and told them he doesn't know Spanish and they just started laughing and said, Ooooh.  It was hilarious.  They are a super solid family so I can see them getting baptized real soon.

Friday 6/26:  We had district meeting today and there's a new website called And it has a bunch of cool videos about e beliefs of the church.  I think it's just a trial site.  We also threw down the hammer because our zone sucks at finding, so we held a meeting afterwards and taught them about finding and got them pumped up for it.  We also ate at Kahona, which is a Hawaiian place.  It wasn't very good at all...  It was so HOT today and we were just out in the sun knocking doors all day so that wasn't fun haha.  On the bright side I'm getting a good missionary tan. So tonight we got a call from the mission office telling us that someone at the Hospital needed a blessing.  It was at Sacred Heart Hospital which was super nice.  So her name was S. and she is having problems with her baby (she's pregnant).  But she has been meeting with missionaries in Burns which is in the Salem mission.  So we had a good talk with her and was able to give her a Priesthood Blessing.  Just another day in the Lords service.

Saturday 6/27:  I could not sleep last night because it was so hot!  We went to Eugene today to contact a few people but everyone flaked out so nothing happened.  We did meet with U. today who is about 18 and just recently came from Mexico.  He's a cool kid.  We also did a ton of tracting today and the first door we knocked on was a Hispanic family and the wife was super nice and we talked for like 40 minutes on the door step.  This was also a run down neighborhood so we met a lot of interesting people.  We met a guy called the Wolfman and he was having a garage sale and was selling a bunch of garbage.  This guy was crazy haha.  So tonight we met with D. and L. again.  We had a good time with them.  It was more of a relax lesson so we could get to know them better.  They are an awesome family, but hey just need to come back to church. 
Sunday 6/28:  Had a great day at church today.  We went over to Santa Clara for their Sacrament so I could meet those Spanish members over there.  Then we went to church at Springfield.  Elder Allen and I taught Sunday School and the topic was, This is Life Eternal.  We had a super awesome day today.  We taught A. who is less active and keeps making up excuses.  We also taught Ezekiel and he's a cool kid who wants to come to church.  We did some tracting in a nicer neighborhood and we ran into a family from Venezuela so that was totally unexpected.  Her name was S.  So tonight our appointments kept falling through so I said a prayer that we would find a family to teach... And guess what!  We drove around the corner and found a Hispanic family.  We helped them set up their huge pool in the backyard which took like an hour.  Then at 9:30 we taught them a quick lesson and got a return appointment.  Their name is the A. family.  They are super solid! 

Amazing Week!  Prayers are answered and Miracles do happen!  We taught over 20 lessons this week and found 16 new investigators!  16 new investigators is a new OEM record!  HAMMER DOWN!

So this week in Sunday school we taught about, This is Life Eternal. 

7 Nevertheless I tell you the truth; It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you.
(John 16)

3 And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.
(John 17)

7 And, if you keep my commandments and endure to the end you shall have eternal life, which gift is the greatest of all the gifts of God.

I testify that The Holy Ghost is the greatest gift we can receive on this earth and Eternal Life is the greatest gift we can ever receive.  

I love you all!

Elder Perrine

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