Monday, September 21, 2015

Springfield - Week 57 (Transfers)

Monday 6/15:  Today was transfer day.  I didn't go to sleep till 3am last night and I had to get up at 5:30.  Going hard without sleep.  My bike box weighs a ton!  It wasn't fun loading everything up but all in all it went smoothly.  I'm now Companions with Elder Allen for the 4th time and Elder Johanson.  I'm super stoked and excited for this transfer.  We already had a good day.  We had dinner with the Deluna family.  Brother Deluna is from Mexico.  Tonight we taught R. who is quitting smoking and should get baptized soon.  We taught W. who is 15 and is an interesting kid haha.  We taught the L. family who are recent converts.  Awesome family!  It's been a crazy day!

Tuesday 6/16:  This morning we got up at 5:30 and went and played basketball at the church building.  We played a game of 21 and we are going to do this the rest of the transfer.  Freaking legit!  Start the morning off nice and early.  Today we taught Alvaro who is visiting from Mexico City for a few months.  He's really cool and very intelligent.  He's super open to our message.  We also taught Benito and Daniel.  They are brothers who are searching for more truth and they are golden. They said they would come to church so we are stoked about that!  We had dinner with the Booren family who is our Ward Mission Leader.  He's a cool guy.  I also went out on splits tonight with Brother Streble.  He's a pretty crazy guy haha.

Wednesday 6/17:  Another early morning of basketball.  My body is starting to get use to it.  We stopped by the Salgados mini market and they make burritos there so every Wednesday we go and eat some free burritos.  We did some service at the Booren house putting soil all over their front yard so they can put new sod in.  It was a good workout!  We had some good lessons today.  We talked to Vicki and Richard.  An older couple who are really nice.  We also saw A. today.  We taught him the rest of the plan of salvation and he's a stud.  He can explain the whole thing to us in detail.  We also saw D. and L. tonight.  L. is a less active but she super cool and D. isn't a member.  So we are working with both of them.

Thursday 6/18:  This morning we drove to Eugene and sang to the new missionaries coming in.  They all looked like babies haha.  I don't think I looked that young when I came in.  We also did some yard work at Vicki and Richards home.  Their backyard was a mess so we fixed it up real nice for them.  So today we went ham and contacted a lot of people.  We taught R. the Law of Chasity.  The lesson went really well but he now has a problem because he and his girlfriend were just about to move in together.  So now he has to figure that out.  We also did a ton of contacting in the park today.  We played some basketball with this kid named J. who's 19.  He's super interested in learning more so we are going to meet with him tomorrow again.  We also taught J. who is 21 and who is a crazy Mexican.  He was drunk but wanted to meet with us.  He's a cool kid he just needs some help.  So as we were talking about Prayer J. said, "Oh man I don't pray for S**T."  So basically he was saying he doesn't ever ask for anything when he prays, so Elder Johanson said, "I hope not because that would stink!"  Haha it was so freaking funny!  I couldn't stop laughing.  Good day today.  Opening your mouth to everyone really does work.  Miracles!

Friday 6/19:  This morning we played 21 and I won two games.  I'm in the lead on the score board.  We had district meeting as well and that was fun. Elder Hales is my District Leader and he's a stud so it was great.  Elder Whitney came with Elder Allen and I on exchanges.  He's from Eagle Mountain Utah but was born in Vacaville, CA.  Cool guy.  We did some tracting today in a nicer neighborhood and didn't find much success.  We taught J. and K. in the park again about the Restoration and they are awesome.  We put them on date to be baptized for the 25th of July.  He found a rock a few days ago on the ground that had a cross scratched into it so that was super cool.  Today we also taught G. who's in the National Guard. He's a less active member and a really awesome guy.  Just needs to come back to church.  We taught G. today who is now a new investigator.  We went to the house to find his mom but we found him instead.  He's 17 and loves soccer.  We want to try to get a soccer night going since its summer and it would be a great thing to get investigators out to. We had dinner with the Dixon family.  They are in charge of our dinner calendar here.  Brother Dixon reminds me a lot of Brother Lewis in Corvallis.  Awesome guy.  J., K., and A. came to watch Meet the Mormons tonight at the church building.  It was fun watching it again.

Saturday 6/20:  We exchanged back today.  All of our appointments fell through today which sucked... Even dinner.  We talked to a J-Dub in the park today who doesn't believe in fighting for his country and voting.  He doesn't belong in America.  That's what's wrong with America, you have people like that who do nothing to help their country.  We did see V. and R. today. R. is so funny.  He just says and does the most random stuff ever.  Funny old man.  We went to Eugene and Santa Clara today to see Elder Allens old investigators and the members over there.  This area is so big to be covered by just us.  

Sunday 6/21:  First day at church today.  Of course they would call on Johanson and I to give the prayers in Sacrament.  Picking on the new guys haha.  I miss the Corvallis wards already.  A. and J. came to church today which was awesome!  J. loved it so he's a stud.  We saw a few people today.  Went to a trailer park and people weren't very happy we were there.  We kept getting yelled at haha.  Mormon haters!  We showed a Christ movie to J. tonight who's a super cool guy.  We just went HAM this week and went hard.  Had a ton of lessons. #17! And also 5 peeps on date for baptism!

So in the First Presidency lesson for this month it talks about Pioneers and their example.

We sometimes look back on what the pioneers endured and with relief say, “Thank goodness I didn’t live in that time.” But I wonder if those courageous pioneers, had they been able to see us today, might not have voiced the same concern.

Though times and circumstances have changed, the principles for facing trials and successfully living together as a caring and prospering community under God have not changed.

From the pioneers we can learn to have faith and trust in God. We can learn to have compassion for others. We can learn that work and industry bless us not only temporally but also spiritually. We can learn that happiness is available to us no matter our circumstances.

The best way we can honor and show gratitude to the pioneers is by incorporating into our own lives faithfulness to God’s commandments, compassion and love for our fellowmen, and the industry, optimism, and joy the pioneers demonstrated so well in their own lives.

As we do so, we can reach across the decades of time, take the hands of those noble pioneers in ours, and add our own voices to theirs as we sing with them: “All is well! All is well!”

I love you all!


Elder Perrine

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