Monday, September 21, 2015

Corvallis - Week 56

Monday 6/8:  This morning was very productive.  We did laundry at the Lewis as well as emailing and we cleaned the car (outside & inside) all at the same time.  I think that's called skill ha.  That car is now spotless clean!  We had a Zone Activity today.  We had a huge Nerf war in the Cultural Hall at the Church.  It was a blast.  I went all Rambo on them and just destroyed them all.  There were times I was taking on 5 guys and I shot them all.  That's called Beast Mode! Ha. We had dinner today with the Haslams.  It's always nice to see them.  J. didn't show up for her interview which sucks!  So hopefully we will have it tomorrow.

Tuesday 6/9:  Today was crazy!  We did a bunch of yard work at COI this morning.  We also had J.'s baptismal interview this afternoon which was totally awesome.  She passed with flying colors and is now ready for Saturday.  Elder Greer and Elder Allred also practiced their musical number for Conference tomorrow.  Brother Grimmer dropped off a rotisserie chicken which was very yummy for dinner.  We tried teaching some peeps tonight but no one wanted to listen.  It was also extremely hot today!  It's been in the 100's the last couple days.  Not fun!

Wednesday 6/10:  This morning we had to wake up early to go to the church by 7:15 to help set up for Zone Conference.  So we were at the church from 7:15am to 3:30pm. Zone Conference was awesome and I learned a ton like always.  Our mission President had us read The Challenge to Become by Elder Dallin H. Oaks.  It talks about how we need to Become.  We also studied 1 Corinthians 13.  Talks about Charity.  So those were the two topics of Conference.  I also got called on to go up in front of everyone and bear my testimony on what I learned from these two things.  I was nervous but Charity is my favorite thing so it was easy to talk about.  Today we also filled out J.s paper work for her baptism.  She's so ready!

Thursday 6/11:  One of those days where not much happened...  Tonight we did have some massive burritos for dinner though.  They were the size of a baby!  We went by the Zavaletas tonight with Brother Morrison and had a good talk with them.  Their dogs were going crazy like always and their little pug was chasing its tail.  Pretty hilarious!  Tonight at the church we had correlation and there was a wedding as well and you know us being a missionary and having this badge means we automatically get free food.  We got hooked up like always.  It's awesome haha.

 Friday 6/12:  Today was a great day!  For lunch we went over to the Grimmers and had some good French toast!  Bomb!  We also found a new investigator named Miguel today.  We finally got in contact with a family named Cicaneros.  They want to meet with us and seem super awesome.  We taught J. tonight as well and she's excited for tomorrow.  I think we are more excited than she is.  Great day!

Saturday 6/13:  Today we all met up as a Zone at the Stake Center and got transfer info.  I'm going to Springfield to be companions with Elder Allen and Elder Johanson. Best homies from the past!  They are Zone Leaders so I'm just tagging along with them doing Spanish work.  It's going to be legit!  So today we taught L. and had a great talk with her.  We also taught O. and his kids were going crazy like always.  J. got BAPTIZED today and it was totally awesome!  The baptism went so smoothly.  Tons of people showed up so we met in the Chapel and then moved into the other room for the baptism and then back.  Elder Greer and I were the witnesses for J. as well as Braiden and Brooke.  It was totally awesome!  We also hit up Jamba Juice tonight as a zone.  Couldn't stop the tradition.  Stayed up late tonight to pack some of my stuff up.  I just keep collecting things... Ahhhh! Haha

Sunday 6/14:  Sunday during Sacrament I got called up to talk since it was my last day there.  Wasn't expecting that haha.  Today I just said my goodbyes to everyone!  It was a packed day!  Packing took forever!  Didn't go to bed till 3am.  Wooooo for transfers.

Love you all!

Elder Perrine

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