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Corvallis - Week 55

¿Que Tal Parientes?

Monday 6/1:  P-Day was the same thing as always.  Did our laundry at the Lewis's, did shopping at Winco, and played sports at the Stake Center.  They don't even feel like P-Days anymore.  Just feels like a regular day haha.  As we were entering Winco we noticed that an old man and an old woman were trying to break into their car because they locked their keys inside.  So missionaries to the rescue and we were able to roll down their window with a stick haha. We did go to the beaver store and I haven't been there in a while so that was fun.  Lots of cool stuff there.  We had dinner with the Workman family from Philomath.  They have 8 kids so it was a full house full of lots of noises haha.  They are awesome though.  We also saw the S. family.  We haven't seen them in a while so we decided to stop by and they were there!  We had a great time getting to know them better and shared a great spiritual thought about our mountains we climb during life.  We all go through hardships but if we have Faith in Christ, we Pray, read the Scriptures, and use the Atonement, then all is well and we will be able to climb these mountains with the help of Christ.  We also stopped the Grimmers tonight because their daughter Haley recently got married.  So they have a ton of cake, candy, and cupcakes.  Lots of sweets to eat.  So we got huge and ate some but I can only handle so much sugar.  I also got an email from Travis Mortenson and he's getting married soon which is totally crazy!  He just got home from his mission when I was in K-Falls so I got to know him there and then he went to Utah for school now he's back in Oregon getting married.  Pretty insane!

Tuesday 6/2:  We did some tracting at an apartment complex and as we were talking to someone at their doorstep it started pouring and by the time we were done talking with him we were soaked. Haha.  Oregon is so Bipolar.  You never know if it's going to be hot or rain.  We helped today at COI with their food pantry.  They didn't have too much food this week so it made it easier to put all away.  So today we did a lot of knocking on doors but luckily we got two new potentials out of all the hard work.  We had dinner with the Mannings again tonight.  They are a cool family.  By the end of dinner more than half the family was gone. We took showers this morning so I'm not sure what it was haha.  Kate is a senior in high school and she had her friend over Kristin so we were able to talk with her a bit which was awesome.  It's always great when members invite non members over for dinner.

Wednesday 6/3:  This morning we went over to COI again to provide some service doing yard work.  We did a lot of mowing grass and cleaning up the yard some more. Yard work is just so peaceful.  We had dinner today with the Nielson family in Philomath.  After dinner we did some tracting in South Town and talked to a good amount of people.   Not much success though.

Thursday 6/4:  We went out to lunch with Jeff today to Local Boyz.  That food was delicious!  We also had a great talk with him which was great because it's been a while since we could just sit down and have a nice chat.  He's a awesome guy and I keep telling him he'd be a great young men's leader haha.  Today we had exchanges with Elders Rick and Cho.  Elder Ricks came with me in my area.  We had dinner today with the Cole family who are recently returning from inactivity.  They made us a TON of food and we had to eat it all and what we didn't eat we had to take home which I didn't mind haha.  So as we were tracting in Philomath we were knocking on doors in a sketchy apartment complex and this guy opens the door and looks like he just crawled out of a dungeon.  He invited us in and we sat in a room talking with him as he played Grand Theft Auto killing people.  It was pretty weird.  We tried teaching him but he wasn't too interested in learning and then he started talking about how he doesn't go around killing people like in this video game but he could if he wanted to and then he pointed to two guns on his desk.  That guy was crazy.  We could tell we needed to get out of there haha.  Crazy people!  So tonight I went on another exchange while Elder Ricks was in a meeting.  I went onto the College Campus with Elder Kelsey talking with students which was super fun.  Lots of crazy stuff on campus.  

Friday 6/5:  Today we had an awesome Zone Training Meeting.  We learned a lot about personal worthiness.  We have all been given the authority as missionaries to teach and baptize but if we aren't worthy we won't have the power to do so.  It's the same with the Priesthood.  The rest of the day we did a lot of tracting hoping to find one person and we did.  He had a crazy name so I wasn't really sure what it was but we taught him about The Book of Mormon.  We also saw Carina today and it was a very awkward door approach.  We knocked on it and she answered it with barely any clothes on and with half her makeup on her face.  She said she had half her face on haha.  It was pretty funny because her makeup looked crazy half done.  Tonight we had an awesome Fiesta!  It was Hermano Hernandez and Hermano Amatons Birthday so a ton of members were invited and we had a huge BBQ.  It was a blast and it was a good way to get to know the members better as well as inviting others as well.

Saturday 6/6:  This morning we helped the Islas Family move to their new house in Philomath.  The whole group is moving to Philomath haha.  We also did a lot of tracting today.  We are going ham trying to find new people to teach.  We tracted an apartment complex and found a few Latino Families to talk to.  We also tracted a trailer park and found a guy named S.  He's a cool guy who has a ton of Faith in Christ and said he'd like to check our church out sometime.  So we are hoping he comes, if not we know where he lives haha.  We had dinner with the Kings tonight.  Sister King had her baby 4 weeks ago and I didn't even know.  I haven't seen them in a while!  It's a tiny little dude.  Their oldest daughter Natalie who is like 9 talks ALOT! Haha. She is just a energetic little thing and never closes her mouth.  It was super funny.  Tonight we taught O. and D. and had an amazing lesson about The Plan of Salvation.  This time there weren't too many interruptions and the lesson was awesome.  They said they'd read and come to church so they are doing well.

Sunday 6/7:  Church was great today!  It was fast and testimony meeting today and the members were just on fire today on bearing testimony.  It was really awesome to see all them get up and testify of the truths they know.  J. and R. even showed up to church and we haven't seen them in a while.  Well they got up and bore testimony which was amazing to see.  I guess they are ready again.  In Priesthood meeting we discussed the First Presidency Message about the Importance of the Temples.  The temples are such a blessing for us and for our ancestors and we need to remember to attend them frequently.  We had our last dinner with the Islas family in their home in Corvallis since they will be moving to Philomath now.  It was so hot today!  This whole week has been in the 90's but today it was 97.  I'm not ready for the hot weather haha.  We also taught J. tonight and made sure everything is ready to go for her Baptism.  She has her interview tomorrow so we are stoked!

This week before Zone Training Meeting we were given the direction to read this talk. It is called,"The Doctrine of the Priesthood."  It was given in the April 1982 General Conference by Elder Bruce R. McConkie.

He says...

This, then, is the doctrine of the priesthood, than which there neither is nor can be anything greater. This is the power we can gain through faith and righteousness.

Truly, there is power in the priesthood--power to do all things!

If the world itself was created by the power of the priesthood, surely that same power can move mountains and control the elements.

If one-third of the hosts of heaven were cast down to earth by the power of the priesthood, surely that same power can put at defiance the armies of nations or stay the fall of atomic bombs.

If all men shall be raised from mortality to immortality by the power of the priesthood, surely that same power can cure the diseased and the dying and raise the dead.

Truly there is power in the priesthood--a power which we seek to acquire to use, a power which we devoutly pray may rest upon us and upon our posterity forever.

The Power of the Priesthood is real and has been given to us to Act in Gods name and to do His Will.  Remember we have been given the Authority of the Priesthood but we must be worthy and ready to have the Power of the Priesthood.

I love you all!

Love yours truly,
Elder Perrine

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