Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Corvallis - Week 53

The start of yet another week.  One thought keeps coming to me, where does time go?

Monday 5/18:  It was a lazy P-Day today.  Just played a ton of mini golf at the Grimmers house and just shopped.  I'm super good at putting haha.  I think Golf would be a sweet sport to get into when I get home.  No one loves us so we ate dinner at our house today.  Which it's honestly nice not having dinners with members sometimes.  Makes it a more relaxing day.  It was a well needed P-Day today that's for sure.

Tuesday 5/19:  Today was pretty much a service day.  This morning we went out to Philomath to the Baker family who are inactive.  We helped put in a huge sprinkler system in their orchard and also pulled a ton of weeds.  Got to love yard work.  It's the BEST!  They had a beautiful piece of land on a side of a hill.  I guess being a cop pays off.  We also helped at Community Outreach with the food delivery.  It was yet another huge order and we were already burnt out from the yard work so it was a struggle.  So as we were unpacking the boxes of food I noticed that there was baby food in there but it wasn't just normal baby food it was Organic haha.  I was like well... "It must be from Oregon."  So every time I see like a small wimpy person I say, "Well you must be from Oregon." Haha.  So today we wanted to change it up.  What we've been doing hasn't really been working to progress this area so we decided to go through our former investigator list and found E. who is from Mexico and has a ton of family who are members.  So we had a great talk with her and hopefully she will continue to learn.  We need new people to teach.

Wednesday 5/20: So today was just a day full of blessings.  We talked to a ton of people!  We taught this one lady named E.  At first she was nervous but then warmed up to us and we were able to teach him about The Book of Mormon.  She accepted a copy and we will be going back next week.  Miracle of the day!  We had dinner with the Evans tonight.  Brother Evans is in the Navy as a Engineer. We talked a lot of the Military and it was pretty cool.  His daughter who is like 6 or 7 was totally flirting it up.  It was pretty hilarious getting hit on by a 6 year old girl. Haha.

Thursday 5/21:  So this morning we had weekly planning and the time flew by.  We also had to drive all the way to Albany to the Chevy Dealership.  The Cruze got recalled for some emission problem.  It was fun going out of our mission and checking out Albany.  We had dinner with the Beatons today.  They are an interesting family and their son Chad was messing with Elder Greer which was pretty funny.  They were just going at each other the whole dinner time.  It was hilarious.  We also had splits tonight and I went with Hermano Islas while Elder Greer went with Hermano Morrison.  We went to see Hermano Amaton and we had a good talk with him.  Islas and Amaton were just talking about how they want to open a restaurant together so that was pretty cool.  Hermano Amaton kept saying, "Somos Mormones, podemos hacer cualquier cosa!"  So in English he was saying, "We are Mormons, we can do anything."  It was pretty funny.  He's a recent convert and his whole life has changed for the better.  So as they were talking away I was just chilling there waiting to teach my lesson haha.  So Elder Greer is once again throwing up.  Something to do with dinner I guess but I'm completely fine.  He's pretty weak and is sick every week.  I think his body is falling apart. Haha

Friday 5/22:  So today was just full of fun stuff.  We had an amazing District Meeting and we talked about helping investigators recognize the Holy Ghost.  So to change things up today we started contacting a bunch of former investigators.  It was an interesting experience.  Of course not many were interested but we were able to talk to a few.  We just need new people to talk too.  So this morning as I was studying in personal study about the Importance of The Book of Mormon a prompting came to me to make a dinner message about the importance of The Book of Mormon. So tonight was the first time we tried it out.  Let's just say it was the best dinner message I've ever had or seen someone do.  It was amazing!  The members felt the Spirit, we felt the Spirit, and it was very successful.  They told us they couldn't remember the last time they had a dinner message like that.  It couldn't of gone any better.  So what sucked today was that our three solid appointments that we were stoked about to teach all canceled but that's missionary work.  So instead we decided to press on and to some more finding.  We did a faith walk hoping something would happen.  We knocked on a door we thought to be Latino but turned out to be white.  The guy's name was C.  Elder Greer and I thought he was a member but he wasn't.  He looked super familiar though.  He also knows the Stake President haha.  On the way back to the car we ran into a LDS family.  One of the ladies, Sister Chism, said she is going to Sacramento so she can deliver my Package.  Prayers are answered!

Saturday 5/23:  So yesterday Brother Lewis told us he needed help this morning with a move so of course we agreed to go.  Little did we know what we got ourselves into... Haha.  So this family were hoarders so the house was packed full of garbage, the backyard was packed full of junk, and they had a shed full of junk.  That was a huge project!  Luckily like 20 members showed up so we cleaned it all up and moved all their stuff in 4 hours haha.  You always have to love service though.  Even though it sucks sometimes you always feel good afterwards.  Today we also had a lesson with O.  He was an old investigator but we stopped by him and he let us in and we had a great lesson.  His kids were like the Devils little spawns though.  Every time the Spirit was strong and the lesson was going well they would interrupt.  It was annoying .  We had dinner with the Dye family.  It was awesome and we had a good time with them.  

Sunday 5/24:  J. and her daughters came to church again today.  Two weeks in a row!  It was awesome.  One of the Stucki boys came home from his mission today so that was cool to be there for his homecoming talk.  The stories are the best part.  Not much happened today.  We had a good talk with the I. tonight which was great.  They are growing so much in the Gospel and it's an amazing thing to see.

So this week I read a General Conference talk called, "Standing Tall".  Given by H. David Burton in the October 2001 General Conference. 

It's says...

A man of wisdom often offered this simple piece of advice: “David, stand tall.” My dad did not expect that I would add inches to my stature or rise up on my tiptoes. He meant that I should be courageous in my decision, not compromising principles, not violating spiritual values, and not shrinking from responsibility. When I have followed his advice, life has been very good. When I have failed to stand tall, life has usually been unpleasant. I recently asked my two young grandsons what it would mean to them if Heavenly Father asked them to stand tall. I noticed one inadvertently raised himself to his tippy-toes so as to seem a little taller. And then they quickly said in unison, “He wants us to do what is right.”

Read the talk!

Love you all!

Elder Perrine

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