Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Corvallis - Week 51

Monday 5/4:  This morning I said goodbye to my Mijo, Elder Thompson.  I'm going to miss that guy but he's going to do great stuff in Medford.  Today we basically just chilled, did laundry, played ping-pong, and shopped a bit.  Elder Greer got here around 6.  He's a good guy and so far we are getting along very well and have a lot in common.  I normally get along with everyone.  We had dinner with the Morrison family who lives out in the boonies in Philomath.  We had a great dinner with them and it was nice to get to know them even better.  So tonight I got to know Elder Greer even better. He is from Benson Arizona which is by Tucson.  He's a football and basketball kind of guy.  His dad is a Chiropractor/ hunting dog breeder and breeds English Pointers which are bird dogs.  He loves hunting and camping.  He is also an Eagle Scout and he likes to eat a lot.  He said that Britney Spaniels and Darrhars are good hunting dogs and they hunt down mountain lions which is awesome!  We have a ton in common which is a good thing.  I feel like all these 18 year old kids just act like little babies. I'm know Im not much older but they just seem way younger haha.  It's going to be a great transfer!

Tuesday 5/5:  So this morning we went to Community Outreach but the truck wasn't there so we did our shopping while we waited.  The truck finally showed up and we were able to put all the food away which was good exercise haha.  Katie who is one of the workers there helped us as well and had a lot of questions about our faith that we were able to answer and teach her so that was awesome.  We had dinner with the Tingeys in the 1st ward and we ate Salmon which was pretty good.  Today was Elder Greers 6 month mark so we had some fun burning down the apartment complex.  Gotta love fires haha.  I also made him burn his ducks stuff.  He's now a Beaver Fan.  Go Beavs!!!

Wednesday 5/6:  Today Elder Greer got bored in the morning so he started sliding down the stairs on a blanket.  He gets really hyper sometimes which is pretty funny to see.  We did some Family History today as well.  I found a lot of cool stuff.  Under Daniel Perrine who was the first Perrine to come here, you can find stories and even a Perrin book with lots of cool stuff.  John Perrine fought at The Battle of Monmouth which was actually fought on his property and tons of Canon shots were fired through his house.  There's lots of cool stories of Perrines fighting in the Revolutionary War.  I even found our Crest and Coat of Arms.  I helped with soccer practice again today.  It was sunny all day until soccer practice then it started pouring.  I just don't understand  Oregon weather.  It's crazy!  We had dinner with the Waites out in the boonies which was fun.  We also stopped by Hermana Lupes to see how she was doing and her mom was visiting from Mexico so that was awesome and we were able to share a lesson with them all.  We also have a bunch of records that needs to be destroyed so we are having fun burning them in our back patio.  FIRE!

Thursday 5/7:  We did weekly planning and it went really well.  It's nice having someone that actually knows what their doing and can help.  I feel like the coming week is going to be awesome.  We stopped by J. to see if we could catch him home and luckily enough he was actually there and let us right in.  We taught him the Restoration and couldn't tell if he wasn't interested or if he was just soaking it all up.  It seemed to be really good though.  He said he would come to church this Sunday as well.  We had dinner with the Ross family who live out in the Boonies by the Morrisons.  I guess it's a boonie kind of week haha.  Their house is sweet!  It's surrounded by forest and the house is a big Cabin with a huge deck all the way around it.  It's sweet!  We also saw O. today and had a good little lesson with him.  He said he'd come to church so hopefully he comes with his dad.  

Friday 5/8:  This morning was weird not having to go to Training.  I can't believe training Elder Thompson flew by so fast!  District meeting was about using the Teaching Pamphlet App.  The only thing is they don't have it in Spanish which sucks. So nothing really happened today until tonight when we stopped by J. to see if she was home, luckily she was and we had an awesome lesson about Baptism.  She said she would be baptized on June 13!!!  I'm so stoked!  After all the hard work in this area it's starting to all pay off.  This week has been awesome!

Saturday 5/9:  This morning we went over to a family in Philomath who aren't members to paint the outside of their house. We had dinner with the Dye family and started talking a lot about hunting dogs since Elder Greer has so many haha.  

Sunday 5/10:  Today was Mothers Day.  Today at church everything was about the Mothers haha.  I was able to Skype home a little after church so that was super fun!   We went over to the Haslams for dinner so it was nice to spend some time with them on Mothers Day.

So this week I read..."Find the Lambs, Feed the Sheep".  By President Gordon B. Hinckley in the May 1999 Ensign.  I want to Encourage you guys to read it.

Bringing People into the Church

From the beginning of this work, missionary service has been a four-step process:

1. Finding the investigator.

2. Teaching the investigator.

3.  Baptizing the worthy convert.

4.  Fellowshipping and strengthening the new member.

Love you all!!!

Elder Perrine

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