Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Corvallis - Week 50 (Transfers)

Another Transfer in C-Town!

Monday 4/27:  This morning we went with Elder Chang and Beasley to hike Bald Hill for Elder Changs last Hoo-Rah!  It sucks he's leaving but I'm hoping he will return in the next couple months, if not then I'll see him in Hawaii. We chilled pretty hard today.  Just did a ton of shopping and cruising the city of Corvallis.  Not much happened.  So President had a Mission Wide call and told us we now have $150 dollars to blow instead of $135.  #Sweet!

Tuesday 4/28:  We went hard in the paint today and got work done.  This morning we went to Community Outreach and helped organize a bunch of stuff.  Wasn't very fun but had to be done. #GetItDone. We visited a ton of people today.  I felt like we drove all over the place.  We taught a new guy named F. today.  He was Catholic but is now Christian.  He still has some work to be done but it seems like he's on the right path.  So Elder Thompson is a hilarious guy and always says the funniest things.  The other day when I told him we were on "E" and we needed gas he said, "We've been running on Scripture power since Mary's Peak".  He always says, "We gettin HUGE".  This kid is funny! 

Wednesday 4/29:  Today was a full day of service and teaching.  #GoingHard.  We mowed the Nashes yard which was a blast.  Got to love yard work.  Then on the way to soccer practice a guys car was broken down so we stopped and tried to push the car while he popped the clutch but it didn't work.  So we waved down a cop car to give him a jump start since our stupid mission vehicles don't have jumper cables. I was glad we were able to help the guy out though.  We had a blast at soccer practice with all the kids.  It brings back good memories.  Sister Haslam hooked us up with a ton of food and Beaver shirts.  I now have a sweet soccer Beaver shirt.  #GoBeavs.  On the way home we stopped by J. who wasn't home but just as I was about to head home I had a feeling we should stop by O.  Turned out he was home and was moving that night out to Philomath.  If we didn't stop by we would of never of known and he would of been gone.  We had a great lesson with him and he's a solid guy. #Miracle

Thursday 4/30:  This morning during Weekly Planning we wanted to spice it up a bit so we baked some Minions sugar cookies.  They were so awesome.  I love those little guys haha.  We also went out to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch with some of the guys.  That was a party! #B-Dubs. After lunch we went to visit D. one of our potentials.  Turns out he wasn't there but his dad was, so we got to talking, which turned into a heated argument because he thinks The Book of Mormon is false and that we have a false Prophet.  I just went off on him the best I could in Spanish which is a whole other ball park.  You can't have an opinion if we don't know anything.  You can't say The Book of Mormon is false unless you read it and prayed about it with true intent.  You can't say we have a false Prophet if you haven't studied his fruits.  People like that just push my buttons but I can't help him save his soul if he's not willing to be helped.  I really feel bad for people like that who are just caught up in Satans lies. Also talked to a guy who's living with a member named L.  He was a pretty cool guy who said he might be going to China to teach English.  He said there's like no requirements and they will pay for everything.  Something that was funny, if there was someone he didn't like, instead of saying something bad about them, he would just say, "oh they need prayers, we need to pray for them".  Just the way he said it made it funny.  We had dinner with the Grimmers tonight and had a blast there.  Had some bomb food like always to start off the night, then we got playing with knifes and Brother Grimmer showing us all his cool toys and what not, to taking compound bows out back and shooting them at a target (safety first), to playing a game of miniature golf in his backyard, to eating some bomb homemade ice cream sandwiches, to a bomb spiritual message. #PartyNight

Friday 5/1:  This morning was Elder Thompson last day of Training.  He passed with flying colors but what can I say, he learned from the best. Haha.  We had a great District meeting and Elder Thompson and I had to teach about "Having the Spirit while teaching".  I went on exchanges with Elder Swanson today who is going home in a couple days so he's just super trunky haha.  We did some painting for S. who is one of their awesome investigators.  He's super cool and we had a blast painting the outside of her house.  We also had a super Spirit filled lesson and she was crying.  It was amazing to be apart of that.  We had dinner with the Tanasila family who are Tongan and super cool and funny.  Polys are awesome!  They had pizza, chicken, potatoes salad, rice, salad, plantains, garlic bread, and a super good Tongan drink with Watermelon juice, crushed pineapple, milk, and shredded coconut. It was bomb!  We also saw W. again tonight.  He was the guy who was excommunicated but is now returning.  He's such a funny guy and it's great that's he's returning to the church.  He's so excited.

Saturday 5/2:  We all went to Taqueria Alonzo for lunch today which is this pretty good Mexican food restaurant.  We then all met as a zone at the Stake Center to get transfer info.  Looks like I'm staying for another 6 weeks.  I might as well buy a house here and settle down for good haha.  I was not expecting that at all.  Elder Thompson is going down to Medford which he is totally bummed but I've been telling him how awesome Medford is so he's good to go.  I'm getting Elder Greer who's from Arizona and seems to be cool.  Today we didn't really do much but get Elder Thompson all packed and we had a big party at Jamba Juice with a ton of missionaries haha.

Sunday 5/3:  So today was Elder Thompsons last Sunday in the area.  We had a great fast and testimony meeting.  Elder Thompson got up there and told the news to everyone and they were all bummed he was leaving because we were starting to get a hang of it here and the work is really starting to pick up.  I think that's why President Russell is keeping me here.  There's obviously something I haven't done yet haha.  We had a great time visiting with all the members and Elder Thompson said all his goodbyes.  We especially had a great time with the Grimmers.  They are in Philomath ward and are superrrr cool!  It's going to be sad to say goodbye to Elder Thompson tomorrow.  Elder Swanson is also leaving to go home too which is also a bummer.

I really love this scripture...

15 And if it so be that you should labor all your days in crying repentance unto this people, and bring, save it be one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy with him in the kingdom of my Father!

16 And now, if your joy will be great with one soul that you have brought unto me into the kingdom of my Father, how great will be your joy if you should bring many souls unto me!
(D&C 18:15-16)

There are souls, our Brothers and Sisters who are waiting for us to open our mouths and share this Gospel with them.

Love you all!!!

Thee Elder Perrine

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