Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Corvallis - Week 55

¿Que Tal Parientes?

Monday 6/1:  P-Day was the same thing as always.  Did our laundry at the Lewis's, did shopping at Winco, and played sports at the Stake Center.  They don't even feel like P-Days anymore.  Just feels like a regular day haha.  As we were entering Winco we noticed that an old man and an old woman were trying to break into their car because they locked their keys inside.  So missionaries to the rescue and we were able to roll down their window with a stick haha. We did go to the beaver store and I haven't been there in a while so that was fun.  Lots of cool stuff there.  We had dinner with the Workman family from Philomath.  They have 8 kids so it was a full house full of lots of noises haha.  They are awesome though.  We also saw the S. family.  We haven't seen them in a while so we decided to stop by and they were there!  We had a great time getting to know them better and shared a great spiritual thought about our mountains we climb during life.  We all go through hardships but if we have Faith in Christ, we Pray, read the Scriptures, and use the Atonement, then all is well and we will be able to climb these mountains with the help of Christ.  We also stopped the Grimmers tonight because their daughter Haley recently got married.  So they have a ton of cake, candy, and cupcakes.  Lots of sweets to eat.  So we got huge and ate some but I can only handle so much sugar.  I also got an email from Travis Mortenson and he's getting married soon which is totally crazy!  He just got home from his mission when I was in K-Falls so I got to know him there and then he went to Utah for school now he's back in Oregon getting married.  Pretty insane!

Tuesday 6/2:  We did some tracting at an apartment complex and as we were talking to someone at their doorstep it started pouring and by the time we were done talking with him we were soaked. Haha.  Oregon is so Bipolar.  You never know if it's going to be hot or rain.  We helped today at COI with their food pantry.  They didn't have too much food this week so it made it easier to put all away.  So today we did a lot of knocking on doors but luckily we got two new potentials out of all the hard work.  We had dinner with the Mannings again tonight.  They are a cool family.  By the end of dinner more than half the family was gone. We took showers this morning so I'm not sure what it was haha.  Kate is a senior in high school and she had her friend over Kristin so we were able to talk with her a bit which was awesome.  It's always great when members invite non members over for dinner.

Wednesday 6/3:  This morning we went over to COI again to provide some service doing yard work.  We did a lot of mowing grass and cleaning up the yard some more. Yard work is just so peaceful.  We had dinner today with the Nielson family in Philomath.  After dinner we did some tracting in South Town and talked to a good amount of people.   Not much success though.

Thursday 6/4:  We went out to lunch with Jeff today to Local Boyz.  That food was delicious!  We also had a great talk with him which was great because it's been a while since we could just sit down and have a nice chat.  He's a awesome guy and I keep telling him he'd be a great young men's leader haha.  Today we had exchanges with Elders Rick and Cho.  Elder Ricks came with me in my area.  We had dinner today with the Cole family who are recently returning from inactivity.  They made us a TON of food and we had to eat it all and what we didn't eat we had to take home which I didn't mind haha.  So as we were tracting in Philomath we were knocking on doors in a sketchy apartment complex and this guy opens the door and looks like he just crawled out of a dungeon.  He invited us in and we sat in a room talking with him as he played Grand Theft Auto killing people.  It was pretty weird.  We tried teaching him but he wasn't too interested in learning and then he started talking about how he doesn't go around killing people like in this video game but he could if he wanted to and then he pointed to two guns on his desk.  That guy was crazy.  We could tell we needed to get out of there haha.  Crazy people!  So tonight I went on another exchange while Elder Ricks was in a meeting.  I went onto the College Campus with Elder Kelsey talking with students which was super fun.  Lots of crazy stuff on campus.  

Friday 6/5:  Today we had an awesome Zone Training Meeting.  We learned a lot about personal worthiness.  We have all been given the authority as missionaries to teach and baptize but if we aren't worthy we won't have the power to do so.  It's the same with the Priesthood.  The rest of the day we did a lot of tracting hoping to find one person and we did.  He had a crazy name so I wasn't really sure what it was but we taught him about The Book of Mormon.  We also saw Carina today and it was a very awkward door approach.  We knocked on it and she answered it with barely any clothes on and with half her makeup on her face.  She said she had half her face on haha.  It was pretty funny because her makeup looked crazy half done.  Tonight we had an awesome Fiesta!  It was Hermano Hernandez and Hermano Amatons Birthday so a ton of members were invited and we had a huge BBQ.  It was a blast and it was a good way to get to know the members better as well as inviting others as well.

Saturday 6/6:  This morning we helped the Islas Family move to their new house in Philomath.  The whole group is moving to Philomath haha.  We also did a lot of tracting today.  We are going ham trying to find new people to teach.  We tracted an apartment complex and found a few Latino Families to talk to.  We also tracted a trailer park and found a guy named S.  He's a cool guy who has a ton of Faith in Christ and said he'd like to check our church out sometime.  So we are hoping he comes, if not we know where he lives haha.  We had dinner with the Kings tonight.  Sister King had her baby 4 weeks ago and I didn't even know.  I haven't seen them in a while!  It's a tiny little dude.  Their oldest daughter Natalie who is like 9 talks ALOT! Haha. She is just a energetic little thing and never closes her mouth.  It was super funny.  Tonight we taught O. and D. and had an amazing lesson about The Plan of Salvation.  This time there weren't too many interruptions and the lesson was awesome.  They said they'd read and come to church so they are doing well.

Sunday 6/7:  Church was great today!  It was fast and testimony meeting today and the members were just on fire today on bearing testimony.  It was really awesome to see all them get up and testify of the truths they know.  J. and R. even showed up to church and we haven't seen them in a while.  Well they got up and bore testimony which was amazing to see.  I guess they are ready again.  In Priesthood meeting we discussed the First Presidency Message about the Importance of the Temples.  The temples are such a blessing for us and for our ancestors and we need to remember to attend them frequently.  We had our last dinner with the Islas family in their home in Corvallis since they will be moving to Philomath now.  It was so hot today!  This whole week has been in the 90's but today it was 97.  I'm not ready for the hot weather haha.  We also taught J. tonight and made sure everything is ready to go for her Baptism.  She has her interview tomorrow so we are stoked!

This week before Zone Training Meeting we were given the direction to read this talk. It is called,"The Doctrine of the Priesthood."  It was given in the April 1982 General Conference by Elder Bruce R. McConkie.

He says...

This, then, is the doctrine of the priesthood, than which there neither is nor can be anything greater. This is the power we can gain through faith and righteousness.

Truly, there is power in the priesthood--power to do all things!

If the world itself was created by the power of the priesthood, surely that same power can move mountains and control the elements.

If one-third of the hosts of heaven were cast down to earth by the power of the priesthood, surely that same power can put at defiance the armies of nations or stay the fall of atomic bombs.

If all men shall be raised from mortality to immortality by the power of the priesthood, surely that same power can cure the diseased and the dying and raise the dead.

Truly there is power in the priesthood--a power which we seek to acquire to use, a power which we devoutly pray may rest upon us and upon our posterity forever.

The Power of the Priesthood is real and has been given to us to Act in Gods name and to do His Will.  Remember we have been given the Authority of the Priesthood but we must be worthy and ready to have the Power of the Priesthood.

I love you all!

Love yours truly,
Elder Perrine

Corvallis - Week 54

Another week bites the dust, another one gone, and another one gone, and another one bites the dust! Haha

Monday 5/25:  This morning we went to Philomath for a Memorial Day Ceremony and Breakfast.  It was super cool!!!  Today we just chilled the rest of day.  Sister Haslam gave us money tonight for dinner so we decided to go to AppleBees.  So when we went to pay we noticed on our receipt that the food was deducted by 50%.  We got hooked up.  Not sure how or why but count your many blessings.  

Tuesday 5/26:  This morning we went to COI and did a ton of yard work.  The whole backyard of this place is so over grown, it looks like a jungle.  Plus it's a huge yard so we spent like 2 hours and we barely made a dent into it.  We also helped Tom move today.  It was good seeing him again and he seems to be doing good.  We also had dinner and he went and bought a ton of meat and we just BBQ'd at his place.  It was BOMB!

Wednesday 5/27:  This we decided to go back to COI and work on the yard some more since morning hours are dead for us.  He got a good chunk done but still needs a ton of work.  We also went to see Dr. Young to get readjusted.  Not much happened the rest of the day.  We are having problems setting up appointments with people.  Everyone is so flakey!

Thursday 5/28:  Not much happened today...  One of them days.  We had dinner with the Mannings who were super cool.  Their son just got back from the mission the night before so we had fun talking with him.

Friday 5/29:  So today we volunteered at COI again and had a blast doing yard work. It was a lot of work but it looks awesome now.  Jeff tried to get us to take a break but we didn't want to stop until we were done haha.  We had a bomb BBQ there which was great.  We saw Hermana Lupe tonight which was awesome because she has been wanting us to come over so it was an answer to her prayers.  We had a great conversation with her.

Saturday 5/30:  Today was awesome.  We talked to a lot of people, but like always most didn't want to listen.  We talked to a guy named F. who just wanted to fight with us for 2 hours.  Those guys are always interesting to talk to.  We helped the Hernandez family move back from Albany to Philomath.  It took 6 hours but was a blast and we were able to get to know them even better.  Also met the Oregon State Beavers Strength Coach.  He's a member and so is the new Head Coach.  Mormons are taking over this town haha.

Sunday 5/31:  Church was great today and J. came again with her daughters.  So since it was 5th Sunday we were combined and had a great lesson on JustServe.  Tonight we had a Priesthood meeting with the Stake and it was an amazing meeting.  There were a ton of great talks given and the theme was, "The One".  They talked about how we need to be good shepherds and find that one and help them.

This week I studied a lot about The Sabbath Day and its importance.  The Sabbath was made for Man, not Man for the Sabbath.  So obviously it is important.  I read a talk by Elder Russell M. Nelson named, "The Sabbath is a Delight", in the April 2015 Conference.  This talk was truly inspired because I feel like now a days most people, even though they may be members don't Keep the Sabbath Day Holy.  It says...

Years ago the First Presidency stressed the importance of quality family time. They wrote:

“We call upon parents to devote their best efforts to the teaching and rearing of their children in gospel principles which will keep them close to the Church. The home is the basis of a righteous life, and no other instrumentality can take its place or fulfill its essential functions in carrying forward this God-given responsibility.

“We counsel parents and children to give highest priority to family prayer, family home evening, gospel study and instruction, and wholesome family activities. However worthy and appropriate other demands or activities may be, they must not be permitted to displace the divinely-appointed duties that only parents and families can adequately perform.”

When I ponder this counsel, I almost wish I were a young father once again. Now parents have such wonderful resources available to help them make family time more meaningful, on the Sabbath and other days as well. They have, the Bible videos, the Mormon Channel, the Media Library, the Friend, the New Era, the Ensign, the Liahona, and more--much more. These resources are so very helpful to parents in discharging their sacred duty to teach their children. No other work transcends that of righteous, intentional parenting!

As you teach the gospel, you will learn more. This is the Lord’s way of helping you to comprehend His gospel. He said:

“I give unto you a commandment that you shall teach one another the doctrine of the kingdom.

“Teach ye diligently … , that you may be instructed more perfectly … in doctrine, in the law of the gospel, in all things that pertain unto the kingdom of God.”

Such study of the gospel makes the Sabbath a delight. This promise pertains regardless of family size, composition, or location.

I encourage you to deeply study about the Sabbath.  It's a marvelous thing and a gift from God to us.

I love you all!

Elder Perrine

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Corvallis - Week 53

The start of yet another week.  One thought keeps coming to me, where does time go?

Monday 5/18:  It was a lazy P-Day today.  Just played a ton of mini golf at the Grimmers house and just shopped.  I'm super good at putting haha.  I think Golf would be a sweet sport to get into when I get home.  No one loves us so we ate dinner at our house today.  Which it's honestly nice not having dinners with members sometimes.  Makes it a more relaxing day.  It was a well needed P-Day today that's for sure.

Tuesday 5/19:  Today was pretty much a service day.  This morning we went out to Philomath to the Baker family who are inactive.  We helped put in a huge sprinkler system in their orchard and also pulled a ton of weeds.  Got to love yard work.  It's the BEST!  They had a beautiful piece of land on a side of a hill.  I guess being a cop pays off.  We also helped at Community Outreach with the food delivery.  It was yet another huge order and we were already burnt out from the yard work so it was a struggle.  So as we were unpacking the boxes of food I noticed that there was baby food in there but it wasn't just normal baby food it was Organic haha.  I was like well... "It must be from Oregon."  So every time I see like a small wimpy person I say, "Well you must be from Oregon." Haha.  So today we wanted to change it up.  What we've been doing hasn't really been working to progress this area so we decided to go through our former investigator list and found E. who is from Mexico and has a ton of family who are members.  So we had a great talk with her and hopefully she will continue to learn.  We need new people to teach.

Wednesday 5/20: So today was just a day full of blessings.  We talked to a ton of people!  We taught this one lady named E.  At first she was nervous but then warmed up to us and we were able to teach him about The Book of Mormon.  She accepted a copy and we will be going back next week.  Miracle of the day!  We had dinner with the Evans tonight.  Brother Evans is in the Navy as a Engineer. We talked a lot of the Military and it was pretty cool.  His daughter who is like 6 or 7 was totally flirting it up.  It was pretty hilarious getting hit on by a 6 year old girl. Haha.

Thursday 5/21:  So this morning we had weekly planning and the time flew by.  We also had to drive all the way to Albany to the Chevy Dealership.  The Cruze got recalled for some emission problem.  It was fun going out of our mission and checking out Albany.  We had dinner with the Beatons today.  They are an interesting family and their son Chad was messing with Elder Greer which was pretty funny.  They were just going at each other the whole dinner time.  It was hilarious.  We also had splits tonight and I went with Hermano Islas while Elder Greer went with Hermano Morrison.  We went to see Hermano Amaton and we had a good talk with him.  Islas and Amaton were just talking about how they want to open a restaurant together so that was pretty cool.  Hermano Amaton kept saying, "Somos Mormones, podemos hacer cualquier cosa!"  So in English he was saying, "We are Mormons, we can do anything."  It was pretty funny.  He's a recent convert and his whole life has changed for the better.  So as they were talking away I was just chilling there waiting to teach my lesson haha.  So Elder Greer is once again throwing up.  Something to do with dinner I guess but I'm completely fine.  He's pretty weak and is sick every week.  I think his body is falling apart. Haha

Friday 5/22:  So today was just full of fun stuff.  We had an amazing District Meeting and we talked about helping investigators recognize the Holy Ghost.  So to change things up today we started contacting a bunch of former investigators.  It was an interesting experience.  Of course not many were interested but we were able to talk to a few.  We just need new people to talk too.  So this morning as I was studying in personal study about the Importance of The Book of Mormon a prompting came to me to make a dinner message about the importance of The Book of Mormon. So tonight was the first time we tried it out.  Let's just say it was the best dinner message I've ever had or seen someone do.  It was amazing!  The members felt the Spirit, we felt the Spirit, and it was very successful.  They told us they couldn't remember the last time they had a dinner message like that.  It couldn't of gone any better.  So what sucked today was that our three solid appointments that we were stoked about to teach all canceled but that's missionary work.  So instead we decided to press on and to some more finding.  We did a faith walk hoping something would happen.  We knocked on a door we thought to be Latino but turned out to be white.  The guy's name was C.  Elder Greer and I thought he was a member but he wasn't.  He looked super familiar though.  He also knows the Stake President haha.  On the way back to the car we ran into a LDS family.  One of the ladies, Sister Chism, said she is going to Sacramento so she can deliver my Package.  Prayers are answered!

Saturday 5/23:  So yesterday Brother Lewis told us he needed help this morning with a move so of course we agreed to go.  Little did we know what we got ourselves into... Haha.  So this family were hoarders so the house was packed full of garbage, the backyard was packed full of junk, and they had a shed full of junk.  That was a huge project!  Luckily like 20 members showed up so we cleaned it all up and moved all their stuff in 4 hours haha.  You always have to love service though.  Even though it sucks sometimes you always feel good afterwards.  Today we also had a lesson with O.  He was an old investigator but we stopped by him and he let us in and we had a great lesson.  His kids were like the Devils little spawns though.  Every time the Spirit was strong and the lesson was going well they would interrupt.  It was annoying .  We had dinner with the Dye family.  It was awesome and we had a good time with them.  

Sunday 5/24:  J. and her daughters came to church again today.  Two weeks in a row!  It was awesome.  One of the Stucki boys came home from his mission today so that was cool to be there for his homecoming talk.  The stories are the best part.  Not much happened today.  We had a good talk with the I. tonight which was great.  They are growing so much in the Gospel and it's an amazing thing to see.

So this week I read a General Conference talk called, "Standing Tall".  Given by H. David Burton in the October 2001 General Conference. 

It's says...

A man of wisdom often offered this simple piece of advice: “David, stand tall.” My dad did not expect that I would add inches to my stature or rise up on my tiptoes. He meant that I should be courageous in my decision, not compromising principles, not violating spiritual values, and not shrinking from responsibility. When I have followed his advice, life has been very good. When I have failed to stand tall, life has usually been unpleasant. I recently asked my two young grandsons what it would mean to them if Heavenly Father asked them to stand tall. I noticed one inadvertently raised himself to his tippy-toes so as to seem a little taller. And then they quickly said in unison, “He wants us to do what is right.”

Read the talk!

Love you all!

Elder Perrine

Corvallis - Week 52

Monday 5/11:  Today was just a chill P-Day.  Just did some shopping and played basketball.  When dinner came around a member in our ward gave us Vinicin so we made some hamburgers which were bomb.  After dinner Elder Greer felt sick and started throwing up so there went the night.  He acts crazy when he is sick.  It's pretty weird.  I guess he gets sick a lot.  Wimp!  I have no sympathy for sick babies haha.

Tuesday 5/12:  So today Elder Greer was throwing up all day so we just chilled at home.  Since we didn't have any soup we asked Sister Palmer if she had any and in less than an hour Sisters from the stake were calling us and bringing over soup.  It's an amazing thing how people, even if they don't know you, will help you out.  To my surprise I actually stayed sane all day.  I just read lots and lots of books, listened to music, cleaned the house, worked out, ate food, and read some more.  I also got a huge Amazon pantry box today full of food.  Thanks to my Awesome Parents.  All in all it was a successful day I thought haha.

Wednesday 5/13:  Elder Greer wasn't feeling too good in the morning but felt better by lunch which was great because we had a busy day.  We went to Brother Youngs who is a Chiropractor to get worked on which was nice and it always feels good afterwards.  We did some family history which is always so fun and I loving checking out who my ancestors were.  We helped Sister Haslam at soccer practice for the last time.  Soccer is all finished now so it's a sad day.  I going to miss helping with that.  We had dinner with the Grimmer family.  We had a fun mini golf tournament after dinner in the backyard.  It was legit and I got the New High Score with the total of 5.  Lowest is the best because there's 4 holes.  I had 3 holes in 1.  Beast mode.  They are going to put my name on their Leader Board now.  I feel special haha.

Thursday 5/14:  So not much happened today.  We did finally see J. tonight and had a bomb lesson with her.  She still wants to be baptized which is awesome.  She just needs to come to church.  She is also moving to Portland right after her baptism for schooling which really sucks...  But hopefully she will continue to go to church up there.

Friday 5/15:  This morning we had Zone Training Meeting and it went really well.  We talked about how we need to work better with the members.  Basically we need to babysit the members and teach them how to do missionary work.  We also talked about the importance of the Restoration.  They asked us a question," What does the Restoration mean to me?".  I thought it was a really good question to think about.  We talked about Sacrament and the importance and how we can better prepare ourselves for church.  They also talked about how testimonies are important and how everyday we need to increase our testimony and share it with others.  It was a super good ZTM.  I went on Exchanges today with Elder Cho in his area.  We did so much walking haha.  It was nice though getting to know him better.  He was born is South Korea and moved to America when he was 7.  He has a pretty crazy story.  He is also writing a series of books about "The Centillions" and it's pretty good so far.  He gave me the brief overview of the 5 books he's going to write and it's awesome!  He is putting a Character named Perrine in the book who is Adan's bodyguard.  Adan is one of the main characters.  But I'm basically a Big Warrior who just takes people out with his huge Claymore sword.  It's pretty awesome to know that I'll be in a book haha.

Saturday 5/16:  Today we helped out at Scout A Rama which was located at Central Park and there were a ton of scouts there and lots of cool stuff.  We helped make Snow Cones, which now I'm a Pro at it haha.  We also saw A. and A. today.  Something I love to do as a missionary is enter into people's homes and leave knowing that the Spirit is now in the home.  You can just tell the difference of feeling in the house and how the people are as we are leaving.  Best thing ever!

Sunday 5/17:  Church was great today!  J. and her daughters actually came today!  It was a miracle.  So I'm now starting to keep a Sunday Journal and to write down the impressions I get.  It's a good idea so try it out!  The rest of the day was pretty lame.  NOBODY wanted to talk to us.  It was very frustrating and made the day sooooo long.  But you just have to make the best of it.  We were finally able to talk to M. who is now a new investigator.  He's a cool guy so hopefully he turns out to be good.  Also we were able to give Hermano Islas a blessing tonight.  His body isn't doing too good so it was nice to exercise my Priesthood Authority.  If you don't use it you lose it.

So this week I read over Joseph Smith history because you can never read it too many times and something new stuck out to me this time...

18 My object in going to inquire of the Lord was to know which of all the sects was right, that I might know which to join. No sooner, therefore, did I get possession of myself, so as to be able to speak, than I asked the Personages who stood above me in the light, which of all the sects was right (for at this time it had never entered into my heart that all were wrong)--and which I should join.

19 I was answered that I must join none of them, for they were all wrong; and the Personage who addressed me said that all their creeds were an abomination in his sight; that those professors were all corrupt; that: “they draw near to me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me, they teach for doctrines the commandments of men, having a form of godliness, but they deny the power thereof.”

So Joseph Smith went to the Lord to know which Church was true and at this time non of them were true.  For it says,"for at this time it had never entered into my heart that all were wrong".  At this time Christs church was not on the Earth.  For some reason that line stuck out to me as if it were jumping off the page.  It's sad to think that all those people over the years never had Christs Church.  They wandered in darkness and knew not where to find the light.  We don't have to be wander in darkness and be confused for we have the light and we know where to find it.  How lucky are we to now live in a time when we have the Restored Church of Christ back on the Earth.  Where we can partake of its Truthfulness.  We have the Fullness of the Gospel, we have the Priesthood once again to act in the name of God, we have a living day Prophet who can once again lead us on the correct path, and we have The Book of Mormon which is Another Testament of Jesus Christ which is the evidence that God has once again Restored his Church.  How blessed are we if we choose to partake of this.

I'm grateful for you all and I love you very much!

Elder Perrine

Corvallis - Week 51

Monday 5/4:  This morning I said goodbye to my Mijo, Elder Thompson.  I'm going to miss that guy but he's going to do great stuff in Medford.  Today we basically just chilled, did laundry, played ping-pong, and shopped a bit.  Elder Greer got here around 6.  He's a good guy and so far we are getting along very well and have a lot in common.  I normally get along with everyone.  We had dinner with the Morrison family who lives out in the boonies in Philomath.  We had a great dinner with them and it was nice to get to know them even better.  So tonight I got to know Elder Greer even better. He is from Benson Arizona which is by Tucson.  He's a football and basketball kind of guy.  His dad is a Chiropractor/ hunting dog breeder and breeds English Pointers which are bird dogs.  He loves hunting and camping.  He is also an Eagle Scout and he likes to eat a lot.  He said that Britney Spaniels and Darrhars are good hunting dogs and they hunt down mountain lions which is awesome!  We have a ton in common which is a good thing.  I feel like all these 18 year old kids just act like little babies. I'm know Im not much older but they just seem way younger haha.  It's going to be a great transfer!

Tuesday 5/5:  So this morning we went to Community Outreach but the truck wasn't there so we did our shopping while we waited.  The truck finally showed up and we were able to put all the food away which was good exercise haha.  Katie who is one of the workers there helped us as well and had a lot of questions about our faith that we were able to answer and teach her so that was awesome.  We had dinner with the Tingeys in the 1st ward and we ate Salmon which was pretty good.  Today was Elder Greers 6 month mark so we had some fun burning down the apartment complex.  Gotta love fires haha.  I also made him burn his ducks stuff.  He's now a Beaver Fan.  Go Beavs!!!

Wednesday 5/6:  Today Elder Greer got bored in the morning so he started sliding down the stairs on a blanket.  He gets really hyper sometimes which is pretty funny to see.  We did some Family History today as well.  I found a lot of cool stuff.  Under Daniel Perrine who was the first Perrine to come here, you can find stories and even a Perrin book with lots of cool stuff.  John Perrine fought at The Battle of Monmouth which was actually fought on his property and tons of Canon shots were fired through his house.  There's lots of cool stories of Perrines fighting in the Revolutionary War.  I even found our Crest and Coat of Arms.  I helped with soccer practice again today.  It was sunny all day until soccer practice then it started pouring.  I just don't understand  Oregon weather.  It's crazy!  We had dinner with the Waites out in the boonies which was fun.  We also stopped by Hermana Lupes to see how she was doing and her mom was visiting from Mexico so that was awesome and we were able to share a lesson with them all.  We also have a bunch of records that needs to be destroyed so we are having fun burning them in our back patio.  FIRE!

Thursday 5/7:  We did weekly planning and it went really well.  It's nice having someone that actually knows what their doing and can help.  I feel like the coming week is going to be awesome.  We stopped by J. to see if we could catch him home and luckily enough he was actually there and let us right in.  We taught him the Restoration and couldn't tell if he wasn't interested or if he was just soaking it all up.  It seemed to be really good though.  He said he would come to church this Sunday as well.  We had dinner with the Ross family who live out in the Boonies by the Morrisons.  I guess it's a boonie kind of week haha.  Their house is sweet!  It's surrounded by forest and the house is a big Cabin with a huge deck all the way around it.  It's sweet!  We also saw O. today and had a good little lesson with him.  He said he'd come to church so hopefully he comes with his dad.  

Friday 5/8:  This morning was weird not having to go to Training.  I can't believe training Elder Thompson flew by so fast!  District meeting was about using the Teaching Pamphlet App.  The only thing is they don't have it in Spanish which sucks. So nothing really happened today until tonight when we stopped by J. to see if she was home, luckily she was and we had an awesome lesson about Baptism.  She said she would be baptized on June 13!!!  I'm so stoked!  After all the hard work in this area it's starting to all pay off.  This week has been awesome!

Saturday 5/9:  This morning we went over to a family in Philomath who aren't members to paint the outside of their house. We had dinner with the Dye family and started talking a lot about hunting dogs since Elder Greer has so many haha.  

Sunday 5/10:  Today was Mothers Day.  Today at church everything was about the Mothers haha.  I was able to Skype home a little after church so that was super fun!   We went over to the Haslams for dinner so it was nice to spend some time with them on Mothers Day.

So this week I read..."Find the Lambs, Feed the Sheep".  By President Gordon B. Hinckley in the May 1999 Ensign.  I want to Encourage you guys to read it.

Bringing People into the Church

From the beginning of this work, missionary service has been a four-step process:

1. Finding the investigator.

2. Teaching the investigator.

3.  Baptizing the worthy convert.

4.  Fellowshipping and strengthening the new member.

Love you all!!!

Elder Perrine

Corvallis - Week 50 (Transfers)

Another Transfer in C-Town!

Monday 4/27:  This morning we went with Elder Chang and Beasley to hike Bald Hill for Elder Changs last Hoo-Rah!  It sucks he's leaving but I'm hoping he will return in the next couple months, if not then I'll see him in Hawaii. We chilled pretty hard today.  Just did a ton of shopping and cruising the city of Corvallis.  Not much happened.  So President had a Mission Wide call and told us we now have $150 dollars to blow instead of $135.  #Sweet!

Tuesday 4/28:  We went hard in the paint today and got work done.  This morning we went to Community Outreach and helped organize a bunch of stuff.  Wasn't very fun but had to be done. #GetItDone. We visited a ton of people today.  I felt like we drove all over the place.  We taught a new guy named F. today.  He was Catholic but is now Christian.  He still has some work to be done but it seems like he's on the right path.  So Elder Thompson is a hilarious guy and always says the funniest things.  The other day when I told him we were on "E" and we needed gas he said, "We've been running on Scripture power since Mary's Peak".  He always says, "We gettin HUGE".  This kid is funny! 

Wednesday 4/29:  Today was a full day of service and teaching.  #GoingHard.  We mowed the Nashes yard which was a blast.  Got to love yard work.  Then on the way to soccer practice a guys car was broken down so we stopped and tried to push the car while he popped the clutch but it didn't work.  So we waved down a cop car to give him a jump start since our stupid mission vehicles don't have jumper cables. I was glad we were able to help the guy out though.  We had a blast at soccer practice with all the kids.  It brings back good memories.  Sister Haslam hooked us up with a ton of food and Beaver shirts.  I now have a sweet soccer Beaver shirt.  #GoBeavs.  On the way home we stopped by J. who wasn't home but just as I was about to head home I had a feeling we should stop by O.  Turned out he was home and was moving that night out to Philomath.  If we didn't stop by we would of never of known and he would of been gone.  We had a great lesson with him and he's a solid guy. #Miracle

Thursday 4/30:  This morning during Weekly Planning we wanted to spice it up a bit so we baked some Minions sugar cookies.  They were so awesome.  I love those little guys haha.  We also went out to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch with some of the guys.  That was a party! #B-Dubs. After lunch we went to visit D. one of our potentials.  Turns out he wasn't there but his dad was, so we got to talking, which turned into a heated argument because he thinks The Book of Mormon is false and that we have a false Prophet.  I just went off on him the best I could in Spanish which is a whole other ball park.  You can't have an opinion if we don't know anything.  You can't say The Book of Mormon is false unless you read it and prayed about it with true intent.  You can't say we have a false Prophet if you haven't studied his fruits.  People like that just push my buttons but I can't help him save his soul if he's not willing to be helped.  I really feel bad for people like that who are just caught up in Satans lies. Also talked to a guy who's living with a member named L.  He was a pretty cool guy who said he might be going to China to teach English.  He said there's like no requirements and they will pay for everything.  Something that was funny, if there was someone he didn't like, instead of saying something bad about them, he would just say, "oh they need prayers, we need to pray for them".  Just the way he said it made it funny.  We had dinner with the Grimmers tonight and had a blast there.  Had some bomb food like always to start off the night, then we got playing with knifes and Brother Grimmer showing us all his cool toys and what not, to taking compound bows out back and shooting them at a target (safety first), to playing a game of miniature golf in his backyard, to eating some bomb homemade ice cream sandwiches, to a bomb spiritual message. #PartyNight

Friday 5/1:  This morning was Elder Thompson last day of Training.  He passed with flying colors but what can I say, he learned from the best. Haha.  We had a great District meeting and Elder Thompson and I had to teach about "Having the Spirit while teaching".  I went on exchanges with Elder Swanson today who is going home in a couple days so he's just super trunky haha.  We did some painting for S. who is one of their awesome investigators.  He's super cool and we had a blast painting the outside of her house.  We also had a super Spirit filled lesson and she was crying.  It was amazing to be apart of that.  We had dinner with the Tanasila family who are Tongan and super cool and funny.  Polys are awesome!  They had pizza, chicken, potatoes salad, rice, salad, plantains, garlic bread, and a super good Tongan drink with Watermelon juice, crushed pineapple, milk, and shredded coconut. It was bomb!  We also saw W. again tonight.  He was the guy who was excommunicated but is now returning.  He's such a funny guy and it's great that's he's returning to the church.  He's so excited.

Saturday 5/2:  We all went to Taqueria Alonzo for lunch today which is this pretty good Mexican food restaurant.  We then all met as a zone at the Stake Center to get transfer info.  Looks like I'm staying for another 6 weeks.  I might as well buy a house here and settle down for good haha.  I was not expecting that at all.  Elder Thompson is going down to Medford which he is totally bummed but I've been telling him how awesome Medford is so he's good to go.  I'm getting Elder Greer who's from Arizona and seems to be cool.  Today we didn't really do much but get Elder Thompson all packed and we had a big party at Jamba Juice with a ton of missionaries haha.

Sunday 5/3:  So today was Elder Thompsons last Sunday in the area.  We had a great fast and testimony meeting.  Elder Thompson got up there and told the news to everyone and they were all bummed he was leaving because we were starting to get a hang of it here and the work is really starting to pick up.  I think that's why President Russell is keeping me here.  There's obviously something I haven't done yet haha.  We had a great time visiting with all the members and Elder Thompson said all his goodbyes.  We especially had a great time with the Grimmers.  They are in Philomath ward and are superrrr cool!  It's going to be sad to say goodbye to Elder Thompson tomorrow.  Elder Swanson is also leaving to go home too which is also a bummer.

I really love this scripture...

15 And if it so be that you should labor all your days in crying repentance unto this people, and bring, save it be one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy with him in the kingdom of my Father!

16 And now, if your joy will be great with one soul that you have brought unto me into the kingdom of my Father, how great will be your joy if you should bring many souls unto me!
(D&C 18:15-16)

There are souls, our Brothers and Sisters who are waiting for us to open our mouths and share this Gospel with them.

Love you all!!!

Thee Elder Perrine