Friday, May 1, 2015

Corvallis - Week 49

Buenos Dias,

Monday 4/20:  So we were determined today to do something adventurous and fun so we decided to hike Mary's Peak.  It was my second time but I wanted to go again and this time it was way better.  About 10 of us Elders went and it was a blast.  We climbed all through the forest, waterfalls, and of course took some legit pictures.  I love the good ole out doors.  It was a pretty chill day here in C-Town.

Tuesday 4/21:  Today we helped out at Community Outreach.  They got in a huge delivery of food so it took hours getting it in and organized.  Service is always a blast though.  I even got a super cool sombrero quilt by doing service haha.  Some old ladies always bring in a bunch of quilts that they make and Jeff said I could have the sombrero one so I'm totally stoked about it.  We stopped by Hermana Lupes today to give back some Tupperware containers and talked with her for a bit.  As we were about to leave she gave us some food to take home with us.  What was awesome is we didn't have a dinner that night so the food she gave us became our dinner.  God is always looking out for us even with the small and simple things.

Wednesday 4/22:  Not a very energy packed day today.  It was one of those slow days where you wish it was just over haha.  Lots of finding with no success.  I guess today was the, "Do not talk to the missionaries day".  But something really cool happened at night.  An investigator named P. who moved and we didn't know where he went showed up.  Some other missionaries found him so we were able to talk with him.  He's 12 and has a huge testimony.  It's crazy.  He's a better kid than I was at 12 and I was Mormon haha.  He wants to learn more and be baptized but his mom doesn't like Mormons too much.  But P. is totally awesome and wants to be a missionary one day.

Thursday 4/23:  This morning we went over to the Goodnight trailers down in South Town to meet with B.  She's a super cool lady we tracted into.  Unfortunately she didn't answer the door.  I think her husband might of anti'd her which totally sucks because she was awesome. Corvallis is definetly a tough area because there aren't many people who are searching for the truth.  Everyone here is fine where they are and don't want to change.  It drives me crazy!  For lunch today we made "Poke".  It's raw tuna cut up, make a special siracha sauce, and put it on top of rice and its Bomb!  I love cooking especially when the food actually turns out good haha.  Later in the day we met with N. with Hermano Islas, then her friend Lidia showed up, then her bother Francisco showed up so we ended up just having a big party haha.  We taught the Restoration to them.  We really power housed it about the Apostasy and how Jesus Christs church has been restored.  The Spirit was totally there and I know they felt the Spirit.  It was awesome!!!  Hermano Islas was just throwing it down on them.  I wish I could speak Spanish like he does so I could have a normal conversation with people haha.  But it will come over time, I hope.

Friday 4/24:  This morning we had District meeting which is always good.  I learn something new everytime and that's what the Gospel is all about. ️Elder C. is going through something really big right now so he asked for a blessing so Elder Thompson, Elder Beasley and I took part in that.  I'm not sure what it is but its not good.  Today I went on exchanges with Elder Ricks.  Funny story as I was opening the door to their apartment to leave and cat ran right in so we had to find it and get it out. It was pretty hilarious.  So we had a great day full of appointments.  It's so different teaching in English.  It's just so much easier because we all understand each other haha.  We taught this one Christian guy who basically thinks we are following a false Prophet, little did he know we had some powerful testimonies so we just tore it up and the Spirit worked on him and he was shaking in his boots.  He probably won't try to bash with anymore missionaries haha.  I've learned to love coming across people like that because then it's strengthens my testimony and I can also set them straight.  

Saturday 4/25:  So we woke up at 5:30 this morning to get to a potentials house to have breakfast with him and then to go play basketball at the church with him.  His name is L.  Super cool guy who just moved here.  He's looking for a church which was perfect and he trying to better his life.  We had fun playing basketball with him and talking about how church works.  This guy is totally a golden investigator.  So while everyone else in the mission was sleeping we were out doing missionary work and got a new golden investigator.  That's how it goes when you're the elite you know. Haha.  There's no time for sleep.  Later in the day we exchanged back and Elder C. & Beasley and Thompson & I went to do service at a guys house who owns a ton of acres of flowers.  We helped trim stuff and clean it up.  We had a blast starting a huge Bonfire.  We also went out to eat at Applebee's and then Coldstone for Dessert.  So Elder C. told us the news that he has decided to go home. I guess something crazy at home happened and he needs to go home to take care of it.  The sad thing is he's deciding to go home.  I tried everything I could to help him change his mind but his decision is made and it's not changing.  It's going to be sad to see him go.

Sunday 4/26:  Great day at church today.  It was one of those days where I was just beat tired.  We had an awesome lesson with J. finally.  He was outside working so we stopped and helped him and then he listened to a message.  Service does work haha.  J. is totally ready for baptism.  He said he wants to learn first before he's baptized though which is awesome!  We also went over to the J. families house for a BBQ.  It's was P.'s B-Day so we are a ton of Carne asada, guacamole, napales, and cake.  I was so fat I thought I was going to explode.  We then found 2 snakes and Elder Thompson started playing with them.  I think he thinks he's The Crocodile Hunter.  It was awesome being able to hang out with the J. family.  We also had a great lesson but P. is being stubborn.  He's going to be some work.  I feel like he's just going the opposite way again.  Also stopped by tonight to see Elder C. and to say our goodbyes.  He's leaving tomorrow back to Hawaii.

So this week I read this talk given by Elder D.Todd Christofferson called "Why we share the Gospel". Given in the Ensign in August 2014.  I would encourage you to find it and read the rest but part of it says...
        The first chapter of Preach My Gospel asks a question that applies to every member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: “What is my purpose as a missionary?”

The answer, summarized in one sentence, is given there as follows: “Invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end.”

Members As Missionaries
We are all asked to be missionaries. And to be effective in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, we must have this purpose in our mind, feel it in our heart, accept it in our soul, and act upon it. When we do, it both inspires and guides us in sharing the gospel. We must keep clear the distinction between the purpose of sharing the gospel, on the one hand, and the means of achieving that purpose, on the other hand.

It is not our purpose just to participate in discussions about the gospel or to talk to anyone and everyone we can about the Church or merely to set goals and make plans. These things are important, but they are a means to an end, and that end is bringing people to Christ.

        Centered in Missionary Purpose
Consider some examples of what happens when our efforts to share the gospel are centered in missionary purpose:
1.We will teach people in a way that helps them truly understand the gospel and why and how they should repent. We will listen to and respond to what is in the investigator’s mind and heart.

2.We will seek and listen to the Holy Ghost to discern who is feeling the Spirit as we talk.

3.Planning--as families, in ward councils, and with full-time missionaries--will become a tool for ensuring that the things that need to happen to bring about conversion and baptism are, in fact, identified, remembered, and followed through for each individual investigator.

4.We will rejoice in our opportunity to feast upon the word of God because our study will have purpose. We will be searching for answers to our investigators’ questions of the soul as well as our own.

5.We will invite people to attend Church meetings, not simply because we believe that is what we are supposed to do but also because we understand that participation in church is essential for the investigator to develop a stronger desire for baptism and to establish a foundation for enduring to the end in the gospel covenant. With that ultimate purpose in mind, the invitation to attend church will have greater urgency, the explanation of the importance of Sabbath worship and what to expect in a Latter-day Saint Sunday service will be different, and the spirit that attends our words will have a persuasive power that would not otherwise be present.

Love you all!

Te Amo,
√Člder Perrine
Beautiful pics from their hike on Monday.  It is just so amazing there.  He loves to be in the outdoors.  I told him, "No inside job sitting behind a desk for you".  He said definitely not!

He also sent me video (Yuck) of their sewer back up.  I am so grossed out.  Not sure why they used their pitcher and measuring cup to remove it from the toilet.  AND he didn't even use gloves.  I told him he had better throw them away.   I love their facial expressions!  Priceless.