Monday, April 20, 2015

Corvallis - Week 48

It's been a good week, well pretty much every week is a good one.

Monday 4/13:  This morning we woke up early because I had to drive to Newport.  It was a fun drive.  Elders Myers, Smith and Garrard rode with us so it was a packed little car.  It was awesome being on the Coast because I haven't seen it for a while now.  We had a Specialized Training Meeting as a zone with the Russell's and the A.P's.  I guess the Russell's are concerned that our mission isn't as obedient as it should be.  So we had a good talking to about Obedience.  So after the meeting was over we all got changed and rushed over to Agate Beach.  It was rainy and super windy so we just rain out on the beach and tried staying warm.  The beach only lasted like 30 mins then we were all frozen haha.  It was so much fun just being on the Beach though.  Newport is a cool little city.  Tonight we had dinner with the Grimmers.  

Tuesday 4/14:  We finished up P-Day today.  Basically just chilled and did some shopping.  Still super tired from yesterday.  Had dinner with the Morrill family.  They are a great family haha.  Nothing really happened today.

Wednesday 4/15:  This morning we went to COI to do some service.  So what we ended up doing is reorganizing the food pantry because people don't know to read labels and put stuff where it belongs.  Later in the day we did some tracting with no success.  Then we enjoyed doing some family history work.  Sister Wills was helping me try to find more information for my Mexican side.  It's hard work.  We also coached the Haslams team today which was fun.  We had dinner with the oldest Kings here in town.  Brother Reed King is awesome and has a super strong testimony.  He said that when we run into people who say they aren't interested we should say," how do you know that if you haven't heard what we have to say?  If you listen then you will come to know what we say is true."  I want to start using that haha.  So we did some tracting on Hayes street tonight with not much luck and mainly grumpy people.  So as we were headed out we decided to knock on one last door.  A elderly man named Rufus answered the door and let us right in.  He has known many Mormons and knew all about us so we got to talking and turns out this guy is super smart and knows his stuff.  We talked a lot about life and he gave us some advice.  He told us that if we want to be successful in life we need to be good at reading, writing, speaking, computer literate, know how to invest, and do something we like.  We had a great discussion with him.

Thursday 4/16:  This morning we had an amazing weekly planning session.  I feel like we are prepared to kick some satan butt haha.  We had dinner with the Waites family who recently moved into a house out in the boonies.  It was a trek getting there.  They have a sweet house with a ton of land.  The house is a fixer upper but it's a sweet spot.  Tonight we were finally able to teach N. again.  Hermano Islas came with us and when we got there N. sister L. was there as well so we taught both of them.  They are really receptive to what we teach but they have no desire to act on any of it so in the end they will not progress which sucks.  Hopefully their hearts will soften and they will realize what they need to do.

Friday 4/17:  So this morning we had a great District meeting.  We had a lot of snacks to eat which was awesome.  We talked about Church Attendance.  We went out to Local Boyz finally.  It's been too long.  We hung out with Jeff.  He's going to be a member one day I just know it.  Talked to D. today who's super cool and I think he is somewhat interested.  We also taught J. and A. today.  They are so solid!  We taught them about the Plan of Salvation and they were just soaking it up like a sponge.  Elder Thompson asked them if they would be baptized once they come to know this is true and they said yes.  So now all we need to do is teach them haha.  Such a golden family.  For some reason Elder Thompson wanted to get stung by bee's so he grabbed two bees and got stung on both hands.  It was hilarious to watch.  We had a fun potluck dinner tonight with 3rd ward.  It was nice seeing everyone.

Saturday 4/18:  Normally Saturday's are filled with service except today.  But that's okay because we had an awesome day.  Hermana Lupe made us dinner which was mole and a ton of other things.  It's was probably the best Mole I've had before.  Today Elder Thompson and I made some hilarious videos about "How people think missionaries get up VS. How we actually get up."  Quality videos haha.  Tonight we stopped by R. and turns out the Brambila family knew them and were there having a BBQ.  So we had a great discussion with R. and his nephew E. was there as well.  He's from Southern California.  He comes from a rough past full of gangs and drugs.  Basically everyday he survived to live and die another day.  He said he moved up here with his Uncle to try to start a new life.  He wants to follow God more in his life but he said everyday is a battle between God and Satan.  He wants to be better but it's hard for him.  We probably talked to him for like 1 1/2 hours.  He said he use to see the Missionaries down in So-Cal and he would scare them away but he said he felt like he should talk with us and he actually accepted a Book of Mormon for the first time.  I gave him Mosiah 27 which is about Alma the younger and how he changes which I thought was a perfect fit for him.  I know he moved here so we could be Gods instruments to show him the way.  He's totally ready we just have to show him what he's missing. That was definitely one of those testimony building lessons.  It was intense!

Sunday 4/19:  The Jimenez Family came to church again this week.  Two weeks in a row!  I guess work is slowing down now so it's time to baptize them!  At church we talked about the Parable of the Good Samaritan.  It's a great one to learn from.  We should always be searching to serve our fellow Brothers and Sisters.  Don't pass by them and think someone else will help them but you take action and help them.  During a Priesthood a man visiting from Utah was talking about missionary work and he said, "A mission isn't a sacrifice, it's a blessing."  And it's totally true.  It's not a sacrifice at all, it's a huge blessing in my life.  After church Brother Grimmer asked us if we could help him give a blessing to a lady he hometeaches.  I had the great opportunity to anoint her with oil. It's always a great feeling giving or being a part of a blessing.  We must always exercise the Priesthood.  We had dinner at the Islas home and had some bomb chicken with carne asada seasoning.  It was a pretty chill Sunday.

This week I have been reading "The Living Christ".  It's awesome so read it!

Les Amo Mucho!!!

❤️Elder Perrine


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