Sunday, April 12, 2015

Corvallis - Week 45

It's been a pretty good week.  The work is starting to progress here.

Monday 3/23:  So last night Elders Blackwelder and McConkie spent the night.  Elder Thompson for some reason was making noises and moaning sounds in his sleep.  I was wide awake because I couldn't fall asleep with that noise and just as I was about to hit him to shut him up he woke up and was like, "What???  NO!  Is that me making that noise?  I seriously just woke my self up with my own noise. No Way!"  I just started laughing so hard.  It was hilarious.  This morning we had to wake up at 6am and we drove to the transfer spot to say our goodbyes.  It's sad to see all my homies leave.  Out of my group that I came up to C-Town in I'm the only one left.  Everyone left already which is super weird.  So today it's just been raining all day long.  Transfer P-Days are always a weird one.  We just chilled all day, shot some hoops, and then Elder Thompson and I went shopping.  We had so much time to kill that we just went to a ton of different stores.  We had dinner with the young Lewis family in Philomath ward.  Brother Lewis is a Oregon State Trooper.  He's a super cool guy.  He said not to go into Law Enforcement.  It's a headache and everyone hates you haha.  They are a great family though.  For the dinner message I was talking about being Fishers of Men and sister Lewis said, "You are Fishers of Spanish Men." Haha

Tuesday 3/24:  So today we worked at Community Outreach.  They got a food order in so we had a blast stocking all the shelves.  Later in the day we went to find a potential and found a huge trailer park that we knew nothing about.  We found the Hispanic jackpot!  We are going to have a blast trying to tract all those trailers haha. A guy stopped us when we were out and about there and turns out he's a member returning to full activity.  He told us," Satan can go to HELL, for all I care".  I thought that was hilarious. He told us where a lot of Hispanics lived so now we have the hook ups with Brother Potter.  As we were talking with him a old beater car pulls up to a trailer right next to us.  A guy who looks like a homeless guy comes stumbling out of the car with a big Coors Light beer can in his hand and says to us, "Well boys now you can get me for drunk driving hehe".  We were like what's going on here haha.  We had the Book of Mormon class tonight.  The Jakobsens showed up.  It was good talking with Arne (Brother Jakobsen).  He's a funny guy and he's in his 80's but has a ton of energy.  I hope I'm that energetic when I'm that old.  We made some goooood brownies tonight and put some ice cream on top.  I'm going to get fat... Haha

Wednesday 3/25:  Today we went ham and got work done.  We did some Family History and Elder and Sister Wills (Senior couple) helped us out.  I connected the Chapman side so now I can see all that work and I also added the Perrine Grandparents and also both of their parents.  It's so much fun learning about my ancestors.  I also went back to like years 40 and I have a ton of Royalty in my blood.  Lots of Kings and Queens, Emperors, and knights and what not all over the place.  Sooooo cool!  We also contacted a ton of people and got a lot of return appointments and met new people.  We talked to a guy named Josue who is from El Salvador and is a preacher here at a Spanish church.  We also taught Rosa about the Book of Mormon and the whole time her husband up stairs was yelling, "We don't want to change", in Spanish of course.  Not sure how it will go but we will see.  I felt like today was a very productive day.  

Thursday 3/26:  This morning I called Elder Dixon to do a damage report on the car to make sure everything has been documented.  Turns out the car has never been documented and 5 drawing diagrams, 48 pictures, and 18 emails later it's finally done.  There are scratches and dings all over that car.  That's was a lot of work and a pain but I'm glad I was able to help Elder Dixon out.  We also taught Jaqueline Lopez today which was awesome.  I was so glad to finally meet with her.  She seems super solid and has been taught by many missionaries so I'm hoping to find out what's holding her back and help her to enter into the waters of Baptism soon.  We also had dinner with the Dye family out in Philomath.  They are from Wisconsin and Minnesota.  They are a cool family and Brother Dye loves the outdoors.  As we were leaving he was getting ready to go on a Night Mountain Biking Trip.  I guess he goes with some buddies including the Stake President and Bikes all through the night.  It sounds legit and I definitely want to get into that when I get home.

Friday 3/27:  This morning Elder Thompson passed off some stuff then we had a district meeting about asking inspired questions.  Today I went on exchanges with Elder Smith in his area.  We walked all over the campus and my feet are killing me.  Elder Smith and I had a blast walking around trying to contact people on campus.  It's spring break so no one is out and about so we had nobody to talk to.  We hacksacked it up in the library courtyard and the few people that walked by looked interested but when I asked if they wanted to join they said no.  We thought it would work but there needs to be more people out and about.  Dancing Mike also talked to us and taught us some dancing moves.  He's a crazy old guy. A bunch of Indian college students were in a courtyard playing cricket!  It was crazy to watch them play.  Who does that in a middle of the courtyard haha. Elder Smith and I went out to Tokyo Steakhouse which was bomb!  I miss good sushi!  At night we didn't have anything to do so we rode the bus hoping we could find people to talk to.  I guess no one rides the bus at night and the only guy that got on and that we talked to was a member.  Just our luck haha.  At the institute building there's also an old baptismal font down in the creepy basement.  It's was sketchy stuff and it looks extremely old.  So overall it was a super adventurous day.

 Saturday 3/28:  Service Saturday's.  This morning Elder Smith and I went with the Chinese Elders and the College Hill sisters to a members in Philomath to do a bunch of yard work.  The members are selling it and it needed to look nice.  They called the right person for the job.  I mowed the yard and edged and weed whacked it.  We pulled a bunch of weeds and some other things as well.  Also once we exchanged back Elder Thompson and I went to the Dyes in Philomath and helped dig holes and plant flowers on this steep hill.  It was a crazy leg and core workout trying to keep balance and not slip or fall.  It was awesome getting to know that family even more.  They told us a place called Jilllicious that a member owns that we need to check out. Heard there's some good desserts there haha.  We had dinner with Tom today which I was totally stoked about.  We went out to his crib out in the sticks.  He made Salmon, vegetables, and potato salad.  It was bomb and I've never really liked fish but Salmon was actually pretty good.  We also made some brownies and man they were so good.  I'm going to get fat if I keep eating brownies haha.  The drove home was awesome driving out in the sticks in the dark.  I love back roads. 

Sunday 3/29:  Today was Fast Sunday since next week is General Conference.  We had a combined Sacrament meeting with Philomath ward since it was 5th Sunday.  This one guy got up and started talking about how everyone is going to make it to the Celestial Kingdom even his son who doesn't obey the word of wisdom and other commandments.  He was just up there preaching false doctrine.  You could just feel the Spirit leave instantly.  I talked to a guy there about the same age as I am, named Bryce Martin.  He's from Elk Grove and recently got back from his mission in Philadelphia.  He said he got the hook up and is on his way up to Alaska to work up there helping the Resorts with their finances or something like that.  I want to check Alaska out!  We had a combined 3rd hour as well and they discussed the "He Lives" video.  This video is awesome so I'm so pumped to use it!  We had the Potluck today at the church and a good amount of people showed up including Jaqueline and her daughters so that was awesome.  There was so much good food.  Yum!  Fiestas are where it is at!  We also taught a guy named Ramone who is from Jalisco, Mexico.  He was a nice guy and opened to talk with us.  We showed him the "He Lives" video which he thought was great.  We are going to go back to teach him more but he seems like a solid guy.

I read a talk this week called, "He is Risen" by Thomas S. Monson about the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  It was given on Easter Morning in the 2010 April General Conference.  The whole talk is great but this section stuck out to me the most.  I encourage you to read this talk.

At the last moment, the Master could have turned back. But He did not. He passed beneath all things that He might save all things. His lifeless body was hurriedly but gently placed in a borrowed tomb.

      No words in Christendom mean more to me than those spoken by the angel to the weeping Mary Magdalene and the other Mary when, on the first day of the week, they approached the tomb to care for the body of their Lord. Spoke the angel:

    “Why seek ye the living among the dead?

      “He is not here, but is risen.”
      Our Savior lived again. The most glorious, comforting, and reassuring of all events of human history had taken place--the victory over death. The pain and agony of Gethsemane and Calvary had been wiped away. The salvation of mankind had been secured. The Fall of Adam had been reclaimed.

      The empty tomb that first Easter morning was the answer to Job’s question, “If a man die, shall he live again?” To all within the sound of my voice, I declare, If a man die, he shall live again. We know, for we have the light of revealed truth

      “For since by man came death, by man came also the resurrection of the dead

      “For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.”

This is a great talk to read especially during the Easter Time.  Remember it's not about the Easter Bunny and the Eggs it's about our Savior and how he Atoned for each and everyone of us and that "He Lives, and He is Risen".

Love you all!

Elder Perrine

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