Thursday, February 26, 2015

Corvallis - Week 40

Buenas Dias,

Monday:  This was Elder Thompsons first P-Day in the field.  We did laundry, shopped, played football on the OSU training fields, emailed, and had dinner with the Brambilas who are cool.  Sister Brambila served in the army so she's a tough women and she lived in Mexico for a bit.  Her husband is from Mexico and they have a bunch of kids.  They have an exchange student from Guadalajara.  He told us about his view of Mexico so that was cool.  They also had a tree in front of their house called "Monkey Puzzle".  It's seriously like a huge pine tree but like a cactus for branches.  It's so weird.  You definetly don't want to mess with it or it will cut you up. 

Tuesday:  This morning we helped Jeff at Community Outreach.  We had to put together these dressers then more were delivered so we put even more together.  That was a ton of work and on top of that we went with Brother Lewis later in the day and cut up a Pear tree that basically wasn't a fruit tree because it was so tall.  We had a blast cutting down a lot of the tree.  (One of Kevin's favorite things to do.)  We had to make it smaller and branch it out so they could pick the fruit.  Now it will be a working fruit tree.  Grandpa Perrine would be proud of my mad pruning skills I learned from him haha.  I just love doing yard work like that.  It's a ton of fun and very relaxing.  We had dinner with the Nashes tonight.  They are in the Philomath Ward.  They remind me a lot of Nic Claysons parents. They took us out to Mongolian BBQ Grill. We pigged out! Haha. 

Wednesday:  So today we put work in and used our lamberfeetis to walk all over the city.  (I totally didn't get his joke.  He had to explain it to me.  "Like a Lamborghini, like the car but it's our feet.  It's a joke.  Lamborfeetis". Oooh, now I get it. Haha)  We talked to a ton of Hispanics and got some more potentials but we weren't able to teach anyone which sucked but that's what happens.  We stopped by Yogurt Extreme to enjoy some yummy frozen yogurt.  It was well needed.  We had dinner with the Rios.  They needed their headlight bulbs replaced in their SUV so being a handy man as I am I replaced them for them.  I love being able to help people out.  Service is the best.  I would rather just go around doing service for people.  That would be awesome.

Thursday:  We finally got our area book up and running today which is great.  Since we've been helping Jeff out a lot he decided to take us out to lunch today.  All five of us squeezed into his PT Cruiser with the top down and rolled down the street.  We probably looked so funny hahaha.  We ate at Izzie's which is a Buffett place.  Let's just say we cleaned that place out haha. We ate so much food that none of us could walk at the end.  It was good stuff.  The rest of the day we talked to peeps who didn't want to talk to us.  That's just the way it goes.  We actually taught N. tonight and had a great Plan of Salvation lesson with her.  She's so solid and so ready for baptism.  She just needs to know that she's ready first haha.

Friday:  This morning we had training for Elder Thompson. He passed off teaching the Restoration and How to Begin Teaching.  He's a solid kid which is awesome.  For district meeting we talked about How to Begin Teaching, Virtue, and importance of using scriptures.  Elder Ricks our district leader told us that we were on a plan.  All of a sudden the plane started falling to the ground and we were going to die.  But we had two minutes to tell our loved ones something.  So we all wrote notes and stuck them in a box before we died.  Them Elder Ricks grabbed the notes and looked at them quickly and said oh that's cool.  Then he ripped them all up and threw them on the ground and stomped on them.  We were all so mad!  He told us that's how the Prophets feel when we don't read the scriptures.  They all knew they were going to die and had little time to write down the things they knew to be important and that would help us in these days.  That really was an awesome activity to show us the real importance of the scriptures. (Loved this activity.  I am going to use it for FHE or maybe a lesson sometime.  Great lesson!)  People died so that we could have these scriptures so we should take the time and read them. Today as we were finding we stopped by a potential and a guy was visiting and  was working on his car outside so we talked to him for over an hour.  He's from Mexico and actually lived in Salinas for a while and knows Marina and all that stuff so I told him I was born in Salinas and he thought that was cool.  Turns out he is Atheist.  He basically lives our faith and rules but just doesn't believe in God. It frustrates me to think that people wouldn't believe in God.  How is that possible!  We had dinner with the Tryons again.  They are a blast to be around.  They are a young fun couple.  Their two year old son is so funny.  I like playing games with him haha.  We also had game night tonight.  We played a lot of knockout haha.

Saturday:  So this morning I had some great studies. I love studying the Gospel.  I could do it all day long.  We got a call this morning from Elders Roller and Garrard asking if we could help one of their members move.  The Family's name is the Allens. He's a retired dentist and they moved into a huge house in 3rd Ward.  They fit perfectly with 3rd Ward which is great.  They also own a couple hair salons here and give free haircuts.  I like free haha.  We also helped the Rios pull a ton of weeds. It was Service Saturday haha.  We taught the Jimenez family tonight which was well needed.  We haven't seen them in forever because they've been so busy with work.  Hermano Islas and I just laid it down on Pedro because he isn't reading, or praying, or coming to church. But we laid it down with love haha.  It was a spirit lead lesson for sure because none of it was planned.  Just let the Holy Spirit Guide. Elder Thompson just taught one of the kids on the side and at the end I guess the kid who is thirteen was just making fun of Elder Thompson the whole time haha.  He told him he looks like he's in 8th grade and he asked why he can't grow a mustache hahahaha.  I was laughing so hard.  Elder Thompson didn't know what to do haha.  He was so confused.  That was great.  (I told Elder P. that he needs to defend his little "greenie".  Not nice.)

Sunday I had a great study in the morning.  Studied about Lehi's vision of the tree of life.  Church was great also today.  Elder Thompson did a great job on his little talk he had to give,  Also a returned missionary gave a talk which was awesome because she had a lot of cool stories.  We went over to The Philomath Elders place after church and ate lunch and hung out with them.  Elder Pickett is a cool guy. Had an amazing dinner with the Islas family. They made some authentic Mexican tacos.  So good!  We love our sunday dinners with the Islas. We also have great conversations. All in all it was a great Sabbath day.

So like I was saying I studied about the Tree of Life in 1 Nephi 8.  As I was reading about the three groups, the first group got lost in the mist and went off the wrong way,  the second group ate of the fruit but was ashamed and went off, and the third group partook of the fruit and fell to the ground.  We obviously want to the be the third group but then I was thinking about the first and second group.  The first group got lost and went off and the second group fell away.  That connects a lot to missionary work.  As members we need to make sure we don't get caught up in the worldly things and are not ashamed to be members like the second group was BUT we must also find and lift up those who fell away or who just got lost in the first place and never found it.  

I love you guys!

Elder Perrine

 Not Sure??? Mormom Mafia??

 Having fun cutting/trimming the pear tree.

 Before pic of the tree

 Monkey Puzzle Tree


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