Thursday, February 12, 2015

Corvallis - Week 38 (Transfers)

Hola Padres,

Monday:  I had a great time.  At 10am we all met up at the Stake Center and played some sports which included Knock Out and Gator Ball.  Then we had a quick lunch and then we all went to Highland Bowling Alley to Bowl it up.  It was Zone Activity P-Day.  We all had a blast and it's been a while since I've bowled so it was good to refresh my skills haha.  We had dinner with the Freeman's tonight.  Turns out he is 2nd Counselor in the Stake Presidency which is cool.
Tuesday:  We took the bus to community outreach with Elder Jarrard and Elder Heaton who is going home in a week and is from Hawaii which is sweet.  Jeff wasn't there today because he was sick so it wasn't as fun as normal.  We were a moving company today.  Brother Rodger helped us move a couch to Bruce's new place and Bruce was totally stoked for it.  We also helped Brother Beery pick up a Piano and take it to his house.  He's 30 and just moved here with his family from Illinois.  He has basically lived everywhere in the U.S.A because he moved a lot when he was younger.  The Piano turned out to be in Albany so we technically were out of our Mission boundaries.  Woops.  On the drive we saw an Eagle swoop down right in front of us and grabbed a rodent.  It was legit.  The piano wasn't too bad but pianos always suck.  We had some fun with Brother Beery because he's actually a cool member to hang with.  We had Book of Mormon class tonight.  We read Alma 20-21.  I really like in Alma 20:17 because it talks about how King Lamoni was innocent and had repented of his sins but his Father the King wasn't and if he was slain he couldn't be saved.  I then thought about how later how the Father King and his people swore to never take a life again.  Then I kind of thought that it was because his life was spared by Ammon because he didn't want to take a sinners life and basically doom him.  Ammon wanted to give the Father King a chance in this life to repent and be saved.  I never thought of it that way.  I always thought they were just scarred to kill more people, not because they didn't want to doom their brethren in their sins.  I also really like in 21:14-17.  Aaron and his brethren suffered many things and were put in prison for doing good and preaching.  What surprised me is when they were finally released they didn't complain and want to go home, they just went back to work doing what they were doing before.  And after they continued, they brought many souls to the Truth.  They endured to the end and blessings came from it.  So when life is hard and we go through trials, continue forward believing in God and blessings will come.

Wednesday:  Elder Blackwelder stayed the night last night and we stayed up to late talking.  Got up earlier than usual because we had to be to Eugene by 8:30 for the Specialized training meeting.  It was a very inspired meeting.  I learned a ton from it.  Basically it was a meeting to tell us to get back to work and stop slacking.  Sister Russell read this scripture to us in James 1:22. "But be Ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves."  A quote that I thought of was from Joseph Smith who said, "When the Lord commands, DO IT!"  We need to JUST SERVE HIM and FINISH HIS WORK.  We watched a short clip from the awesome movie "Invictus".  It's the Rugby movie that takes place in Africa.  There's poem said in there that I really liked but the last two lines are, " I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul."  This is our life and we need to make sure we are doing the things our Heavenly Father would want us to do so we can return to live with him one day.  I really enjoyed the meeting.  It was A.P Argyles last meeting since he's going home soon.  Elder Boyd was called as the new A.P.  Since a lot of Spanish Elders were there we all went out to eat together.  I miss being around them.  Elder Jafid Garcia is going home so it was good to hang with him one last time.  It's weird that everyone will be going home this summer.  It's when I should be going home haha.  We are about to lose about half our mission so hopefully we will get more coming in.  We taught the Gists tonight who are less active members who never really learned the Gospel.  They are in their 70's now and seem to be opened to learn more now.  They are a great couple.

Thursday:  Not much happened today.  Had an amazing dinner with the Wilson's.  I love going over there and spending time with them.  They are always super fun.  After dinner we saw Damion and read Enos with him and talked to him about the Power of Prayer in Conversion.  To finish the night we had a nice vanilla ice cream cone from Mickey D's.
Friday:  We had a great Zone Training Meeting today.  The Russell's came to join us so it was nice having them there.  We learned a really cool way to draw out the Restoration which is awesome.  We also had an activity where we were blind folded and held on to a string (like the iron rod). We went all through the gym through obstacles and people were leading us through them.  There were also tempters to lead us away.  I'm a boss so I made it to the Celestial Kingdom but their were many who were lead away on other strings. It was a blast!  We also went to Local Boyz with Jeffrey.  That was a blast.  I bought a sweet Local Boyz sticker to go on my guitar.  Later on we also went out to eat at Shari's with the Worley family.  I ate wayyyy to much food today.  They bought us an Oregon Marion Berry pie too.  Yummy!  We had our awesome F.H.E tonight as well.  We taught about Faith and then had a fun activity where three volunteers were blind folded and put their hands in a bowl full of spaghetti noodles and pudding and they had to find the quarter.  It was a representative of how we go through a lot of trials and stuff we don't want to go through but we are always blessed at the end.  Got a call tonight from President Russell as well.  I have been called to train a new Spanish Elder here in Corvallis doing only Spanish work, no more 3rd Ward which is sad but I'm totally stoked about training. (Yah!!  I knew he would be a trainer soon.  Kind of scary to think Kevin's in charge of a newbie.  Ha!  So proud of him.)  I've been waiting for a challenge to come my way.  Elder Lucas is getting transferred to K-Falls to be a District leader in 5th Ward which is the best Ward there except the Spanish Branch. Super sweet! 

Saturday we helped Brother Andrew Legget move all his stuff from his apartment into a storage unit.  Christen, one of the young men came and helped us as well.  He's a big boy.  We got everything moved and of course we are in Oregon so it was pouring the whole time.  The whole zone met at the stake center and we were all told our transfers.  Lots of peeps are leaving but some cool ones are coming in which is dope.  Elder Walton played/ sung a sweet song about Jesus Christ and his Atonement on his guitar.  We had the Valentines potluck with the Philomath/ Spanish group.  Lots of good food and lots of fun.

Sunday we went to church and said our goodbyes to everyone.  

I'm now kicking it in Eugene till Thursday when I get my new companion.  It's going to be crazy.  I feel like an old missionary.

Love you guys!
Elder Perrine


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