Thursday, February 26, 2015

Corvallis - Week 40

Buenas Dias,

Monday:  This was Elder Thompsons first P-Day in the field.  We did laundry, shopped, played football on the OSU training fields, emailed, and had dinner with the Brambilas who are cool.  Sister Brambila served in the army so she's a tough women and she lived in Mexico for a bit.  Her husband is from Mexico and they have a bunch of kids.  They have an exchange student from Guadalajara.  He told us about his view of Mexico so that was cool.  They also had a tree in front of their house called "Monkey Puzzle".  It's seriously like a huge pine tree but like a cactus for branches.  It's so weird.  You definetly don't want to mess with it or it will cut you up. 

Tuesday:  This morning we helped Jeff at Community Outreach.  We had to put together these dressers then more were delivered so we put even more together.  That was a ton of work and on top of that we went with Brother Lewis later in the day and cut up a Pear tree that basically wasn't a fruit tree because it was so tall.  We had a blast cutting down a lot of the tree.  (One of Kevin's favorite things to do.)  We had to make it smaller and branch it out so they could pick the fruit.  Now it will be a working fruit tree.  Grandpa Perrine would be proud of my mad pruning skills I learned from him haha.  I just love doing yard work like that.  It's a ton of fun and very relaxing.  We had dinner with the Nashes tonight.  They are in the Philomath Ward.  They remind me a lot of Nic Claysons parents. They took us out to Mongolian BBQ Grill. We pigged out! Haha. 

Wednesday:  So today we put work in and used our lamberfeetis to walk all over the city.  (I totally didn't get his joke.  He had to explain it to me.  "Like a Lamborghini, like the car but it's our feet.  It's a joke.  Lamborfeetis". Oooh, now I get it. Haha)  We talked to a ton of Hispanics and got some more potentials but we weren't able to teach anyone which sucked but that's what happens.  We stopped by Yogurt Extreme to enjoy some yummy frozen yogurt.  It was well needed.  We had dinner with the Rios.  They needed their headlight bulbs replaced in their SUV so being a handy man as I am I replaced them for them.  I love being able to help people out.  Service is the best.  I would rather just go around doing service for people.  That would be awesome.

Thursday:  We finally got our area book up and running today which is great.  Since we've been helping Jeff out a lot he decided to take us out to lunch today.  All five of us squeezed into his PT Cruiser with the top down and rolled down the street.  We probably looked so funny hahaha.  We ate at Izzie's which is a Buffett place.  Let's just say we cleaned that place out haha. We ate so much food that none of us could walk at the end.  It was good stuff.  The rest of the day we talked to peeps who didn't want to talk to us.  That's just the way it goes.  We actually taught N. tonight and had a great Plan of Salvation lesson with her.  She's so solid and so ready for baptism.  She just needs to know that she's ready first haha.

Friday:  This morning we had training for Elder Thompson. He passed off teaching the Restoration and How to Begin Teaching.  He's a solid kid which is awesome.  For district meeting we talked about How to Begin Teaching, Virtue, and importance of using scriptures.  Elder Ricks our district leader told us that we were on a plan.  All of a sudden the plane started falling to the ground and we were going to die.  But we had two minutes to tell our loved ones something.  So we all wrote notes and stuck them in a box before we died.  Them Elder Ricks grabbed the notes and looked at them quickly and said oh that's cool.  Then he ripped them all up and threw them on the ground and stomped on them.  We were all so mad!  He told us that's how the Prophets feel when we don't read the scriptures.  They all knew they were going to die and had little time to write down the things they knew to be important and that would help us in these days.  That really was an awesome activity to show us the real importance of the scriptures. (Loved this activity.  I am going to use it for FHE or maybe a lesson sometime.  Great lesson!)  People died so that we could have these scriptures so we should take the time and read them. Today as we were finding we stopped by a potential and a guy was visiting and  was working on his car outside so we talked to him for over an hour.  He's from Mexico and actually lived in Salinas for a while and knows Marina and all that stuff so I told him I was born in Salinas and he thought that was cool.  Turns out he is Atheist.  He basically lives our faith and rules but just doesn't believe in God. It frustrates me to think that people wouldn't believe in God.  How is that possible!  We had dinner with the Tryons again.  They are a blast to be around.  They are a young fun couple.  Their two year old son is so funny.  I like playing games with him haha.  We also had game night tonight.  We played a lot of knockout haha.

Saturday:  So this morning I had some great studies. I love studying the Gospel.  I could do it all day long.  We got a call this morning from Elders Roller and Garrard asking if we could help one of their members move.  The Family's name is the Allens. He's a retired dentist and they moved into a huge house in 3rd Ward.  They fit perfectly with 3rd Ward which is great.  They also own a couple hair salons here and give free haircuts.  I like free haha.  We also helped the Rios pull a ton of weeds. It was Service Saturday haha.  We taught the Jimenez family tonight which was well needed.  We haven't seen them in forever because they've been so busy with work.  Hermano Islas and I just laid it down on Pedro because he isn't reading, or praying, or coming to church. But we laid it down with love haha.  It was a spirit lead lesson for sure because none of it was planned.  Just let the Holy Spirit Guide. Elder Thompson just taught one of the kids on the side and at the end I guess the kid who is thirteen was just making fun of Elder Thompson the whole time haha.  He told him he looks like he's in 8th grade and he asked why he can't grow a mustache hahahaha.  I was laughing so hard.  Elder Thompson didn't know what to do haha.  He was so confused.  That was great.  (I told Elder P. that he needs to defend his little "greenie".  Not nice.)

Sunday I had a great study in the morning.  Studied about Lehi's vision of the tree of life.  Church was great also today.  Elder Thompson did a great job on his little talk he had to give,  Also a returned missionary gave a talk which was awesome because she had a lot of cool stories.  We went over to The Philomath Elders place after church and ate lunch and hung out with them.  Elder Pickett is a cool guy. Had an amazing dinner with the Islas family. They made some authentic Mexican tacos.  So good!  We love our sunday dinners with the Islas. We also have great conversations. All in all it was a great Sabbath day.

So like I was saying I studied about the Tree of Life in 1 Nephi 8.  As I was reading about the three groups, the first group got lost in the mist and went off the wrong way,  the second group ate of the fruit but was ashamed and went off, and the third group partook of the fruit and fell to the ground.  We obviously want to the be the third group but then I was thinking about the first and second group.  The first group got lost and went off and the second group fell away.  That connects a lot to missionary work.  As members we need to make sure we don't get caught up in the worldly things and are not ashamed to be members like the second group was BUT we must also find and lift up those who fell away or who just got lost in the first place and never found it.  

I love you guys!

Elder Perrine

 Not Sure??? Mormom Mafia??

 Having fun cutting/trimming the pear tree.

 Before pic of the tree

 Monkey Puzzle Tree


Corvallis - Week 39

This is has been a crazy week.  Being a trainer is more stress but it's a lot of fun and I just feel like I'm babysitting one of my siblings so it's not too bad haha.

Monday:  I woke up at 5 this morning and got ready to head out.  Brother King helped us load Elder Lucas's stuff in his van and went to the transfer spot.  Elder Lucas and I drove our car to Eugene so it was pretty fun and relaxing.  It's awesome being here in Eugene because there are tons of missionaries serving around here and I was able to see a ton of good friends.  I spent the day with Elder Hooker. (One of his former companions)  It was like good ole times.  I've missed being around him.  He is now a Zone Leader for Springfield.  It's super crazy.  Elder Jafid Garcia is going home so I said my good byes to him.  It's weird he's gone now.  I am now staying with Elders Romero and Barton for the next couple days.  (He's waiting for his new companion to come in from the Mexico CCM on Thursday)

Tuesday:  Today we went to the Mission office which I haven't been there in so long it seems, so it was nice to see everyone there.  Elders Romero and Barton's kitchen sink is clogged and DrainX isn't doing the job so I talked to Elder Christensen to see if I could take the plumbing apart under the sink to see what the problem is.  He said I could so I had some fun doing that.  Good thing I'm very handy.  So way back in the pipes was old rice that had turned into cement so I had to scrape all that out.  Problem solved.  (What a handy guy.)  We went to the Eugene public library.  Let me just say that I will never live in Eugene.  It's just a weird city.  On the way up the stairs at the library, there was this homeless guy walking up in front of us.  As he was walking he let out a huge fart that was super loud.  I couldn't help but just crack up laughing.  I haven't laughed that hard in a while. Hahaha.  Then this old guy was watching porn on the computer as we were walking by.  That was just weird.  Come on man.  We are in a public library and you're like 60 something!  We went to this Voodoo Donuts place downtown where they make all these weird donuts with random things as toppings. Pretty cool place!  We had dinner with Sam Flores, one of the Spanish members here.  He's a super cool guy. Man it was an interesting talk with him.  He's a funny guy who has lived through it all and is now a wise guy.

Wednesday:  Today we rode the bus everywhere in Eugene.  Let's just say I saw some interesting people haha.  Tonight I had training meeting with President Russell, President Lowary and the A.P's.  I learned a whole lot and I'm super excited for my new companion.  It's going to be a great time to learn and grow.  (He's waiting for his new companion to come in from the Mexico CCM on Thursday)

Thursday:  We went to the church at 8 to eat the breakfast that the senior missionaries prepared for us.  It was awesome!  I've gotten to know them a lot better which is great.  We sang the EFY Medley as the new missionaries entered into the Chapel and it was so powerful.  I was given the opportunity to bear my testimony to these new missionaries which was a privilege.  (So cool!)  I remember when I was in their shoes and it's crazy to think I am now training a new missionary.  My new companion is Elder Caleb Thompson.  He is from Arizona and is 18.  He's a baby! Haha.  He has a 21 year old brother, a 15 year old brother and a 12 year old sister.  Pretty close to some of my siblings.  He is 18 and his birthday is June 16.  He's a super cool kid.  We have a ton in common and I know that President Russell was inspired by the Lord by choosing me to be his trainer.  It's so exciting!  We had a good day after we got back in the area.  We did some weekly planning, some grocery shopping, showed him the area a bit, did some finding and knocking on doors, had dinner with the Tryons who both speak Spanish and are in the Philomath Ward.  He kept saying "it's all good in the hood" to them so I had to correct him on that.  It's was pretty funny though but he can't be saying that to members.  Haha.  Did my first training session with him and some role plays to break him in.   He's a great kid with a ton of potential.  I'm proud to call him my son.  He reminds me a lot like a younger me.  (Haha.  He acts like he is so much older and wiser.  Well, actually he is more experienced with the missionary stuff.  Not sure about the mature part though :)

Friday:  This morning we went to community outreach to move 6 big dressers into the rooms there.  They were heavy and a lot of work.  Jeff gave me the nickname of MasterP like the rapper. Haha I thought that was pretty funny.  I also woke up super sick this morning and have been all day.  This is like the first time I've actually gotten sick.  Usually I'm good but I have a killer headache, my throat hurts, my body is all achy, it's just a party.  I endured to the end today though.  Elder Thompson had training and killed it which was awesome.  My boy is making me proud.  He's going to be a great missionary.  In district meeting we talked about being diligent and how we all have afflictions for our benefit.  Elder Thompson got his new IPad but we spent most of the day trying to get it to work which it never ended up working.  We talked to a lot of people today which was great for Elder Thompson.  Last night I had him pray about a street to tract today.  He picked Arrow Wood circle which was in a super super super rich neighborhood which was fine.  These houses were huge.  He was tripping haha.  We talked to a few guys that were outside and he gave one a Book of Mormon and the other a Restoration pamphlet.  Elder Thompson was inspired by the Lord to find these two guys.  It was a great experience to see him give out his first Book of Mormon.  It was awesome!

Saturday:  I guess it was moving day today.  In the morning we helped a sister in the 3rd Ward move a couch and some shelves, then later in the day President King called and asked if we could help him with a piano.  Pianos are always fun.  We did a lot of walking and Elder Thompson loved it for some weird reason.  I didn't realize walking was fun haha.  He just loves being out and about where he can talk to people.  He also loves tracting.  This kid is one in a million.  Tonight we had Saturday session of stake conference.  We were able to hear from President and Sister Russell as well as the Seventy of the Missionary Executive Council.  Super cool to hear from them all.  The Seventy, Elder Evans said its great to see you all here.  I love saturday sessions because only the people who want to be here are here, especially since it's Valentine's Day. Haha.  The topic for tonight was Ward Councils and the huge role it has in hastening the work of salvation.

Sunday:  This morning we had Stake Conference where Elder Evans of the seventy spoke to us again.  We also heard from our amazing Mission President.  The topic seemed to be on the Atonement and how if we want forgiveness we need to forgive first.  Later in the day we watched On the Lords Errand about President Thomas S. Monson's life.  He has had a crazy life of serving the Lord.  So I found out today that Elder Thompsons nickname is Heybub, because when he was little he couldn't say Caleb so he said Heybub hahaha.  So I call him that now haha.  We had dinner with the Islas family.  Elder Thompson eats a ton!  It's crazy!  I use to be like that but now I can't haha.  I told him to be careful when eating at Hispanics homes because they give a lot of food. I barely finished my plate and then Elder Thompson asked for seconds.  He regretted that one because they gave him a ton of food that he had to shove down his throat.  It was pretty funny.  I warned him but he wanted more food. That's why I never ask for seconds haha.  We also had a lesson with L. tonight.  He's definitely not interested.  He just has a hard heart.

So in district meeting we talked about why we go through afflictions.  Well here are some scriptures...

3 And thus we see that except the Lord doth chasten his people with many afflictions, yea, except he doth visit them with death and with terror, and with famine and with all manner of pestilence, they will not remember him. (Helaman 12)

The Lord gives us afflictions so we become humble and remember him.

7 My son, peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment;
8 And then, if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high; thou shalt triumph over all thy foes. (D&C 121)

And if we endure them well we shall be rewarded.

Love you guys!
Elder Perrine


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Corvallis - Week 38 (Transfers)

Hola Padres,

Monday:  I had a great time.  At 10am we all met up at the Stake Center and played some sports which included Knock Out and Gator Ball.  Then we had a quick lunch and then we all went to Highland Bowling Alley to Bowl it up.  It was Zone Activity P-Day.  We all had a blast and it's been a while since I've bowled so it was good to refresh my skills haha.  We had dinner with the Freeman's tonight.  Turns out he is 2nd Counselor in the Stake Presidency which is cool.
Tuesday:  We took the bus to community outreach with Elder Jarrard and Elder Heaton who is going home in a week and is from Hawaii which is sweet.  Jeff wasn't there today because he was sick so it wasn't as fun as normal.  We were a moving company today.  Brother Rodger helped us move a couch to Bruce's new place and Bruce was totally stoked for it.  We also helped Brother Beery pick up a Piano and take it to his house.  He's 30 and just moved here with his family from Illinois.  He has basically lived everywhere in the U.S.A because he moved a lot when he was younger.  The Piano turned out to be in Albany so we technically were out of our Mission boundaries.  Woops.  On the drive we saw an Eagle swoop down right in front of us and grabbed a rodent.  It was legit.  The piano wasn't too bad but pianos always suck.  We had some fun with Brother Beery because he's actually a cool member to hang with.  We had Book of Mormon class tonight.  We read Alma 20-21.  I really like in Alma 20:17 because it talks about how King Lamoni was innocent and had repented of his sins but his Father the King wasn't and if he was slain he couldn't be saved.  I then thought about how later how the Father King and his people swore to never take a life again.  Then I kind of thought that it was because his life was spared by Ammon because he didn't want to take a sinners life and basically doom him.  Ammon wanted to give the Father King a chance in this life to repent and be saved.  I never thought of it that way.  I always thought they were just scarred to kill more people, not because they didn't want to doom their brethren in their sins.  I also really like in 21:14-17.  Aaron and his brethren suffered many things and were put in prison for doing good and preaching.  What surprised me is when they were finally released they didn't complain and want to go home, they just went back to work doing what they were doing before.  And after they continued, they brought many souls to the Truth.  They endured to the end and blessings came from it.  So when life is hard and we go through trials, continue forward believing in God and blessings will come.

Wednesday:  Elder Blackwelder stayed the night last night and we stayed up to late talking.  Got up earlier than usual because we had to be to Eugene by 8:30 for the Specialized training meeting.  It was a very inspired meeting.  I learned a ton from it.  Basically it was a meeting to tell us to get back to work and stop slacking.  Sister Russell read this scripture to us in James 1:22. "But be Ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves."  A quote that I thought of was from Joseph Smith who said, "When the Lord commands, DO IT!"  We need to JUST SERVE HIM and FINISH HIS WORK.  We watched a short clip from the awesome movie "Invictus".  It's the Rugby movie that takes place in Africa.  There's poem said in there that I really liked but the last two lines are, " I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul."  This is our life and we need to make sure we are doing the things our Heavenly Father would want us to do so we can return to live with him one day.  I really enjoyed the meeting.  It was A.P Argyles last meeting since he's going home soon.  Elder Boyd was called as the new A.P.  Since a lot of Spanish Elders were there we all went out to eat together.  I miss being around them.  Elder Jafid Garcia is going home so it was good to hang with him one last time.  It's weird that everyone will be going home this summer.  It's when I should be going home haha.  We are about to lose about half our mission so hopefully we will get more coming in.  We taught the Gists tonight who are less active members who never really learned the Gospel.  They are in their 70's now and seem to be opened to learn more now.  They are a great couple.

Thursday:  Not much happened today.  Had an amazing dinner with the Wilson's.  I love going over there and spending time with them.  They are always super fun.  After dinner we saw Damion and read Enos with him and talked to him about the Power of Prayer in Conversion.  To finish the night we had a nice vanilla ice cream cone from Mickey D's.
Friday:  We had a great Zone Training Meeting today.  The Russell's came to join us so it was nice having them there.  We learned a really cool way to draw out the Restoration which is awesome.  We also had an activity where we were blind folded and held on to a string (like the iron rod). We went all through the gym through obstacles and people were leading us through them.  There were also tempters to lead us away.  I'm a boss so I made it to the Celestial Kingdom but their were many who were lead away on other strings. It was a blast!  We also went to Local Boyz with Jeffrey.  That was a blast.  I bought a sweet Local Boyz sticker to go on my guitar.  Later on we also went out to eat at Shari's with the Worley family.  I ate wayyyy to much food today.  They bought us an Oregon Marion Berry pie too.  Yummy!  We had our awesome F.H.E tonight as well.  We taught about Faith and then had a fun activity where three volunteers were blind folded and put their hands in a bowl full of spaghetti noodles and pudding and they had to find the quarter.  It was a representative of how we go through a lot of trials and stuff we don't want to go through but we are always blessed at the end.  Got a call tonight from President Russell as well.  I have been called to train a new Spanish Elder here in Corvallis doing only Spanish work, no more 3rd Ward which is sad but I'm totally stoked about training. (Yah!!  I knew he would be a trainer soon.  Kind of scary to think Kevin's in charge of a newbie.  Ha!  So proud of him.)  I've been waiting for a challenge to come my way.  Elder Lucas is getting transferred to K-Falls to be a District leader in 5th Ward which is the best Ward there except the Spanish Branch. Super sweet! 

Saturday we helped Brother Andrew Legget move all his stuff from his apartment into a storage unit.  Christen, one of the young men came and helped us as well.  He's a big boy.  We got everything moved and of course we are in Oregon so it was pouring the whole time.  The whole zone met at the stake center and we were all told our transfers.  Lots of peeps are leaving but some cool ones are coming in which is dope.  Elder Walton played/ sung a sweet song about Jesus Christ and his Atonement on his guitar.  We had the Valentines potluck with the Philomath/ Spanish group.  Lots of good food and lots of fun.

Sunday we went to church and said our goodbyes to everyone.  

I'm now kicking it in Eugene till Thursday when I get my new companion.  It's going to be crazy.  I feel like an old missionary.

Love you guys!
Elder Perrine


Thursday, February 5, 2015

Corvallis - Week 37

Buenas Dias,
 Monday we had a chill P-day.  Brother Luis made us breakfast in the morning while we did laundry and emailed which was awesome.  We did some shopping in the morning and I was finally able to find some nice tan church shoes because my other brown ones have been done for, for a while now and also a new white shirt to replace my brown ones haha and a new gray sweater.  I also bought a sweet OSU tie I found at Goodwill.  We also played some football and soccer at the turf field at OSU then we got kicked off by a coach needing the field.  We had dinner with the Henigers and ate some good stew with bratwurst, bacon, carrots and green beans.  It was Bomb!  We had a great lesson with N. tonight at well. We or actually I just taught her the restoration.  She took it well and said she would continue to read The Book of Mormon.  The problem I think is going to be getting her to church since her husband works every Sunday and takes the car.  Hopefully some members can take her though.  We also talked to L. for about an hour on her doorstep and she talked to us about her conversion story of how she found the missionaries and they answered more of her questions and she said when she went to church for the first time she felt at home and knew this was the true church.  I love hearing people's conversion stories.  Then since we didn't have a car we had to walk like two miles to get home and didn't get home till like 9:40.  It was a nice walk though haha.

Tuesday we had community outreach and the food order got there early so we busted it out.  We also made some sweet time lapse videos of us working which turned out pretty sweet.  (It was pretty funny.)  We armed wrestled Jeff again.  We talked to a lot of Hispanic potentials today and got return appointments with them.  We taught Jesse today and talked to him about the Plan of Salvation because he was a little confused about some things.  We got pizza tonight and Tom came over.  Then we armed wrestled for some reason and he destroyed us.  He has a quick reaction and you don't even see it coming.  It's over real quick haha.  We had a good BOM class tonight as well.  Elder Roller has a big decision to make to choose to stay on his mission and have surgery on his knee afterwards or go home and have surgery now then come back out.  Man that's a tough decision.  

Wednesday we met with a member named Andrew who was on the recent move ins list.  I think we were lead there by the Spirit because he's been going through some rough times and was grateful that we passed by.  He's in his mid 20's and has heart failure so he's been in and out with the doctors so we had a good chat with him and I talked to him about my kidney surgery and my high blood pressure.  We shared Mountains to climb and that really struck him.  He has really strong faith and told us a lot of stories of his mission.  He's a great guy and I hope he does okay.  We did a ton of walking today.  We saw Hermana Lupe Hernandez and her daughter Isabel who is in her early 20's.  They both needed blessings so we gave them both blessings and the Spirit just filled the room.  It was an amazing feeling and Hermana Lupe was just crying.  They've both been going through some rough times and Satan has been working really hard on them both so they were extremely grateful.  Priesthood power is an amazing thing.  We had dinner with the Palmer family and had a great talk with them.  According to Hermano Palmer I look like a firefighter so he said that's what I should be. (Well, I guess if you look like it you should do it.  Haha.  That is basically what he was thinking about doing before his mission.  We shall see.)  But I still can't decide what I actually want to be quite yet.  Then we started our long journey home.  Luckily Elders Walton and Roller saw us as they were driving by and picked us up and saved us.  It was amazing.  Elder Roller also decided to stay on his mission which is great news.  I'm glad he chose to stay.

Thursday I was going crazy in the morning and bouncing off the walls haha.  I have no clue why I was doing that but I was.  (Since he was little he would get in these moods and just start going crazy and literally bouncing off the walls.  I had hoped he would grow out of it, but apparently not.  Haha)  Today we tried to get out to Philomath by taking the bus and getting rides from other missionaries and then we thought of how we wouldn't be able to get back to Corvallis so we just said forget about it.  Then we had to walk from the campus all the way back up north which was about 4 miles and that took over an hour which sucked.  We luckily got a ride from Oldest Brother King to the Grose family for dinner.   The family is white but both parents served in Spain so they all speak Spanish including all the little boys.  It's pretty awesome!  They have a sweet house out in the hills.  It was a day full of lots of walking.  My feet are killing me haha.  We also somehow called every single companionship today in the Corvallis area which is about 8 companionships.  We feel very accomplished haha.

Friday we had district meeting where we talked about the Importance of Church Attendance and really putting emphasis on going to Church with our investigators.  That's where they can feel the Spirit and really get to know what we are really about.  We got more money today which was awesome so we went to Chipotle.  Love that place!  We saw Bruce again today and met him at his new place that he moved into.  We talked forever with him.  He needed someone to talk to so I'm glad we were there.  We had dinner with the Rogers who are an older couple and they are super nice.  We also saw Sister Collins tonight and her dad.  The Collins are a super young couple in the Ward.  Sister Collins is super cool and made us these Bomb cookies!  They were delicious!  I missed homemade cookies.  These members spoil us so I'm definitely going to get fat. Haha. Then we exchanged with Elders Stiles and Hails.  Elder hails and I are going to be talking all night.  He's a cool kid.  Found out that his girl cousin was in the same zone I was in when we were in the CCM.  I saw a pic of her on his desk and totally remembered her.  It was super weird.  It's a small world.

Saturday Elder Hails and I did a ton of walking.  It was freezing cold too so it wasn't too fun.  We walked a lot around campus so that made it better.  Ate at subway and warmed up some.  Then we walked through campus and saw that a Rugby game was going on so we watched some of that which was sweet.  They were also having a women's basketball game so everybody was coming to campus.  Wish we could of watched that.  We went to see R. again but he wasn't home which was lame because he's a cool guy.  We basically walked around for like 5 hours and my feet were killing me.  I traded a tie today with Stiles and got rid of my silver tie for his sweet brown tie.  Good stuff.  Had a lesson with the Amaton family and they were all sick so hopefully I don't get sick.  The house was full of family so we had a big discussion which was nice.  We had dinner with the Hollon family and they are super sweet.  He was the old Bishop and he really likes sports so we talked a lot about that.  He also has visited Roseville a lot so he knew where I'm from which was cool.  Super awesome family.  We also saw the Ertel family tonight and they seem to be doing good.  Lots of blessing have been coming their way so they talked about that with us which was good to hear.

Sunday I had a great day at church.  I had the opportunity to get up and bear my testimony.  At first I felt prompted to talk about the importance of the Sacrament but it looked like Elder Lucas felt the same way so instead I talked about Obedience to God and the blessings that follow.  I really can't remember a whole lot of what I said because the words just flowed out of my mouth but I can remember the feeling that I felt as I stood up on the stand.  It was a peaceful relaxing feeling which was really cool.  For Gospel Principles we talked about Obedience which was cool because that's what I talked about.  It was a great chapter and I felt like I learned a ton from it.  We joined the Priest Quorum which was cool and it brought back a lot of memories from when I was in their shoes. It just feels like yesterday.  Brother Davis, the young men's president taught about the Plan of Salvation and how we need to always look at life and choices in an eternal perspective.  And as doing so we will always choose the right.  Brother Evans who is in the navy as a civil engineer was called today to be our Assistant Ward Mission Leader which is awesome because he's a great guy and likes to get work done.  He's already doing an awesome job so I'm excited.  He's actually from Carmichael and went to El Camino High School which was totally crazy.  It's a small world.  

This week I've been doing a lot of studying of Recognizing Gods Hand in Our Life's Everyday. There's a mormon message called Oh remember, remember where President Henry B. Eyring talks about recognizing the blessings we receive from God everyday.  He also taught that at the end of each day we should ponder about our day and write in a Journal the Blessings that we received that day.  By doing so we show God that we are grateful for those blessings and in return he continues to bless us.  There's a talk given by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf called "Grateful in any Circumstance".  The whole talk is great but there's one section that connects really well with this topic.  He says...

"How blessed we are if we recognize God’s handiwork in the marvelous tapestry of life. Gratitude to our Father in Heaven broadens our perception and clears our vision. It inspires humility and fosters empathy toward our fellowmen and all of God’s creation. Gratitude is a catalyst to all Christlike attributes! A thankful heart is the parent of all virtues.
The Lord has given us His promise that those “who [receive] all things with thankfulness shall be made glorious; and the things of this earth shall be added unto [them], even an hundred fold, yea, more.”
May we “live in thanksgiving daily”--especially during the seemingly unexplainable endings that are part of mortality. May we allow our souls to expand in thankfulness toward our merciful Heavenly Father. May we ever and constantly raise our voices and show by word and deed our gratitude to our Father in Heaven and to His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ. For this I pray, and leave you my testimony and blessing, in the name of our Master, Jesus Christ, amen."

By keeping a journal of our blessings it shows our gratitude to our Heavenly Father that we are grateful for all our blessings.  It also is a great thing to look back at when your having a bad day to see all the blessings that you have received.  So I want to challenge you to keep a blessing journal and to write in it every night if you can.  Doesn't have to be long just a few sentences is good but if you can I encourage you to write more.

I love you guys so much,
Elder Perrine :)

Corvallis - Week 36

Buenas Dias,

Monday we decided we were going to hike Mary's Peak which is this big mountain.  Luckily the road took us all the way to the top which made things easy.  It took about 40 minutes to get to the top but the trip was beautiful.  Everything was just so green and there were all these waterfalls on the side of the road.  I had some fun driving the windy roads.  When we finally got to the top we had to hike a little till we finally reached the top.  It was cloudy so we were unable to see the ocean but it was still a nice view.  I love Mother Nature.  On the way down we took a time lapse video which was super fun making but it was about 1 hour or so of filming but the video goes so fast that it's only 29 secs.  Lame!  We are hoping we can slow it down some how.  That was the fun adventurous thing we did on P-Day.  We heard there are also other sweet spots to hike that, so we might try them out as well.  We played some football at Corvallis High school and that was a good time hanging with all the guys.  Elder Roller tore his ACL we think when playing so we are hoping he won't have to go home.  We didn't have time to change back into pros clothes so we had dinner with the Hosletters in our P-Day clothes which they were totally fine with.  They live in a sweet house out in the Oregon country.  That's where most of 3rd ward lives.  It's beautiful country so they are lucky.  They are a really cool family.  We also taught the Jimenez family in our P-Day clothes as well.  I've never just taught in regular clothes before.  It was kind of cool haha.  We had a great lesson about Baptism.  They are both so ready but they want to make sure they get baptized because they really want to, instead of them feeling pressured too which is totally fine with me.  That's how it should be anyways.  I just hope they choose soon. Haha.

Tuesday we went to Community Outreach.  We didn't see Jeff as much which sucked but we moved a lot of stuff around, organized a office, and fixed a paper shredder and that was a project haha.  I really enjoy helping out there and they are a blast to hang out with.  Lots of great people there.  We ate lunch at China Blues.  It was $1 Tuesday porked fried rice plate.  A great deal.  The plate fills you up and it's only $1.  The guy that I think owns the place is really funny and was cracking jokes every time he walked by our table.  For dinner today we went to Toms sweet new place he moved into out in the boonies.  He is house sitting for some peeps who only live there 3 months out of the year.  It's a beautiful house. I would love to live there.  It has lots of land, perfect house, and beautiful view.  He made his special recipe lasagna that he learned on his mission.  The food was bomb and we had a great time talking with him.  On the way back we thought we were going to run out of gas because the light was on but we made it haha. So for BOM class we read Alma 13/14.  I really really like Alma 14.  It's such a powerful chapter.  From it we can learn that everyone has afflictions and hardships but if we but our trust in God and have faith that according to his will everything will work out.  But the key word is according to HIS WILL.  We have to accept what he wants.  We can also see that Alma's word were words of comfort.  Of not to worry because they are being received into everlasting life and those wicked people will be judged.  It just shows the Faith of these two men of God of how even though they were watching these people suffer they didn't go against God and his will.  Now that is some Faith.

Wednesday morning I was bored so I decided to bake some cookies which was yummy.  I made a huge cookie that turned out pretty good actually.  That was a lot of fun.  We saw Jesse and he was close to finishing the Book of Mormon which is great.  We encouraged him to keep up the work.  2nd Ward picked us up and we went to the Walnut building to make some fliers for the Book of Mormon class, F.H.E night and for Family game night.  We have a lot of activities to invite peeps to which is great.  The Chinese-speaking Elders then picked us up and we did a mini exchange for the night.  I went with Elder Hsuing and we had a good time walking around the OSU campus. I've never been on campus so that was awesome.  We walked the soccer fields and the teams were playing soccer and I so badly wanted to join in haha.  Them we met a girl who just moved here from Junction City for school and she was a member so we showed her where the institute building was.  We had dinner with the Curtis Family and Elders Garrard and Eldridge came.  We pulled a funny prank on them.  We weren't quite at the church to pick them up yet but we told them we were on the East side so told them to come to this side of the building.  As we pulled up into the parking lot we called them and told them we were now on the west side and asked where they were.  They finally came out and were like sorry guys we couldn't find you.  It was hilarious!

Thursday we had weekly planning in the morning.  Then 2nd Ward picked us up and we went to the Harrison building because we needed to plan our activity for district meeting tomorrow.  It took longer to plan it out than we thought but it was a lot of fun.  The Worley family took us out to dinner tonight and really spoiled us.  Brother Worley isn't a member which is too bad.  They've had a couple kids serve missions so they love missionaries.  They took us to Applebee's which was delicious.  They wouldn't let us get basic stuff so we got ribs which were bomb and then they even got us dessert which I got chocolate cake.  I was so full I couldn't move but man it was good.  They are an awesome family!  The Beavers were playing UCLA in basketball so that was hard not to just watch haha.

Friday we had district meeting in the morning.  We went a little early to set up for our activity lesson.  So for our small lesson we taught about finding families. We talked about tools we have such as The Family Proclamation etc. and also strategies to find families such a signs of toys, family stickers on vans etc.  It was pretty funny talking about that stuff.  So for our fun activity we had a treasure hunt for them to do.  We set up sticky notes that gave clues to where they needed to go.  They finally ended up back to a room where they had to do a door approach using a Family Proclamation.  It was a super fun activity and they all enjoyed it.  So during the treasure hunt there were little clues to find candy(or an investigator) but they had to make sure they were paying attention to get the clue.  The elders of course got it but the sisters missed it so they didn't find their extra investigator.  We told them we need to make sure we are finding families but not to be so focused on families that we pass up individuals as well.  It went really well.  Elder stiles also had a sweet activity planned.  He had the Chevy Cruze in the parking lot with a tow strap attached to it with a 2x4 on the end.  As a companionship we had to push the car using the 2x4 and we had to make sure we were using unity otherwise we would over power each other and go off balance.  It was a sweet activity.  I them decided to pull the whole car 20 or so yards because it was fun haha.  We had a good lesson today with J.  The mom invited us to come over Thursday which is awesome because we really want to start teaching her.  We also saw Jesse again today and he finished the Book of Mormon which was awesome.  He really likes to read.  We also went through the wet lands near our apartment to check it out.  They had like a mile or two long Boardwalk that we could walk on and it was really cool and beautiful.  We took some sweet pics of course.  We had dinner with the Jakebsons tonight.  Brother Jakebson was being his crazy normal self.  He told us some funny jokes.  One of them was, "A Man was driving down the road when he noticed he had a flat tire so he pulled over.  He got out furious and kicked his tire.  As he was changing the tire he took off the bolts but they accidentally fell down the drain.  He started cussing and kicking the car even more.  He then heard a voice.  He turned around a saw a crazy man standing behind a fence in an Asylum center.  The crazy man said how about you take one bolt from your other three tires so we can at least get home.  The man acted surprised and said if you're so smart how are you locked up in there?  The crazy man replied, I may be crazy but I'm not STUPID! Hahaha". Dinners are always great with Brother Jakebson. 

Saturday morning we helped Hermano Rios grandson pack up a huge Uhaul.  They are moving to Eugene.  They have toooo much stuff haha.  It was fun helping move someone because we got to work without wearing ties haha.  We saw Ron today as well and of course he wouldn't turn off the TV so we just talked for a while then showed a little church video.  He likes watching stuff so we are going to have to teach him using videos haha.  We also saw the Ertels today.  They went for the first time to the Temple and they loved it.  We had a great talk about that and they can't wait till July so they can enter into the temple for their endowments.  We had dinner with the Luis family.  They are a great older couple who really care about missionary's.  Probably one of my favorite families here.  We had a great dinner message about being spiritually prepared.  Had a lesson tonight with the Jimenez family.  Hermano Hernandez came with us which helped a lot.  I told Hermano Hernandez I was mexican and he was no way!  Haha. He said I could get some good scholarships at BYU for being Mexican.  Sweet!  Got letters from G&G Perrine and G&G Hughes tonight which was nice.  I now have 3 names to take to the temple. ( My mother has extracted 800 names from Italy this past year and we are working on getting their temple work done.  Kevin wanted a few names to do while on his mission.)

Sunday we had Ward council in the morning just like every Sunday at 7:30.  Seems so early for meetings.  We had the older Merten couple talk about employment.  They are going to start an employment class which is pretty cool.  He talked about how we need to have a great resume that talks about our accomplishments, we need to dress nice, need to know to have an interview, talk with confidence.  It was good to listen to.  We do a switch today.  I went with Hermano Elton to the Spanish group today and Elder Lucas stayed with the 3rd Ward.  It was nice being away from a companion for a couple hours haha.  So sacrament meeting in the Spanish group was great.  Hilary Bender spoke and she just returned from Chile on her mission.  And also a sister from 4th Ward gave a talk.  They both talked a lot about having Charity and loving one another just like Christ taught.  Something I also got out of it is that we need to make sure we are being great examples to others always because as members of Christs church we are always representing him.  We also went over to the young Merten family today and talked with them about starting a family mission plan.  We also drove up this mountain and got above the fog because it's been foggy all day.  We took some sweet pics on top of the world.  There were some sweet houses up there too.  We stopped by Brother Weeden and talked with him a while and read some scriptures.  He's an awesome old man.  We had dinner with the Islas family and they talked to us about when they joined the church and they thought it was weird that some boys were knocking on their door trying to teach them.  He said if they can live that way then I can live that way.  They also talked about how their friends try to give them a beer when they are visiting and they always refuse and say no but they always keep asking them.  One day Hermano Islas told them that every time they ask him, he thinks of him touching a piece a poop.  He says its stinky and you would never do it.  Beer is the same, it's stinky and nasty.  It was super funny listening to him tell that story.  The kids were watching Lion King and I so badly wanted to watch it because it's been so long.  But I shared that quote from the CES Devotional about Lion King and how we need to always remember that we are children of our Heavenly Father.  They thought that was awesome. Later in the night we were at the church syncing our iPads and Elder Roller was there and we saw some deer outside so we went out.  There were about 8 of them so since God said to teach every creature we started yelling at them teaching the Restoration.  Then we pushed he panic button on both of our cars and the alarms went off and the deer took off.  Then we couldn't turn off the alarms for a while so we probably woke up the whole neighborhood. Haha oops.  (Too funny.  I wonder what the neighbors thought.)

Some scriptures that stuck out to me this week are these...

20 I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.
Galatians 2:20

47 But charity is the pure love of Christ, and it endureth forever; and whoso is found possessed of it at the last day, it shall be well with him.

48 Wherefore, my beloved brethren, pray unto the Father with all the energy of heart, that ye may be filled with this love, which he hath bestowed upon all who are true followers of his Son, Jesus Christ; that ye may become the sons of God; that when he shall appear we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is; that we may have this hope; that we may be purified even as he is pure. Amen.
Moroni 7:47-48

We should always have charity and remember that we are representatives of Jesus Christ. One thing I love in verse 48 is that it says, when he shall appear we shall be like him.  We need to always strive to become more like Christ everyday by developing Christlike attributes.

Love you all,
Elder Perrine