Friday, January 23, 2015

Corvallis - Week 35

Hola Familia,

Monday was a blast!  Did our laundry and emailing in the morning.  Did our shopping after that then went over to the stake center and hung out.  Did some service and helped a family move a bunch of stuff into their house from a Uhaul.  Played Settlers with Thompson and Jarrard. The Kings picked us up and took us to their house for a steak dinner and then we watched the National Championship football game between the Ducks and Ohio State.  (Approved by Mission President)  It was a crazy good game but the ducks couldn't pull it together and lost it 42-20.  It's sad to see them lose but Ohio was the better team.  It was fun hanging with the Kings and watching football.  Good times.

Tuesday morning we went to Community Outreach to do some service.  We helped move an old refrigerator, hung stuff up, moved stuff around. We just did a ton of little jobs.  After those jobs we got hungry so we asked Jeff where we should go to eat.  He suggested Local Boys Hawaiian food.  It's right on Campus so it was packed with College kids.  Jeff came with so it was a great time.  He's only 29.  We thought he was older haha.  So at the restaurant I got the 2 meat, 2 scoops of Mac salad, and 3 scoops of rice and just chowed the whole thing down and was still hungry.  It was really weird.  Jeff is a huge guy and he was really surprised I ate it all.  It was so much food but so good!  Probably around 4 to 5 pounds of food.  When we got back to Community Outreach Jeff wanted to arm wrestle so that's what we did.  He armed wrestled all of us and beat us all.  He's like a rock wall. He wouldn't budge and he would just play with us haha.  I felt like a weakling.  I need to workout even more now haha.  We had a lot of laughs today with Jeff.  He's a cool guy and while we were eating at local boys he asked a lot about our missions.  He would be a great member.  After doing all that service we were pooped so we passed out for like 30 mins and that was an amazing nap haha.  We had dinner with Doug King tonight.  They are an awesome older couple.  He still does a lot of basketball refereeing.  He told us some stories about his mission.  He said "you will always learn something from each one of your companions, that's why your together.  If you find one that you don't like, which you will always get, you need to learn to love him just the way he is.  Look for the good in him".  It was really good advice.  We had a lesson for the first time tonight with Nena.  We got dropped off on the street we thought it was but it ended up being on the other half of the street so we had to walk like 2 miles to get there.  Got to love walking. So N. is a Hispanic investigator. Kaitlyn who got back from her mission in Argentina 3 months ago came to help me out since Elder Lucas no habla español.  The lesson went really well and Nena is super solid and wants to learn.  I'm excited to teach her again.  It's always a good day when you find someone good to teach.  Tom was nice enough to pick us up and give us a ride to Book of Mormon class.  We read Alma 9 and 10 tonight.  Alma just has some very powerful chapters.  I liked in Alma 9:17 when it says that one day the Lamanites would come to know the truth of the Gospel.  I think sometimes in missionary work we want everyone to just accept the Gospel but everyone has their time when they are ready and we just need to be there at that time.  Also in Alma 10:6 it talks about hardening your heart and ignoring the word of God, even though you already know the word of God and continue in your wickedness.  I think it's important if we know the Word of God to act upon that and to stand up for it.  Don't rebel against God.  If we know the commandments and have the Gospel in our lives then we know better.  Where much is given much is required.  In Alma 10:26 Amulek goes beast mode (Haha beast mode ??) and totally calls them out by saying that he didn't speak against their law but in favor of your law, to your condemnation.  Oh shoot, calling them to repentance!  The scriptures just have amazing things in them.  T. tonight also told us some Prison stories about how the first couple weeks he was in about how scared he was but his first cellmate was an older nicer guy.  I guess T. really liked reading the scriptures so that's what he did with most of his time.  He said he kept getting the impression that he should share the Gospel with his cellmate but he was scared so he kept ignoring it but finally he opened his mouth and talked to him about it.  He said the guy was super open to it and actually wanted to read the scriptures with him. He said it's always important to open your mouth.  He said it was easy for him to open his mouth while on his mission in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, but over time when he was back home it got harder so he told us when we get home make sure we continue to share our testimony and exercise doing that.  T. is a great guy with a huge heart.  It's too bad his life is the way it is but he has learned and grown a ton from it.  We have trials for a reason in life.  They may suck really bad but if we choose to be positive and learn from them then we can grow from them.  We had correlation with Brother Nielson tonight and discussed something's then had to walk all the way home at 9:20 at night.  Walking is kind of nice though.

Wednesday I just wasn't feeling to well in the morning or something.  I was super sluggish and just couldn't stay awake.  We did a ton of walking today.  We visited a lot of new member move ins.  We had a list that we went by and just went to all these members to see where they moved from and made sure they knew where the church was.  It was good way to get to know them.  We talked an older guy who's came to church once.  He moved recently from Utah because his son lives here and is less active so he wants to help get him coming back to church. The old guys name is Brother Weeden.  He lives in a retirement home.  Super nice guy and has a solid testimony.  He told us a lot of his really cool stories.  Old people are the best.  He gave us the address of his son so we can hunt him down and get him coming back to church. Brother Weeden is still a missionary even when he is 80 something years old.  He served his mission is Brazil and had a lot of stories about that as well.  We had dinner tonight with the Elton family.  They are a great family with tons of energy.  Kaitlyn the one who just got back from her mission was going out on a date tonight so we were giving her a hard time and messing around with her. They also have a daughter named Hailey who is 12.  She's a soccer girl. She was totally
flirting with me.  It was pretty weird haha.  Weird to think my sister Emily is the close to the same age as her haha.  They also have a son named Charlie who is probably 14 or 15 and is obsessed with working out.  Which Is right down my alley so me and him get along.  They also have some older kids that are moved out.  Super fun family to be with though.  We also taught Guadalupe Amaton who is Jose's mom.  We took Hermano Palmer with us to help me out haha.  We taught her about The Book of Mormon and I guess she's been to church a couple times and really likes it so I'm hoping she will be solid.  I'm having great success with Spanish work here in Corvallis.

Thursday was a sweet day.  This morning we went on a run because I was sick of being tired in the morning so we ran in the freezing cold and then I went home and worked out.  I love working out.  Got to stay in shape.  I am also on exchanges with Elder Stiles.  He's a super cool guy from Utah.  Loves cars and rap music so we get along really well.  We saw a less active Polynesian named Rudolfe Fitata.  He was a big guy who played football for OSU.  He's super cool.  He served his mission in Samoa.  We visited a lot of peeps today but no one wanted to answer or talk to us.  It was one of those days.  We had dinner with the Martin family. An older couple who were super nice and really funny.  It was actually a good dinner and wasn't awkward haha.  We had a lesson with Pedro and Genaveva tonight as well.  It was the only night we could meet with them so Elder Stiles was fine with it. Hermano Rios came with us and we had a great lesson about Prophets, the 10 commandments, and the Law of Chasity.  I was surprised on how well my Spanish was tonight.  It was a very good lesson with them.

Friday we had District meeting.  We had a great lesson on asking the right questions while teaching, keeping the lesson simple, and expounding on things they may not know. We also had a lesson from the
ZLs about the saying, "Where'er thou art, act thy part."  Saying that wherever we are we should always do our part and not slack.  For some reason I said the opening prayer and the closing prayer.  I always get picked on to say the prayers...  A big group of us ate at Carls Jr. afterwards and that was delicious.  I also got a nice haircut today and I'm looking good now.  We went out to Adair Village today to do
some follow ups and talked to a few people.  We also taught a 13 year old kid who is like really smart and was using words I didn't even know.  He was also talking about politics and wants to be a senator or something like that.  He was interesting.  He said he was even Athiest.  How are you 13 and think you are an atheist.  Crazy kid. His mom is a less active so we are trying to work with her to get her
back to church.  We had game night tonight as well.  Tom came with us and that was a blast.  We played basketball for about 2 1/2 hours. Tom is pretty dang good.  It was very tiring but it was some well needed exercise.  Also got a call from Hermano Hernandez asking if I would speak on Sunday.  One day notice. Wooooo

Saturday was an adventurous day.  This morning I put together my talk.  It didn't turn out to be that hard.  My topic is the Restoration which isn't to hard to right a talk with all the sources I have on my iPad. Piece of pastel (cake).  We got the car today so we drove around talking to people.  We visited the Jakobsen family which is an older couple in their 70's or so.  Brother Jakobsen was baptized a few years back.  He's from Denmark so I told him I have ancestors from Denmark and he really enjoyed that one.  He was a sailor when he was younger for 11 years and he has seen the world.  He showed us a couple photo albums and he had pictures from everywhere you could think of.  It was really cool and he had a ton of stories to tell us.  He told us we need to travel the world and enjoy what out Heavenly Father gave us. I really can't wait to be able to travel around and check places out. They also invited us to stay for dinner which worked out perfectly since we didn't have a dinner.  Brother Jakobsen made his Danish meatballs.  They were really good.  We also had a lesson with Luis Gomez.  His wife was busy again and couldn't meet with us and she is the one who is interested so it was interesting talking with Luis again.  He doesn't believe that Adam and Eve were people. He thinks they were just used as an example.  He also wanted to know if God knows where we are going to die and how we are going to die.  It was an interesting lesson with him.  He also had a friend over named Efrain so I'm hoping we can stop by his house some time and teach him some more.  Got a text message from Bishop Wilson tonight saying that Bruce needed the bike I was borrowing so we went to Bishops house to get a tube to fix the flat tire.  We fixed the bike and now Bruce has a bike to get around town. Things are starting to look better for him which is very good.  Poor guy is going though a hard time.

Sunday we went to the Spanish group for church.  I had to give my talk on The Restoration which I think went really well.  The words were rolling off my tongue haha.  I also blessed the sacrament so I was
busy during Sacrament meeting.  Church went well though.  Pedro and Genaveva came which was great.  Today like always we had dinner with the Islas family.  They are super cool and I enjoy hanging out with them on Sundays.  After that we went over to the 2nd ward elders which are our homies Thompson and Jarrard and broke into their apartment. We were listening to music and dancing around when all of a sudden the door opens and they walk in.  We even got it on tape which was the best part.  So funny!

So in a CES devotional talk which are the best I read this...

Recently, my daughters pointed out to me that an excellent allegory of this principle is found in the film The Lion King. Your generation grew up to the sounds and images of this movie. You probably remember the scene where Simba receives a visit from his father, Mufasa, the deceased king. After his father died, Simba fled far from the kingdom because he felt guilty about his father’s death. He wanted to escape his responsibility as heir to the throne.

His father appears to him and warns him: “You have forgotten who you are and so have forgotten me. Look inside yourself, Simba. You are more than what you have become. You must take your place in the circle of life.” Then this invitation is repeated several times: “Remember who you are. … Remember who you are.”

Simba, completely shaken by this experience, decides to accept his destiny. He confides in his friend, the shaman monkey, that it “looks like the winds are changing.”

The monkey replies, “Change is good.”

And Simba says: “But it’s not easy. I know what I have to do. But going back means I’ll have to face my past. I’ve been running from it for so long.”

“Where are you going?” the monkey asks him.

“I’m going back!” cries Simba.

We can all take--or take back--our place in the circle of life. Become who you really are. Your happiness and ability to find balance in your life will occur as you find, recognize, and accept your true identity as a child of our Heavenly Father and then live in accordance with this knowledge. (We Are the Architects of Our Own Happiness)

We need to remember who we are at all times.  We are sons and daughters of a loving Heavenly Father.  Don't forget that!

So also I have a question.

Are there family members who need endowments done?  I have a temple trip coming up in a couple months that I could do a name.  Send three or so, so I can have some to do later in my mission as well.

Well love you guys!

Elder Perrine

 Watching the Game
 Beautiful Corvallis

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