Friday, January 16, 2015

Medford - Week 31

Hola Padres!

Monday was a blast.  Woke up around 5:15ish but took me a while to get up because it was so early haha.  Went and picked up Elders Dyorich and Workman.  My man homies!  And drove to Table Rock which is a huge rock mountain thing that is flat on top so looks like a table haha. We couldn't find it though because it was pitch black because it was only like 6 in the morning haha.  So iPad finally found it after exploring the great outdoors.  The hike was beautiful!  Super nice and easy trail to get to the top.  I love hiking and being out in the wilderness.  It so peaceful and relaxing.  I took a million super
sweet pics as well.  That's the best part of doing the awesome hikes are the pics hahaha.  We took some hilarious videos as well.  I think being so high on elevation did something to our brains haha.  (He sent me the videos.  He was right about the elevation doing something to their brains.  They were pretty funny though. :)  Super cool hike though.  The rest of the day we went shopping and played some basketball.  Brother Clantons grandma that lived with them died so they canceled dinner on us which is explainable so we went to La Burrita and the Gitzens fed us.  It was so good.  Then we went and
taught a few families.

Tuesday we worked at St. Vinnys like always.  Talked to Jim Keeter. He's a really cool guy.  A lot of people weren't home today so we didn't talk to many people.  Stopped by a members house, the Camachos who are super awesome and they gave us a ton of cookies haha.  I'm going to get fat!  Then we picked up dinner from a member.  Hermana Humilidad.  She's awesome and made us a ton of Tamales.  Bomb!  We also saw the Fuentes family which we haven't seen in a while because
they have been so busy.  Showed them the video, He is the Gift.  Great video.

Wednesday. We had a blast helping at St. Vinnys with Nadine.  I gave her the cookies and card.  She said thank you thank you thank you. (I sent some homemade cookies and fudge for her and another family that has taken such good care of Kevin.)  Today we ate dinner with Porfilio y Bella.  She made some bomb tacos. Got to love Hispanic food. Makes you nice and fat. (He says he has gained about 20 lbs.) We had a good talk with them about the Book of Mormon.  Porfilio isn't a member but I
think he has a stronger testimony than his wife who is a member.  We are working with both of them.  Elder Allen stepped on poop when we went to visit a member who lives in the boonies and didn't notice it till we left another members house.  He touched his shoe and got it all over his hand.  He was freaking out.  It was so hilarious!  We also got a call tonight from Elders Dyorich and Workman.  I guess Elder Dyorich is getting emergency transferred up to Springfield.  I guess an elder up there isn't doing what he's suppose to so elder workman is going to have his hands full.  It just sucks that Dyorich
is leaving right before Christmas.  I'm going to miss that guy.

Thursday morning I was the first one to get up,  I normally never beat my companions out of bed so that felt good.  Took a nice run in the freezing cold weather to wake us up.  Elder Johnson and Elder Thomas texted us that they were going to be in town for the temple trip and to meet up with them at mcdonalds so that was fun and I haven't had McDonald's breakfast for a long time.  It's crazy that they are both going home.  Also had lunch at Tin Tin Buffet with Dyorich, Workman, Harmon, Simpson, Batt, and Kunz.  It was a party.  Said our farewells to Elder Dyorich.  Told him I'd catch him on the flip side.  So a crazy story today...  As I was driving, Elder Allen was looking up people in the area book.  I missed my turn but he recognized a house from being on an exchange along time ago.  Turned out the guy that lived there is an less active member so we are going to go back and teach him. When we got back in the car, Elder Allen checked his IPad to look at his area book again and the persons name that he was looking at was the same guy that we just talked to.  What?????  It's crazy how the spirit will guide you.  You just never know.   We had dinner at La Burrita.  (Again?!?)  Yum!  We also talked to a guy from Pachuca, Hildago and his favorite soccer team is Pachuca of course so we talked about that
and about Grandpa Chiapa.  We also taught Felipe y Doris tonight. They are so ready for baptism. Super exciting!

Friday we had a great District meeting about obedience.  Last 15 mins we watched a video about missionary work by President Henry B. Eyring and Elder Jeffery R. Holland.  The Spirit really hit me during that video.  It was so powerful.  My favorite part is when Holland says... "Missionary work is hard because Salvation isn't cheap."  We got a take a sweet zone Christmas pic as well.  Got a Christmas package from G&G Perrine's today as well.  Got a stocking full of candy and a card. I put it under the tree for Christmas morning.  Can't wait!  Handed out a lot of invitations to the Christmas party this night as well. The Party was a blast.  Tons of people and tons of food.  It was internationally themed so they did songs from Sweden, Jewish, Latino, Polynesian, and some others. It was super awesome.  Elder Harmon and Elder Simpson (my ZL's) also did a really funny song about the story
of missionaries tracting, getting dear john'd, and going home and getting married.  It was hilarious!   All in all a great night!

Saturday morning Elder Allen and I had the opportunity to go to the Temple but not inside.  The Klamath Falls branch came for a temple trip so we met them there.  It was nice seeing all them again.  So Juan Carlos Ramirez was an investigator we had in Klamath Falls when I was first with Elder Allen.  His little sisters are already baptized but he is choosing to now be baptized which is super cool.  So he came to the temple so we walked around it and took pictures and talked about the temple.  We also watched a ton of bible videos and they are just so powerful.  He loved them it helped bring up gospel questions that he had.  We also talked to President Russell about us driving to Klamath falls for the baptism and he said it was okay so it's going to be a good surprise for him when we show up.  It's a WHITE CHRISTMAS FOR US! Haha.   We also went on a faith walk today, which means to just walk around the neighborhoods and listen to the Spirit.  We found a couple Hispanic families outside and were able to talk to them and teach them a little and get return dates.  Faith walks are he best. We ate dinner with the Torres family, Hermana Torres parents were in town and aren't members so when I was going to share a dinner message it was obviously a missionary work scripture so it basically called
them to repentance haha.  It was awesome.  We also had the last lesson with the Suarez family, Felipe and Doris.  So now they are ready for the baptismal interview which is super exciting!  It's going to be a happy new year with them.  So a white Christmas and a happy new year. It's awesome!  They are so ready to get dunked!

Sunday was a great Christmas Sunday.  The classes were awesome and we had tons of visitors so it was packed!  The branch also did a Christmas program for sacrament meeting. Each family in the branch had certain scriptures they had to read or a song they were going to sing, or something else.  It was really cool to have everyone involved. Sister lenz played the harp and the flute.  Really good music.  It was a cool experience.  Then Presidente Escobar had us pass out gifts at the end of sacrament meeting that had a pic of Christ, Medford temple, family proclamation and some other things.  It was a good idea to give all these people because most are recent converts.  Then as we were leaving.  Always the last ones to leave of course we noticed that the Clantons were still there with their hood open.  Their car battered died so luckily we were still there to help them out.  Miny Miracle. We had dinner with the Rojas family and the Escobars came over as well.  They have a almost 3 year old daughter named Wendy who is just the cutest, smartest little thing ever.  She can speak both spanish
and English and she's a super drama queen.  She is hilarious!  Saw the Fuentes family tonight as well and talked to them forever!  It was good talking with them.  Show the nativity video and they gave us a
yummy Mexican desert kind of like flawn but not haha.  It was a good day.

In my studies this week, I read:

Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin testified: “At the final day the Savior will
not ask about the nature of our callings. He will not inquire about
our material possessions or fame. He will ask if we ministered to the
sick, gave food and drink to the hungry, visited those in prison, or
gave succor to the weak [see Matthew 25:31–40]. When we reach out to
assist the least of Heavenly Father’s children, we do it unto Him
Chapter 8: Matthew 24–25

36 Master, which is the great commandment in the law?

37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy
heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

38 This is the first and great commandment.

39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.
Matthew 22:36-39

So as we strive to be true disciples of Christ we develop his
attributes and follow his example.  Then when he comes we will know
that we will be on his right side as his sheep.

Love you guys!

See you Thursday!
Also we will probably be skyping around 2 or 3ish.  I'll call you haha.

Elder Perrine

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