Friday, January 16, 2015

Corvallis - Week 33

Buenas Dias,

Monday was transfer day.  It felt like a really long day especially driving in the car all day.  Finished packing in the morning then headed to the Transfer spot, loaded my stuff up, and the journey began.  I drove with Elder Kleinman with Elders Johnson, Thomas,Rigoli, Sister Call, and some others.  It was a fun drive because we just talked the whole time and Elder Kleinman bought us all Taco Bell which was awesome.  Oregon is just so beautiful.  The drive was awesome. When we got to Eugene there were a ton a peeps at the transfer spot.  I got to see all the Spanish Elders and say my goodbyes to Anderson, Johnson, Thomas, Jesperson, and Keller who are dying.  It's weird that they are going home. It was nice seeing everyone though.  Then we loaded back up and headed even more north to Corvallis.  It's freezing cold here, but I like it so far.  My companion is Elder Lucas.  He is from Snowflake Arizona.  He has 13 siblings and he is the youngest and has a girl twin.  He likes wrestling and is a super cool kid.  We had dinner with the Rampton family.  It's weird having dinner with white people haha.  He is a doctor.  Their house was awesome.  I guess they lived in Monterey during the early 80's and were in the Seaside Ward. (That's the Ward I went to when we lived in Marina)  They said they didn't recognize the name Hughes but it was nice talking to them about all those cities around there.  So we cover Corvallis 3rd ward and Spanish.  I guess 3rd ward are the more well off people which is awesome.  This transfer is going to be a good one.

Tuesday was a super awesome day.  Finished unpacking in the morning.  Elders Thompson and Jarrard picked us up in the morning to go shopping.  Got some groceries. Then we went and did service at the
Community Outreach.  It's an organization here who take in homeless people, gives food to the needy and all that good stuff.  The workers there are super awesome especially this guy named Jeff.  He's is super funny.  We fixed a dryer, moved Christmas trees, moved in food into the pantry, and did some other things.  I love service!  Then we had dinner with the Eric King family and his parents are here in the same ward as well.  Their house is HUGE!!!  They built it themselves and it has like 6 rooms and 5 bathrooms, tons of party rooms, a movie theater, indoor golfing game that is so realistic and we can actually swing like your playing for real, indoor whole gym room, and even a indoor half court basketball court with volleyball as well.  It's insane!!!  They are a super nice couple as well.  We had a ton of fun there.  We are going to ball up next time I'm over there.  We had a Book of Mormon class that we taught tonight as well and an older funny Jacobson family was there as well.  There is a guy named Tom Peterson who just got out of Prison but is the coolest nicest guy ever!  He has a super strong testimony.  We met Bishop Wilson and his family tonight as well.  He has 10 kids and are an awesome family. He let me borrow a bike so I don't have to buy one which is awesome.  It's a purple bike but I'm fine with it. Haha.  (Serves him right for selling his bike.  I guess the Spanish speaking missionaries always get cars.  Guess he didn't think he would be part English speaking. )

Wednesday was a good New Year's Eve.  In the morning we took the bus down to help at a blood drive but we walked around for about 30 mins and couldn't find it so we gave up.  There are Chinese elders here in Corvallis and in Eugene.  They lived close to where we were so we went to get warm in their apartment because it's freezing.  They are super cool elders.  They both speak English and other languages as well. Elder Hsiang is from Los Angeles so is super cool and speaks perfect English.  Elder Kung is from Hong Kong but still speaks decent English.  Super cool to meet other missionaries who speak other languages.  We took the bus downtown to go to a bike shop to buy a inner tube.  On the way there I walked up to a Hispanic guy and started talking to him.  His name was Fidel and he was from Morelia, Michoacan.  We talked for about 5 mins as Elder Lucas just stood there haha.  I got his contact info so I'm hoping he has some good potential.  It was weird talking to him and me being the only person to be able to talk to him haha.  Corvallis is like a big city downtown but is not really a big city.  It's really weird but I really like it.  We rode bikes around today on my purple machine haha.  We had dinner at the Smiths who are in their mid 30's with some kids and also Eric & Nicole King came to dinner.  Got to talk with them two nights in a row.  They are both super funny and young couples so it's fun hanging out and talking with them.  It was probably the best dinner ever.  Eric King invited us over tomorrow to hang out.  He is a super cool guy.  He loves sports and actually is blind in one eye. On the way home riding our bikes in the freezing cold I rode on top of black ice and almost wiped out.  The gutters are covered in ice.  It's freezing!  So I've learned that Elder Lucas really likes to talk ALOT.  It's so funny because I'll say one thing and will talk about it for 10 mins or more.  He just mumbles on and his train of thought goes all over the place.  It's hilarious!  All I do is just laugh haha. He cracks me up.  But tonight for New Years we had a nerf gun war and played a board game called The Settlers of Catan that you have to build your own village and first to get to 10 points wins.  It was pretty fun.  We also played a New Years song and drank martinellis.  It was a party!  Can't believe it's 2015 already!  Time for another awesome year.

Thursday was a good New Year's Day.  This morning Thompson and Jarrard came over to play games and we made waffles for breakfast.  We played Settlers of Catan.  It's getting addicting.  We watched How to Train a Dragon 2 again today at the institute building.  That place is sweet! It has a ton of comfy chairs and we watched it movie theater style. It also has ping pong, pool, fooseball, and shuffle board.  Fun place to hang out.  After the movie we went and played volleyball and basketball.  We ate dinner at home and played some more games to finish the night off.  It was a nice and chill day.

Friday we went and met with B., a less active in the morning.  He's in his 30's and is really struggling right now in his life.  But he is starting to do better which is good.  We also to the car today finally.  I love having the car.  Jordan Davis is a senior in high school.  He's 6'6 and is a basketball player.  He's a cool kid. He came with us to see Rodger who is an investigator from Hong Kong.  We had a great lesson with him but he likes seeing evidence so he lacks a lot of faith so he will be some work.  He also didn't want to kneel with us for prayer because I guess it's a sign of fellowship in Hong Kong.  Never thought of that.  Later in the day we stopped by the Juana Building to assist a wedding reception of Bishops Wilson's daughter.  They had an awesome hot chocolate bar!  Legit!  They also had some singers that did some sweet songs.  I met Mark Anderson who lives in Utah but is from Orange, CA.  He's a cool guy and actually served his mission in Michocan Mexico.  We talked about Spanish work forever haha.  We also taught Pedro and Genaveva who are investigators getting married tomorrow.  They are an awesome family with tons of potential.  Hermano Islas came with as well.  He's a recent convert and is the Spanish Group mission leader.  He's from Hidalgo so that is cool! (Chris' mom's family are in Hidalgo)  He has a strong testimony and teaches really well so he helped me out a lot since Lucas can't speak nada! Haha. It's been a great day and we had a ton of success.

Saturday was an easy day.  We made the program for the wedding in the morning then helped set up for the wedding.  A lot of people actually showed up and it was cool to be a part of their wedding.  It went
really smoothly which was good.  After the ceremony we went into the cultural hall and sat around tables and talked with people and ate a ton of good, yummy food.  Pedro also sang a song and it was hilarious listening to him haha.  I got to meet a lot of the group Spanish leaders.  It was a very good day.  Now Pedro and Genoveva can get baptized!  Elder Pickett and Elder Eldridge came to the wedding as well and Elder Eldridge wasn't going to eat so I told him he was going to offend them if he didn't eat because that means you don't like their food.  So, he went and got some food then came back.  It was so funny.  He actually took us seriously.  Good times.

Sunday was an extremely long day!  We had ward council for 3rd ward at 7:30.  Church started at 9.  We stayed for sacrament meeting then drove 15 mins to the Spanish group in Philomath.  Church starts at 10 there.  I bore my testimony in Spanish.  It's getting a lot easier to do that which is awesome.  Elder Lucas translated his testimony on his iPad and read it.  It was really funny because he sounds so white and doesn't speak Spanish but I was impressed that he actually got up and did it haha.  Pedro and his family came to church today as well. They are so ready for baptism!  The members in the Spanish group are awesome!  The group leader is Hermano Hernandez and he has 8 kids! His poor wife was taking care of all of them during sacrament haha. He's a Professor here at OSU.  The members in the Spanish group are super missionary focused which is awesome!  We had dinner with the Islas family. They are really cool.  They will definitely be one of my favorites here.  We also met with the sisters tonight and made a ward mission plan on how we can help this ward out because 3rd ward is slacking.  It's going to be great.

This week I read this scripture...

21 ¶Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. (Matthew 7)

We can't just say we will do the will of the Father but we must actually do it.  We must practice what we are preaching.  If we do so, and we endure to the end and continue to do the will of the Father,
what a great blessing it is to know we will enter into the Kingdom of  Heaven.

Also I forgot to tell you.  You should totally check out  It's the church family history website.  I went on it the first time a couple days ago and it is so cool!  It only has the Hughes side on there, no Perrine or Chapman but the Hughes side is really interesting.  I didn't know we had so many ancestors cross the Plains to Utah.  Did you know Abraham Palmer I think is a great great great great grandfather or something like that and he was a bodyguard for Joseph Smith for 4 or so years.  So cool.  I never thought family history would be so cool.

Check it out!  You just go on the website and log in with you LDS account info.

I love you guys very much!

Elder Perrine

 Pedro and Genoveva Wedding Day!
 Watching Drain Your Train 2 at the Institute

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