Friday, January 23, 2015

Corvallis - Week 35

Hola Familia,

Monday was a blast!  Did our laundry and emailing in the morning.  Did our shopping after that then went over to the stake center and hung out.  Did some service and helped a family move a bunch of stuff into their house from a Uhaul.  Played Settlers with Thompson and Jarrard. The Kings picked us up and took us to their house for a steak dinner and then we watched the National Championship football game between the Ducks and Ohio State.  (Approved by Mission President)  It was a crazy good game but the ducks couldn't pull it together and lost it 42-20.  It's sad to see them lose but Ohio was the better team.  It was fun hanging with the Kings and watching football.  Good times.

Tuesday morning we went to Community Outreach to do some service.  We helped move an old refrigerator, hung stuff up, moved stuff around. We just did a ton of little jobs.  After those jobs we got hungry so we asked Jeff where we should go to eat.  He suggested Local Boys Hawaiian food.  It's right on Campus so it was packed with College kids.  Jeff came with so it was a great time.  He's only 29.  We thought he was older haha.  So at the restaurant I got the 2 meat, 2 scoops of Mac salad, and 3 scoops of rice and just chowed the whole thing down and was still hungry.  It was really weird.  Jeff is a huge guy and he was really surprised I ate it all.  It was so much food but so good!  Probably around 4 to 5 pounds of food.  When we got back to Community Outreach Jeff wanted to arm wrestle so that's what we did.  He armed wrestled all of us and beat us all.  He's like a rock wall. He wouldn't budge and he would just play with us haha.  I felt like a weakling.  I need to workout even more now haha.  We had a lot of laughs today with Jeff.  He's a cool guy and while we were eating at local boys he asked a lot about our missions.  He would be a great member.  After doing all that service we were pooped so we passed out for like 30 mins and that was an amazing nap haha.  We had dinner with Doug King tonight.  They are an awesome older couple.  He still does a lot of basketball refereeing.  He told us some stories about his mission.  He said "you will always learn something from each one of your companions, that's why your together.  If you find one that you don't like, which you will always get, you need to learn to love him just the way he is.  Look for the good in him".  It was really good advice.  We had a lesson for the first time tonight with Nena.  We got dropped off on the street we thought it was but it ended up being on the other half of the street so we had to walk like 2 miles to get there.  Got to love walking. So N. is a Hispanic investigator. Kaitlyn who got back from her mission in Argentina 3 months ago came to help me out since Elder Lucas no habla español.  The lesson went really well and Nena is super solid and wants to learn.  I'm excited to teach her again.  It's always a good day when you find someone good to teach.  Tom was nice enough to pick us up and give us a ride to Book of Mormon class.  We read Alma 9 and 10 tonight.  Alma just has some very powerful chapters.  I liked in Alma 9:17 when it says that one day the Lamanites would come to know the truth of the Gospel.  I think sometimes in missionary work we want everyone to just accept the Gospel but everyone has their time when they are ready and we just need to be there at that time.  Also in Alma 10:6 it talks about hardening your heart and ignoring the word of God, even though you already know the word of God and continue in your wickedness.  I think it's important if we know the Word of God to act upon that and to stand up for it.  Don't rebel against God.  If we know the commandments and have the Gospel in our lives then we know better.  Where much is given much is required.  In Alma 10:26 Amulek goes beast mode (Haha beast mode ??) and totally calls them out by saying that he didn't speak against their law but in favor of your law, to your condemnation.  Oh shoot, calling them to repentance!  The scriptures just have amazing things in them.  T. tonight also told us some Prison stories about how the first couple weeks he was in about how scared he was but his first cellmate was an older nicer guy.  I guess T. really liked reading the scriptures so that's what he did with most of his time.  He said he kept getting the impression that he should share the Gospel with his cellmate but he was scared so he kept ignoring it but finally he opened his mouth and talked to him about it.  He said the guy was super open to it and actually wanted to read the scriptures with him. He said it's always important to open your mouth.  He said it was easy for him to open his mouth while on his mission in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, but over time when he was back home it got harder so he told us when we get home make sure we continue to share our testimony and exercise doing that.  T. is a great guy with a huge heart.  It's too bad his life is the way it is but he has learned and grown a ton from it.  We have trials for a reason in life.  They may suck really bad but if we choose to be positive and learn from them then we can grow from them.  We had correlation with Brother Nielson tonight and discussed something's then had to walk all the way home at 9:20 at night.  Walking is kind of nice though.

Wednesday I just wasn't feeling to well in the morning or something.  I was super sluggish and just couldn't stay awake.  We did a ton of walking today.  We visited a lot of new member move ins.  We had a list that we went by and just went to all these members to see where they moved from and made sure they knew where the church was.  It was good way to get to know them.  We talked an older guy who's came to church once.  He moved recently from Utah because his son lives here and is less active so he wants to help get him coming back to church. The old guys name is Brother Weeden.  He lives in a retirement home.  Super nice guy and has a solid testimony.  He told us a lot of his really cool stories.  Old people are the best.  He gave us the address of his son so we can hunt him down and get him coming back to church. Brother Weeden is still a missionary even when he is 80 something years old.  He served his mission is Brazil and had a lot of stories about that as well.  We had dinner tonight with the Elton family.  They are a great family with tons of energy.  Kaitlyn the one who just got back from her mission was going out on a date tonight so we were giving her a hard time and messing around with her. They also have a daughter named Hailey who is 12.  She's a soccer girl. She was totally
flirting with me.  It was pretty weird haha.  Weird to think my sister Emily is the close to the same age as her haha.  They also have a son named Charlie who is probably 14 or 15 and is obsessed with working out.  Which Is right down my alley so me and him get along.  They also have some older kids that are moved out.  Super fun family to be with though.  We also taught Guadalupe Amaton who is Jose's mom.  We took Hermano Palmer with us to help me out haha.  We taught her about The Book of Mormon and I guess she's been to church a couple times and really likes it so I'm hoping she will be solid.  I'm having great success with Spanish work here in Corvallis.

Thursday was a sweet day.  This morning we went on a run because I was sick of being tired in the morning so we ran in the freezing cold and then I went home and worked out.  I love working out.  Got to stay in shape.  I am also on exchanges with Elder Stiles.  He's a super cool guy from Utah.  Loves cars and rap music so we get along really well.  We saw a less active Polynesian named Rudolfe Fitata.  He was a big guy who played football for OSU.  He's super cool.  He served his mission in Samoa.  We visited a lot of peeps today but no one wanted to answer or talk to us.  It was one of those days.  We had dinner with the Martin family. An older couple who were super nice and really funny.  It was actually a good dinner and wasn't awkward haha.  We had a lesson with Pedro and Genaveva tonight as well.  It was the only night we could meet with them so Elder Stiles was fine with it. Hermano Rios came with us and we had a great lesson about Prophets, the 10 commandments, and the Law of Chasity.  I was surprised on how well my Spanish was tonight.  It was a very good lesson with them.

Friday we had District meeting.  We had a great lesson on asking the right questions while teaching, keeping the lesson simple, and expounding on things they may not know. We also had a lesson from the
ZLs about the saying, "Where'er thou art, act thy part."  Saying that wherever we are we should always do our part and not slack.  For some reason I said the opening prayer and the closing prayer.  I always get picked on to say the prayers...  A big group of us ate at Carls Jr. afterwards and that was delicious.  I also got a nice haircut today and I'm looking good now.  We went out to Adair Village today to do
some follow ups and talked to a few people.  We also taught a 13 year old kid who is like really smart and was using words I didn't even know.  He was also talking about politics and wants to be a senator or something like that.  He was interesting.  He said he was even Athiest.  How are you 13 and think you are an atheist.  Crazy kid. His mom is a less active so we are trying to work with her to get her
back to church.  We had game night tonight as well.  Tom came with us and that was a blast.  We played basketball for about 2 1/2 hours. Tom is pretty dang good.  It was very tiring but it was some well needed exercise.  Also got a call from Hermano Hernandez asking if I would speak on Sunday.  One day notice. Wooooo

Saturday was an adventurous day.  This morning I put together my talk.  It didn't turn out to be that hard.  My topic is the Restoration which isn't to hard to right a talk with all the sources I have on my iPad. Piece of pastel (cake).  We got the car today so we drove around talking to people.  We visited the Jakobsen family which is an older couple in their 70's or so.  Brother Jakobsen was baptized a few years back.  He's from Denmark so I told him I have ancestors from Denmark and he really enjoyed that one.  He was a sailor when he was younger for 11 years and he has seen the world.  He showed us a couple photo albums and he had pictures from everywhere you could think of.  It was really cool and he had a ton of stories to tell us.  He told us we need to travel the world and enjoy what out Heavenly Father gave us. I really can't wait to be able to travel around and check places out. They also invited us to stay for dinner which worked out perfectly since we didn't have a dinner.  Brother Jakobsen made his Danish meatballs.  They were really good.  We also had a lesson with Luis Gomez.  His wife was busy again and couldn't meet with us and she is the one who is interested so it was interesting talking with Luis again.  He doesn't believe that Adam and Eve were people. He thinks they were just used as an example.  He also wanted to know if God knows where we are going to die and how we are going to die.  It was an interesting lesson with him.  He also had a friend over named Efrain so I'm hoping we can stop by his house some time and teach him some more.  Got a text message from Bishop Wilson tonight saying that Bruce needed the bike I was borrowing so we went to Bishops house to get a tube to fix the flat tire.  We fixed the bike and now Bruce has a bike to get around town. Things are starting to look better for him which is very good.  Poor guy is going though a hard time.

Sunday we went to the Spanish group for church.  I had to give my talk on The Restoration which I think went really well.  The words were rolling off my tongue haha.  I also blessed the sacrament so I was
busy during Sacrament meeting.  Church went well though.  Pedro and Genaveva came which was great.  Today like always we had dinner with the Islas family.  They are super cool and I enjoy hanging out with them on Sundays.  After that we went over to the 2nd ward elders which are our homies Thompson and Jarrard and broke into their apartment. We were listening to music and dancing around when all of a sudden the door opens and they walk in.  We even got it on tape which was the best part.  So funny!

So in a CES devotional talk which are the best I read this...

Recently, my daughters pointed out to me that an excellent allegory of this principle is found in the film The Lion King. Your generation grew up to the sounds and images of this movie. You probably remember the scene where Simba receives a visit from his father, Mufasa, the deceased king. After his father died, Simba fled far from the kingdom because he felt guilty about his father’s death. He wanted to escape his responsibility as heir to the throne.

His father appears to him and warns him: “You have forgotten who you are and so have forgotten me. Look inside yourself, Simba. You are more than what you have become. You must take your place in the circle of life.” Then this invitation is repeated several times: “Remember who you are. … Remember who you are.”

Simba, completely shaken by this experience, decides to accept his destiny. He confides in his friend, the shaman monkey, that it “looks like the winds are changing.”

The monkey replies, “Change is good.”

And Simba says: “But it’s not easy. I know what I have to do. But going back means I’ll have to face my past. I’ve been running from it for so long.”

“Where are you going?” the monkey asks him.

“I’m going back!” cries Simba.

We can all take--or take back--our place in the circle of life. Become who you really are. Your happiness and ability to find balance in your life will occur as you find, recognize, and accept your true identity as a child of our Heavenly Father and then live in accordance with this knowledge. (We Are the Architects of Our Own Happiness)

We need to remember who we are at all times.  We are sons and daughters of a loving Heavenly Father.  Don't forget that!

So also I have a question.

Are there family members who need endowments done?  I have a temple trip coming up in a couple months that I could do a name.  Send three or so, so I can have some to do later in my mission as well.

Well love you guys!

Elder Perrine

 Watching the Game
 Beautiful Corvallis

Friday, January 16, 2015

Corvallis - Week 34

Querida mi familia increíble,

Monday was a very good P-Day.  This morning we went to the Luis family to do our laundry.  Brother Luis is the High Priest leader.  They are a very nice family.  Doing laundry was super easy at their house so I'm grateful for that.  We picked up 2nd Ward, Jarrard and Thompson and the fun began.  We went to a Guitar Shop called Grace Winds and looked at Guitars.  A guy named Nate who is in his early 20's helped me find a good guitar for really cheap and hooked me up big time.  I got an Epiphone Guitar, a learning book, and a tuner and some picks. He hooked me up big time and saved me like $40 so I got everything for $125 which was super cheap.  Now it's time to learn to play! (Really Elder.  Do you really need a guitar??)  We ate at a Chipotle on OSU campus and it was sweet!  There were tons of college kids around.  There's tons of Faternity and Sorority homes around here. The college kids are annoying though because they just randomly walk across the street so we almost hit a couple people.  Later in the day we also played basketball and football in the mud.  That was a ton of fun! Today we had dinner with the Nelson's family who are probably in their 70's.  Brother Nelson picked us up and drove us out to his nice little house in the middle of no where.  I love northern Corvallis because everything is so spread out.  Then we came home and were deciding where to go since we didn't have a car.  We got a text message from Sister Ertel telling us that Brother Ertel needed a blessing so we hoped on our bikes and headed there.  About 1/4 mile down the road for some reason my back tire popped and was flat.  So I carried the bike another mile to the Ertels.  Brother Ertel has a  just wanted someone to talk to and a comfort blessing. Elder Lucas gave him a really powerful blessing and the Spirit was definitely there.  Then I carried the bike all the way home.  That was a good workout haha.  I hate bikes!  I just replaced that tube too... Ahhhhh  (Haha.  Bet he was wishing he kept his bike)

Tuesday Jarrard and Thompson picked us up in the morning and we went to Community Outreach to help out.  Jeff had us go look for a dog that has been wondering around so we did that for 30 minutes and never found the dog so we gave up.  We then moved a ton of big filing cabinets and two freezers into a room that they are making into a pantry. That was a lot of work and those things were heavy.  After that we were dead tired.  We came back to the apartment, baked a pizza, and played Settlers.  That was a blast and the pizza was amazing. Later in the day we saw Jesse is who in his early 20's.  He's a less active that's starting to return.  He's pretty interesting.  He's been reading all these religious books written by random people and it's been putting a lot of false stuff in his head so we told him he just needs to read the scriptures and the words of the Prophets.  We had dinner with the Heniger family who are really nice.  They even gave us $20 to Applebee's for a day that we don't have dinner.  They were mad that the ward didn't fill up our dinner calender.  They have a son serving right now as well so that's probably why they wanted to make sure we were getting taken care of.  This ward is full of amazing people.  We also had Book of Mormon class tonight.  We finished Alma 5 and read Alma 6.  Powerful chapters.  Tom Pederson is a super cool guy.  He knows a lot of doctrine.  We had Correlation tonight as well with our Ward Mission Leader, Brother Adam Nielson.  He's a really cool guy and loves missionary work.  He's 30 but looks like he just got home from his mission haha.

Wednesday we had interviews at noon with President Russell.  Interviews were short but good with President Russell.  He had us read 3 Nephi 17.  Such a powerful small chapter.  He also told me that he
wants me to really concentrate on learning Spanish these next four weeks.  He wants me reading the Book of Mormon out loud for 30 minutes a day, speaking Spanish to all Spanish speakers, speaking Spanish to my companion then translating it.  Basically just eating, breathing, and sleeping Spanish.  I think he has plans for me coming up and I'm guessing it's crunch time to learn Spanish.  (I am guessing he wants him to become a Trainer.  We shall see).  Later in the day we taught R. with Brother Sherry who was an institute teacher for many many years.  Very smart guy.  The lesson went pretty well except R. still wants proof for everything.  He doesn't rely on his faith and doesn't think that he can receive and an answer that the Book of Mormon is true by praying.  He's going to be a project.  We went out tonight with Hermano Palmer who served his mission in Pueblo, Mexico.  He's really good at Spanish and was giving me hints on how to improve my Spanish which was awesome.  We visited Hermana Lupe since no one else wanted to talk with us tonight.  We shared You Never Know video.  In life sometimes we just focus too much on what we want and don't focus on how we can help others.  We may not notice it at times in life but we really do make a difference in people's life's.  That is what life is all about, making a difference.  Tonight I was also thinking about B. and how he has been, so we texted him and a few minutes later we received a call from him.  I guess he got in a fight with his brother so he kicked him out so now he is homeless.  So we talked to him and gave him some advice.  I just thought it was crazy that I was thinking about him before he called us.  The Spirit is real!

Thursday was great.  I had an amazing personal study.  I read the first chapter of the institute Book of Mormon student Manuel and read a lot of quotes by Prophets and Apostles about the importance of the
Book of Mormon.  Had weekly planning in the morning and Elder Lucas and I kept getting off track so easily haha.  We would start talking about the plans and one thing would lead to another and we would be talking about something completely random.  It was pretty hilarious!  We did a lot of walking today.  Saw Vinny and his sister Jesselee. Vinny has autism so it was interesting trying to teach him.  It was a
crazy lesson haha.  I guess the kids are both members but the Father isn't.  We had dinner at Bishop Wilson's.  That family is amazing. The kids are all super cool.  The newly wedded couple were awkward to be around though.  They were all over each other, hugging, and kissing.  AWKWARD... Haha.  :) 

Friday morning we had ZTM.  It was probably the best ZTM I've been to.  The Spirit was so stronge there.  Something that really stuck out to me was how we need to have a personal testimony of The Savior and his Atonement.  I need to know that he is my personal Savior and is everyone's personal Savior.  What an amazing thing to think about.  If I was the only person on the earth he still would of gone through all of that just for me.  Later in the day we taught The Cate family.  Ron is an investigator and his wife is an less active.  He's a cool guy and actually brought up baptism and said he was thinking about it.  We had dinner with Tom Pederson at Apple bees.  We used the $20 given to us by the members to eat there.  We had a good time talking to Tom. He has a lot of life experience and really cool stories.  Great guy that just went down the wrong road for a bit.  Had a great lesson  tonight also with the Jimenez family.  They are the ones that just recently got married.  We brought Brother Morrison with us to help me out.  He's a super cool guy that served his mission in Spain.  He's the ward mission leader in the Philomath ward.  But the Jimenez family are accepting the lessons very well and their testimonies are strong.  Great family.

Saturday morning we headed over to the Davis's home to do some log splitting and hauling. When we got there they said they were done already.  I guess they started early and finished it fast.  I was pretty bummed out because I was looking forward to some service. Today I was sick of the apartment and how dirty and unorganized it was so we deep cleaned the apartment and also rearranged everything.  It
looks way better.  I've gotten good and rearranging apartments and making them better everywhere I go.  Maybe I should be a home decor person hahaha. :)  We had dinner with the Taylor family.  They are a younger family is 3rd ward.  Both are from California.  They have three boys and they are crazy haha.  They were bouncing all over the place.  We taught Luis Gomez today as well.  Hermano Rios came with us.  Luis has a lot of questions and has a hard heart.  I guess his wife is the one who is more interested but she wasn't there. To finish up the day we did duolingo which is great to learn Spanish and it's free. 

Sunday we just went to Corvallis 3rd ward.  I got to meet a lot more people since we stayed the whole time.  A returned sister spoke in Sacrament and she planned a talk but then when she got up to the
pulpit she said she was impressed to speak on a different topic and she was going to let the Spirit guide.  She talked about Faith and how we need to always exercise our faith to continue to strengthen it.  We always need to rely on our Heavenly Father.  She talked about how our family, friends, teachers, church leaders, etc can only do so much for us.  But our Heavenly Father is always there for us.  She also told a story of how she had to stand up for what she believed in at school once and how hard it was for her but after she gained so much respect from others and felt that she did the right thing.  We aren't here to please man we are here to please our God.  It's important that we remember that.  Fear no man only our God.  We also had a Family History class today which was awesome.  I'm super pumped up about family history work.  It is the coolest thing learning about our past ancestors and reading their stories.  There's lots of good stuff.  So I was researching more about Abraham Palmer.  So if you look him up he has a bunch of really cool stories about being Joseph Smiths body guard and cleaning Joseph Smith after he was tarred and feathered, traveling across the plains, being at hauns mill massacre, meeting one of the three nephites.  Lots of amazing stories.  Check it out!  Also if you go to Rootsmapper and login using your LDS account it will show on a map where all your ancestors that are put in came from.  We need to get family history work done for the other sides of families haha. So far it's just the Hughes side.  ( I love that he is super excited about Family History.  We are working on entering the information we have collected for the Perrine and Chiapa side and doing their temple work.  Lots of work, but excited to get started.)  We had a great dinner at the Islas home.  Hermano Islas has been sick so after dinner he asked for a blessing.  I had the opportunity to give him that blessing and it's always an amazing experience to be a part of it.

So this week I studied a lot about the importance of the Book of Mormon using the Institute Student Manual.  Makes studying a lot easier.  In the first chapter it has a lot of quotes from Prophets and Apostles about the Book of Mormon.  One that I really liked was from the Amazing Prophet Gordan B. Hinckley.  He said...

President Gordon B. Hinckley counseled against relying solely on these discoveries for our testimony of the Book of Mormon: “The evidence for its truth, for its validity in a world that is prone to demand
evidence, lies not in archaeology or anthropology, though these may be helpful to some. It lies not in word research or historical analysis, though these may be confirmatory. The evidence for its truth and
validity lies within the covers of the book itself. The test of its truth lies in reading it. It is a book of God. Reasonable people may sincerely question its origin; but those who have read it prayerfully have come to know by a power beyond their natural senses that it is true, that it contains the word of God, that it outlines saving truths of the everlasting gospel, that it ‘came forth by the gift and power of God … to the convincing of the Jew and Gentile that Jesus is the Christ’ (Book of Mormon title page)” (“Four Cornerstones of Faith,” Ensign, Feb. 2004, 6).Chapter 1: Keystone of Our Religion

We shouldn't need historical evidence to prove The Book of Mormon to be true.  If we did, we wouldn't even be exercising the smallest amount of faith.  To know if it is true we must read it, ponder it, and pray about it.  It's the only way.

Another quote that I liked is...

Elder Bruce R. McConkie of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles wrote: “As far as the gathering of Israel is concerned, the Book of Mormon is the most important book that ever has been or ever will be written. It is the book that gathers Israel and that reveals, in plainness and perfection, the doctrine of the gathering of the chosen seed. It is the book, given of God, to prove the truth and divinity of his great
latter-day work. It contains the fulness of the everlasting gospel and carries with it the evidence of its own divinity. Every person who is truly converted knows by the revelations of the Holy Ghost to the
spirit within him that the Book of Mormon is the mind and will and voice of the Lord to the world today. It is the Book of Mormon that causes people to believe the gospel and join the Church, and, as we have heretofore seen, it is the power that brings to pass the gathering of Israel. If there were no Book of Mormon, from a practical standpoint, the gathering of the Lord’s people in the last days would
come to a standstill. The lost sheep of Israel hear the voice of their Shepherd as it is found in that book and, heeding that voice, come into the true sheepfold. There is no way of overstating the importance
of this book of Nephite scripture in the salvation of men in the last days” (A New Witness for the Articles of Faith [1985], 554).

To finish I want to also include these two questions...

Elder Perry also suggested an important practice when reading the Book of Mormon: “Each time we read the book we should probably ask ourselves: ‘Why did these writers choose these particular stories or events to include in the record? What value are they for us today?’”
(in Conference Report, Oct. 2005, 5; or Ensign, Nov. 2005, 8).

I want to encourage you guys to read The Book of Mormon and as you are ask yourselves these two questions.  It will change the way you read. The prophets in The Book of Mormon were called of God.  These stories they wrote are for us to learn from.  I encourage you to really Ponder the message it contains and then to ask God, The Eternal Father in the name of Jesus Christ if these things are not true and by the power of the Holy Ghost you will come to a knowledge that these things are true.

I love you guys so much.

Have an amazing week!

Elder Perrine

Clean apartment and bedroom.  :)

Corvallis - Week 33

Buenas Dias,

Monday was transfer day.  It felt like a really long day especially driving in the car all day.  Finished packing in the morning then headed to the Transfer spot, loaded my stuff up, and the journey began.  I drove with Elder Kleinman with Elders Johnson, Thomas,Rigoli, Sister Call, and some others.  It was a fun drive because we just talked the whole time and Elder Kleinman bought us all Taco Bell which was awesome.  Oregon is just so beautiful.  The drive was awesome. When we got to Eugene there were a ton a peeps at the transfer spot.  I got to see all the Spanish Elders and say my goodbyes to Anderson, Johnson, Thomas, Jesperson, and Keller who are dying.  It's weird that they are going home. It was nice seeing everyone though.  Then we loaded back up and headed even more north to Corvallis.  It's freezing cold here, but I like it so far.  My companion is Elder Lucas.  He is from Snowflake Arizona.  He has 13 siblings and he is the youngest and has a girl twin.  He likes wrestling and is a super cool kid.  We had dinner with the Rampton family.  It's weird having dinner with white people haha.  He is a doctor.  Their house was awesome.  I guess they lived in Monterey during the early 80's and were in the Seaside Ward. (That's the Ward I went to when we lived in Marina)  They said they didn't recognize the name Hughes but it was nice talking to them about all those cities around there.  So we cover Corvallis 3rd ward and Spanish.  I guess 3rd ward are the more well off people which is awesome.  This transfer is going to be a good one.

Tuesday was a super awesome day.  Finished unpacking in the morning.  Elders Thompson and Jarrard picked us up in the morning to go shopping.  Got some groceries. Then we went and did service at the
Community Outreach.  It's an organization here who take in homeless people, gives food to the needy and all that good stuff.  The workers there are super awesome especially this guy named Jeff.  He's is super funny.  We fixed a dryer, moved Christmas trees, moved in food into the pantry, and did some other things.  I love service!  Then we had dinner with the Eric King family and his parents are here in the same ward as well.  Their house is HUGE!!!  They built it themselves and it has like 6 rooms and 5 bathrooms, tons of party rooms, a movie theater, indoor golfing game that is so realistic and we can actually swing like your playing for real, indoor whole gym room, and even a indoor half court basketball court with volleyball as well.  It's insane!!!  They are a super nice couple as well.  We had a ton of fun there.  We are going to ball up next time I'm over there.  We had a Book of Mormon class that we taught tonight as well and an older funny Jacobson family was there as well.  There is a guy named Tom Peterson who just got out of Prison but is the coolest nicest guy ever!  He has a super strong testimony.  We met Bishop Wilson and his family tonight as well.  He has 10 kids and are an awesome family. He let me borrow a bike so I don't have to buy one which is awesome.  It's a purple bike but I'm fine with it. Haha.  (Serves him right for selling his bike.  I guess the Spanish speaking missionaries always get cars.  Guess he didn't think he would be part English speaking. )

Wednesday was a good New Year's Eve.  In the morning we took the bus down to help at a blood drive but we walked around for about 30 mins and couldn't find it so we gave up.  There are Chinese elders here in Corvallis and in Eugene.  They lived close to where we were so we went to get warm in their apartment because it's freezing.  They are super cool elders.  They both speak English and other languages as well. Elder Hsiang is from Los Angeles so is super cool and speaks perfect English.  Elder Kung is from Hong Kong but still speaks decent English.  Super cool to meet other missionaries who speak other languages.  We took the bus downtown to go to a bike shop to buy a inner tube.  On the way there I walked up to a Hispanic guy and started talking to him.  His name was Fidel and he was from Morelia, Michoacan.  We talked for about 5 mins as Elder Lucas just stood there haha.  I got his contact info so I'm hoping he has some good potential.  It was weird talking to him and me being the only person to be able to talk to him haha.  Corvallis is like a big city downtown but is not really a big city.  It's really weird but I really like it.  We rode bikes around today on my purple machine haha.  We had dinner at the Smiths who are in their mid 30's with some kids and also Eric & Nicole King came to dinner.  Got to talk with them two nights in a row.  They are both super funny and young couples so it's fun hanging out and talking with them.  It was probably the best dinner ever.  Eric King invited us over tomorrow to hang out.  He is a super cool guy.  He loves sports and actually is blind in one eye. On the way home riding our bikes in the freezing cold I rode on top of black ice and almost wiped out.  The gutters are covered in ice.  It's freezing!  So I've learned that Elder Lucas really likes to talk ALOT.  It's so funny because I'll say one thing and will talk about it for 10 mins or more.  He just mumbles on and his train of thought goes all over the place.  It's hilarious!  All I do is just laugh haha. He cracks me up.  But tonight for New Years we had a nerf gun war and played a board game called The Settlers of Catan that you have to build your own village and first to get to 10 points wins.  It was pretty fun.  We also played a New Years song and drank martinellis.  It was a party!  Can't believe it's 2015 already!  Time for another awesome year.

Thursday was a good New Year's Day.  This morning Thompson and Jarrard came over to play games and we made waffles for breakfast.  We played Settlers of Catan.  It's getting addicting.  We watched How to Train a Dragon 2 again today at the institute building.  That place is sweet! It has a ton of comfy chairs and we watched it movie theater style. It also has ping pong, pool, fooseball, and shuffle board.  Fun place to hang out.  After the movie we went and played volleyball and basketball.  We ate dinner at home and played some more games to finish the night off.  It was a nice and chill day.

Friday we went and met with B., a less active in the morning.  He's in his 30's and is really struggling right now in his life.  But he is starting to do better which is good.  We also to the car today finally.  I love having the car.  Jordan Davis is a senior in high school.  He's 6'6 and is a basketball player.  He's a cool kid. He came with us to see Rodger who is an investigator from Hong Kong.  We had a great lesson with him but he likes seeing evidence so he lacks a lot of faith so he will be some work.  He also didn't want to kneel with us for prayer because I guess it's a sign of fellowship in Hong Kong.  Never thought of that.  Later in the day we stopped by the Juana Building to assist a wedding reception of Bishops Wilson's daughter.  They had an awesome hot chocolate bar!  Legit!  They also had some singers that did some sweet songs.  I met Mark Anderson who lives in Utah but is from Orange, CA.  He's a cool guy and actually served his mission in Michocan Mexico.  We talked about Spanish work forever haha.  We also taught Pedro and Genaveva who are investigators getting married tomorrow.  They are an awesome family with tons of potential.  Hermano Islas came with as well.  He's a recent convert and is the Spanish Group mission leader.  He's from Hidalgo so that is cool! (Chris' mom's family are in Hidalgo)  He has a strong testimony and teaches really well so he helped me out a lot since Lucas can't speak nada! Haha. It's been a great day and we had a ton of success.

Saturday was an easy day.  We made the program for the wedding in the morning then helped set up for the wedding.  A lot of people actually showed up and it was cool to be a part of their wedding.  It went
really smoothly which was good.  After the ceremony we went into the cultural hall and sat around tables and talked with people and ate a ton of good, yummy food.  Pedro also sang a song and it was hilarious listening to him haha.  I got to meet a lot of the group Spanish leaders.  It was a very good day.  Now Pedro and Genoveva can get baptized!  Elder Pickett and Elder Eldridge came to the wedding as well and Elder Eldridge wasn't going to eat so I told him he was going to offend them if he didn't eat because that means you don't like their food.  So, he went and got some food then came back.  It was so funny.  He actually took us seriously.  Good times.

Sunday was an extremely long day!  We had ward council for 3rd ward at 7:30.  Church started at 9.  We stayed for sacrament meeting then drove 15 mins to the Spanish group in Philomath.  Church starts at 10 there.  I bore my testimony in Spanish.  It's getting a lot easier to do that which is awesome.  Elder Lucas translated his testimony on his iPad and read it.  It was really funny because he sounds so white and doesn't speak Spanish but I was impressed that he actually got up and did it haha.  Pedro and his family came to church today as well. They are so ready for baptism!  The members in the Spanish group are awesome!  The group leader is Hermano Hernandez and he has 8 kids! His poor wife was taking care of all of them during sacrament haha. He's a Professor here at OSU.  The members in the Spanish group are super missionary focused which is awesome!  We had dinner with the Islas family. They are really cool.  They will definitely be one of my favorites here.  We also met with the sisters tonight and made a ward mission plan on how we can help this ward out because 3rd ward is slacking.  It's going to be great.

This week I read this scripture...

21 ¶Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. (Matthew 7)

We can't just say we will do the will of the Father but we must actually do it.  We must practice what we are preaching.  If we do so, and we endure to the end and continue to do the will of the Father,
what a great blessing it is to know we will enter into the Kingdom of  Heaven.

Also I forgot to tell you.  You should totally check out  It's the church family history website.  I went on it the first time a couple days ago and it is so cool!  It only has the Hughes side on there, no Perrine or Chapman but the Hughes side is really interesting.  I didn't know we had so many ancestors cross the Plains to Utah.  Did you know Abraham Palmer I think is a great great great great grandfather or something like that and he was a bodyguard for Joseph Smith for 4 or so years.  So cool.  I never thought family history would be so cool.

Check it out!  You just go on the website and log in with you LDS account info.

I love you guys very much!

Elder Perrine

 Pedro and Genoveva Wedding Day!
 Watching Drain Your Train 2 at the Institute

Corvallis - Week 32 (Transfers)


Headed to Corvallis today!

Monday was a short P-Day. President Russell likes to cut our P-Days short which really sucks.  So we did our laundry, hung out with Elder Workman and the new Elder in the area, Elder Howard who is from Southern California.  He's a super cool kid and him and I get along really well because he's from California. Haha.  We actually have lots of stuff to talk about.  I guess his dad invented and owns "Dragon". It's snowboarding goggles, sunglasses etc... He has like all these different cars back home that he owns and all this cool stuff.  We did our shopping and a guy that bought us candy at Ross
about 2 weeks ago offered us both 20 dollars.  We told him we couldn't take his money but we were tempted haha.  He's a super cool guy.  Not a member but just loves what the missionaries do.  That's the second time we've seen him haha.  Later in the day we had a great lesson with a guy named Miguel Sanchez.  He has met with missionaries before so it kind of made it easier to talk to him.  We had a good talk with him and then showed him the Christmas video, he is the gift.  He told us after we taught him about remembering Christ this Christmas that his family and him never knew why we celebrated Christmas.  That was a huge shock to us.  We were like, "What??????".  How do you not know why we celebrate Christmas but I guess that's why we are here teaching people.   I just thought that was crazy.  Then we had an amazing dinner with the Clantons.  They also invited us to go see a live nativity which of course we were totally down for that so we went. Turned out to the the old Jacksonville wards bishops farm.  We rode on a hayride to get out to the nativity after we parked our car which was sweet!  I felt like a little kid again haha.  Then they had a legit set up with real people and real animals in the nativity in a barn. It felt so real.  Super cool!  We sang songs and then someone read the nativity story.  They even had these cute little baby lambs. Haha. Then on our way out our car was trapped by other cars so we were trying to maneuver out which wasn't working really well.  Then an owner of one of the cars showed up and let us out.  That was fun haha.  We then went to teach Felipe and Doris.  I guess Felipe broke his foot the night before just walking.  Which isn't good so he was in a lot of pain so we gave him a blessing, then also Andrea the 9 year old daughter is sick so we gave her a blessing.  It was a really cool experience to be able to exercise my priesthood and give these two people blessings. 

Okay also really really really cool testimony builder happened as well.  I got a call this night from Bella a member in the branch.  About 5 weeks ago Elder Thacker, Bella and I went to the hospital to see a young man in his early 20's who was in a serious car accident.  He got T-Boned by someone going 90 running from the cops.  He was in critical condition and was in a coma.  Bella some how knew his parents who let us give him a blessing in the hospital.  The nurse there who was the only Mormon nurse told us that he was in such bad shape that most likely he wouldn't last much longer.  2 days after we gave him a blessing he got the breathing tube out of him and was breathing on his own and was doing way better and was on the road to recovery.  So Bella called me and told me that this young man in his early 20's was on his way home from the hospital this night, walking, talking, and back to normal.  What was weird was I was actually thinking about this young man today and wondered how he was doing.  The power of the Priesthood is real and I now have a testimony of that. Heavenly Father does listen when you bless someone.  That was just an amazing experience!  I'm glad I was able to be an instrument in the hands of God to help this young man.  (What a cool experience and testimony builder for him.  I love that he loves to exercise his Priesthood power and see it in action.)

Tuesday was another great day.  Played basketball with Elder Unker and Wright for a couple hours with some of their members and some of our members.  Hermano Torres showed up and so did Jose Fuentes.  I broke Hermano Torres ankles haha.  That was a blast.  I was schooling them haha.  We also had a zone lunch at the Henderson farm.  Put he same place as the live nativity.  Lunch was really good but wasn't enough food.  When you have like 18 elders and 6 sisters you need to have a lot of food because missionaries are always hungry haha.  So later in the day as I was sitting on the couch thinking about how no one has sent me a text yet about my bike, I got a text asking if it was still for sell.  (What?  I didn't even know he was thinking of selling his bike.)  I said of course and cleaned it up and met Anita, who is a secretary for RVMC.  One look at the bike and she loved it.  I didn't have to really do to much sweet talking.  She bought it, with the fenders and seat cushion!  Miracle!  Now I have money that I'm going to save and put away haha.  I can't believe that my bike was sold that easily.  Awesome!  The rest of the day we stopped by less actives and gave them some Christmas cards inviting them to come back to church.  We had a really good talk with Hermano Solorio.  Really cool guy that just needs to come back to church.  We also had dinner with the Barajas family.  They are a sweet family. The older sons Mario and Adrain were there as well.  The mom and older sister got lucky and are in Michoacan.  Hermano Barajas hooked us up with some Amy's pizzas and pasta.  Free lunch!  I love it.

Wednesday was Christmas Eve.  We worked at St. Vinnys in the morning with Nadine.  Then for lunch we went to the Gitzens.  They fed us a ton of good food.  I was stuffed.  The Gitzens are a great family.
After that we got ready for the day.  We made a plate of cookies to give Felipe and Doris.  Felipe seems to be doing better.  We stopped through Ashland so Elder Allen could get a drink of the yummy Lithia water, then we headed on our journey to Klamath Falls.  It wasn't too bad when we started but then it got really snowy.  There was probably 6 to 10 inches of snow on the road.  Nothing was going to stop us.  We said a prayer and started our mission with Faith.  The baptism of Juan Carlos Sanchez and Pablo Galindo was super awesome.  At the last minute Elder Barton and Elder Blackwelder told us that they wanted us to do the half time show.  Of course we did it even though I wanted to say NO because they gave us no advanced notice.  The Baptism was another great experience to be a part of.  It was good seeing all the Members from Klamath Falls.  We put a bunch of snow on the back of the
car to take home so we have a little bit after the trip.  It was a nice white Christmas Eve with two Baptisms and lots of white snow! With the help and guidance from our guardian angels we made it home safely.  Also got to open my awesome PJ's tonight.  (It's tradition that every kid gets a set of PJs on Christmas Eve.)  Nice sweats with a black T.  I think mom thinks I'm fat with large sweats haha.

Thursday was CHRISTmas!!!  We woke up at 4:30 to go play basketball at 5 with all the Elders from my zone.  That was a blast.  We then got to open all my presents.  I got a sweet raiders blanket, new scriptures, beany, gloves, scarf, hover soccerball, calendar, socks, a soccer tie, and more.  I also got a McDonald's card from the Perrine's and an $100 gift card from the Hughes.  It was a great Christmas but it's not about the gifts.  This morning Elder Allen and I got a goodie bag full of fruit, sweets, etc and took it to a homeless guy down the street that we always pass by.  He was grateful for the food.  His name is Westly.  On our way back to the car a guy named Roberto stopped us and asked if we could talk to a bishop for him to get him some gas money so he can get to Modesto.  He told us his whole life story about how he use to be a member, how his wife and him are splitting up, how his kids are in jail, some were killed, and lots more crazy stuff.  We didn't want to bug a bishop on Christmas so Elder Allen and I thought it was our duty to help this guy out.  We gave him $30 to get gas for his car.  He was extremely grateful.  We said a prayer with him as well to send him on his journey for a better life.  We knew he was placed before us so that we could help him out.  Those two things were our Christmas miracles.  I love helping people out.  We then ate breakfast at the Escobars.  Awesome family!  They let us use their skype to call home.  It was so weird talking to my family.  I feel like I haven't seem them in forever.  It was nice talking with them and seeing them again.  The time flew by way to fast though.  After that we rushed over to the Stake Center to watch How to Train a Dragon 2.  That movie was AWESOME!  It was so intense!  It was pretty sad at some parts but just an amazing movie!  We ate over at the Cooka and Franks house.  Hermana Gitzens son.  Bomb food.  After that we were tired so we took an hour nap back home.  I passed out and couldn't get back out of bed.  We ate dinner at the Rojas family.  Had tamales! Yum!  Then we sang them our song.  I think we did a pretty good job.
We exchanged presents and tricked Hermana Rojas and Amy with the Duck stuff (Oregon Ducks).  Amy liked the scarf I got her.  The Rojas family bought us matching gray scarfs and matching black sweaters.  They are so nice! And of course they had to add Beavers stuff in there so they gave us beaver chocolate.  We then drove through Greystone court which was decked out with lights.  Pretty nice but nothing like Dove court back home. It's been a crazy long day but a great one!

Friday was a good day.  We were calling less active people that we didn't know and one lady answered, obviously white and said she was actually a less active member from Medford 6th ward and turns out she actually lives in the same apartment complex as us.  She invited us over to talk with her.  She's kind of weird but really nice.  She kept saying that I have a very pretty face... Hahahaha.  Soooo funny! After this we went to Round Table pizza Buffett with Elder Workman and Elder Howard.  Then went on exchanges with Elder Johanson in his area. We did a lot of walking and talking.  He is a good guy.  Ate dinner at DQ and just sat there and talked for a while.  Talked to Grandma Reed, a less active member and I guess she has family who speaks Spanish so she just talked to me forever about that.  We also got transfer calls and I'm now going to Corvalis to do Zebra work with Elder Lucas.  I'm pretty upset since now I won't be able to see Felipe and Doris be baptized but at least I got them ready for baptism.  (He gets transferred Monday and the baptism is Friday.  Poor guy.  He is so disappointed.)

Saturday Elder Johanson and I just walked all over the place in the morning trying to talk to people but no one was home.  We switched back companions around noonish and got back to work doing Spanish.
We taught Carolina Hernandez who is a new lady is interested and had a lot of questions which is good!  We had dinner as a big group at Red Robin.  (A lot of eating out this week.  ??)  It was a party.  Elders Workman, Howard, Johanson, Sorenson, Batt, Kunz, Allen, and I went.  It was nice hanging with all the guys one last time before transfers.  We also had Felipe and Doris Baptism interviews tonight.  They went really well and they are totally ready for next week.  A. still doesn't want to be baptized but I'm hoping she will change her mind.  I think she is just scared.  Then I went home and packed the rest of the night.  I hate packing!

Sunday was my last Sunday in this area.  There were so many people at Church today.  It was awesome.  The branch has grown so much since I've been here.  I said my goodbyes and took pictures with the members.  I'm going to miss this branch but who knows maybe I'll return for the third time haha.  They were all sad to see me go, but it's the will of God.  I just wish I didn't have to leave before
Felipe and Doris baptism... Ahhhhh!  Had dinner with the Rojas family. I'm going to miss them as well.  We had a good night with them and just talked and messed around.  Then I went home and packed some more. It's so depressing when you have to pack.. Haha.

In my studies today I really pondered this scripture...

27 And know ye that ye shall be judges of this people, according to the judgment which I shall give unto you, which shall be just. Therefore, what manner of men ought ye to be? Verily I say unto you,
even as I am. (3 Nephi 27)

This scripture is a simple but powerful one.  The simple question of, what manner of men ought ye to be?, is so powerful but has a simple answer, Verily I say unto you, even as I am.  We should always strive to be like our Savior Jesus Christ in all that we do.

21 For even hereunto were ye called: because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that ye should follow his steps: (1 Peter 2)

Christ set us an example and we need to follow in his foot steps. Everyday is a new day to improve ourselves.  Especially in this time of New Years what better goal than to work on improving ourselves by setting a goal to read the scriptures more often, strengthen our testimony by sharing it more, and increasing in our faith.  It's a prefect time.

I mailed the package so you guys should get it by the 31st or so. Hope you like it!

Love you all!!!

Te Amo,
Elder Perrine

 Headed to Klammath Falls in a small car and no chains in 6 inches of snow.  ?!?!?!

 Juan Carlos Sanchez baptism
 PJ's too big? 

 Awesome Rojas Family!

 The Suarez Family (baptism that Kevin is missing)

Medford - Week 31

Hola Padres!

Monday was a blast.  Woke up around 5:15ish but took me a while to get up because it was so early haha.  Went and picked up Elders Dyorich and Workman.  My man homies!  And drove to Table Rock which is a huge rock mountain thing that is flat on top so looks like a table haha. We couldn't find it though because it was pitch black because it was only like 6 in the morning haha.  So iPad finally found it after exploring the great outdoors.  The hike was beautiful!  Super nice and easy trail to get to the top.  I love hiking and being out in the wilderness.  It so peaceful and relaxing.  I took a million super
sweet pics as well.  That's the best part of doing the awesome hikes are the pics hahaha.  We took some hilarious videos as well.  I think being so high on elevation did something to our brains haha.  (He sent me the videos.  He was right about the elevation doing something to their brains.  They were pretty funny though. :)  Super cool hike though.  The rest of the day we went shopping and played some basketball.  Brother Clantons grandma that lived with them died so they canceled dinner on us which is explainable so we went to La Burrita and the Gitzens fed us.  It was so good.  Then we went and
taught a few families.

Tuesday we worked at St. Vinnys like always.  Talked to Jim Keeter. He's a really cool guy.  A lot of people weren't home today so we didn't talk to many people.  Stopped by a members house, the Camachos who are super awesome and they gave us a ton of cookies haha.  I'm going to get fat!  Then we picked up dinner from a member.  Hermana Humilidad.  She's awesome and made us a ton of Tamales.  Bomb!  We also saw the Fuentes family which we haven't seen in a while because
they have been so busy.  Showed them the video, He is the Gift.  Great video.

Wednesday. We had a blast helping at St. Vinnys with Nadine.  I gave her the cookies and card.  She said thank you thank you thank you. (I sent some homemade cookies and fudge for her and another family that has taken such good care of Kevin.)  Today we ate dinner with Porfilio y Bella.  She made some bomb tacos. Got to love Hispanic food. Makes you nice and fat. (He says he has gained about 20 lbs.) We had a good talk with them about the Book of Mormon.  Porfilio isn't a member but I
think he has a stronger testimony than his wife who is a member.  We are working with both of them.  Elder Allen stepped on poop when we went to visit a member who lives in the boonies and didn't notice it till we left another members house.  He touched his shoe and got it all over his hand.  He was freaking out.  It was so hilarious!  We also got a call tonight from Elders Dyorich and Workman.  I guess Elder Dyorich is getting emergency transferred up to Springfield.  I guess an elder up there isn't doing what he's suppose to so elder workman is going to have his hands full.  It just sucks that Dyorich
is leaving right before Christmas.  I'm going to miss that guy.

Thursday morning I was the first one to get up,  I normally never beat my companions out of bed so that felt good.  Took a nice run in the freezing cold weather to wake us up.  Elder Johnson and Elder Thomas texted us that they were going to be in town for the temple trip and to meet up with them at mcdonalds so that was fun and I haven't had McDonald's breakfast for a long time.  It's crazy that they are both going home.  Also had lunch at Tin Tin Buffet with Dyorich, Workman, Harmon, Simpson, Batt, and Kunz.  It was a party.  Said our farewells to Elder Dyorich.  Told him I'd catch him on the flip side.  So a crazy story today...  As I was driving, Elder Allen was looking up people in the area book.  I missed my turn but he recognized a house from being on an exchange along time ago.  Turned out the guy that lived there is an less active member so we are going to go back and teach him. When we got back in the car, Elder Allen checked his IPad to look at his area book again and the persons name that he was looking at was the same guy that we just talked to.  What?????  It's crazy how the spirit will guide you.  You just never know.   We had dinner at La Burrita.  (Again?!?)  Yum!  We also talked to a guy from Pachuca, Hildago and his favorite soccer team is Pachuca of course so we talked about that
and about Grandpa Chiapa.  We also taught Felipe y Doris tonight. They are so ready for baptism. Super exciting!

Friday we had a great District meeting about obedience.  Last 15 mins we watched a video about missionary work by President Henry B. Eyring and Elder Jeffery R. Holland.  The Spirit really hit me during that video.  It was so powerful.  My favorite part is when Holland says... "Missionary work is hard because Salvation isn't cheap."  We got a take a sweet zone Christmas pic as well.  Got a Christmas package from G&G Perrine's today as well.  Got a stocking full of candy and a card. I put it under the tree for Christmas morning.  Can't wait!  Handed out a lot of invitations to the Christmas party this night as well. The Party was a blast.  Tons of people and tons of food.  It was internationally themed so they did songs from Sweden, Jewish, Latino, Polynesian, and some others. It was super awesome.  Elder Harmon and Elder Simpson (my ZL's) also did a really funny song about the story
of missionaries tracting, getting dear john'd, and going home and getting married.  It was hilarious!   All in all a great night!

Saturday morning Elder Allen and I had the opportunity to go to the Temple but not inside.  The Klamath Falls branch came for a temple trip so we met them there.  It was nice seeing all them again.  So Juan Carlos Ramirez was an investigator we had in Klamath Falls when I was first with Elder Allen.  His little sisters are already baptized but he is choosing to now be baptized which is super cool.  So he came to the temple so we walked around it and took pictures and talked about the temple.  We also watched a ton of bible videos and they are just so powerful.  He loved them it helped bring up gospel questions that he had.  We also talked to President Russell about us driving to Klamath falls for the baptism and he said it was okay so it's going to be a good surprise for him when we show up.  It's a WHITE CHRISTMAS FOR US! Haha.   We also went on a faith walk today, which means to just walk around the neighborhoods and listen to the Spirit.  We found a couple Hispanic families outside and were able to talk to them and teach them a little and get return dates.  Faith walks are he best. We ate dinner with the Torres family, Hermana Torres parents were in town and aren't members so when I was going to share a dinner message it was obviously a missionary work scripture so it basically called
them to repentance haha.  It was awesome.  We also had the last lesson with the Suarez family, Felipe and Doris.  So now they are ready for the baptismal interview which is super exciting!  It's going to be a happy new year with them.  So a white Christmas and a happy new year. It's awesome!  They are so ready to get dunked!

Sunday was a great Christmas Sunday.  The classes were awesome and we had tons of visitors so it was packed!  The branch also did a Christmas program for sacrament meeting. Each family in the branch had certain scriptures they had to read or a song they were going to sing, or something else.  It was really cool to have everyone involved. Sister lenz played the harp and the flute.  Really good music.  It was a cool experience.  Then Presidente Escobar had us pass out gifts at the end of sacrament meeting that had a pic of Christ, Medford temple, family proclamation and some other things.  It was a good idea to give all these people because most are recent converts.  Then as we were leaving.  Always the last ones to leave of course we noticed that the Clantons were still there with their hood open.  Their car battered died so luckily we were still there to help them out.  Miny Miracle. We had dinner with the Rojas family and the Escobars came over as well.  They have a almost 3 year old daughter named Wendy who is just the cutest, smartest little thing ever.  She can speak both spanish
and English and she's a super drama queen.  She is hilarious!  Saw the Fuentes family tonight as well and talked to them forever!  It was good talking with them.  Show the nativity video and they gave us a
yummy Mexican desert kind of like flawn but not haha.  It was a good day.

In my studies this week, I read:

Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin testified: “At the final day the Savior will
not ask about the nature of our callings. He will not inquire about
our material possessions or fame. He will ask if we ministered to the
sick, gave food and drink to the hungry, visited those in prison, or
gave succor to the weak [see Matthew 25:31–40]. When we reach out to
assist the least of Heavenly Father’s children, we do it unto Him
Chapter 8: Matthew 24–25

36 Master, which is the great commandment in the law?

37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy
heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

38 This is the first and great commandment.

39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.
Matthew 22:36-39

So as we strive to be true disciples of Christ we develop his
attributes and follow his example.  Then when he comes we will know
that we will be on his right side as his sheep.

Love you guys!

See you Thursday!
Also we will probably be skyping around 2 or 3ish.  I'll call you haha.

Elder Perrine