Thursday, November 20, 2014

Medford - Week 26 (Transfers)

Hola Hola hola,

So on P-Day it was a zone P-Day where we play fun games as a zone, so we played ultimate frisbee and some basketball.  It was super fun to just play a bunch of sports and relax a bit.

Tuesday we helped out at St. Vinnys like always and helped out the less fortunate.  It's always a great feeling helping those who need it.  We did some work today and also contacted a bunch of empty houses.  It was great haha.  Had dinner with the Baleros who totally remind me of Grandpa & Grandma Perrine.  They are a awesome family.

Wednesday was my 20th Birthday!  I'm getting old now.  I think I need some new teeth, maybe a new hip and some knee replacements hahaha.  It was just a great day.  Helped out at St. Vinnys again.  Every Tuesday and Wednesday.  It was also Nadine's birthday as well.  Lady who sends the pics and was in the pic as well.  (Receive texts pics every once a while from her.  Special treat!)  She's super awesome!  Her sister was also there this time visiting Nadine for her birthday.  She lives in Roseville and is an active member is Roseville 3rd ward.  She is a sweet lady as well.  Got my package today as well full of decorations and all sorts of things haha.  I blew up all the balloons and put them all around me while Elder Thacker took a picture.  Pretty funny stuff.  The decorations and balloons made it feel like a real birthday haha.  (Sent birthday decorations and had family/friends write on 20 balloons wishing him a happy birthday.)  Had dinner with the Clantons and they surprised me with the wontons and pudding.  (So grateful Bro. Clanton made Kevin some of his favorite foods.  Loved it.)  It smelt just like back home.  It was weird haha.  The food was great and also thank you guys for the Birthday video haha.  You guys sounded like you were dying! Haha.  It was funny watching Jesse look around and laugh at you guys.  (Put together a quick video singing him happy birthday.  Emily and Brian were sick so they just sat there without smiling.  Oh, well.  He seemed to like it anyway)  They baked me a cake as well and sang happy birthday to me.  It was an awesome birthday.  Tell everyone thank you for the messages on the balloons.  Emily's letter was awesome as well.  Meant a lot.  I'm surprised she remembered bowling because I totally forgot until I read that haha.  The GPS is awesome! It's nice having one now!  Thank you guys!  And the gift cards are perfect as well.  Now I can eat out. :). I bought some pizza for lunch using the gift card.  Yummy!

Thursday was a great day.  This day I was able to go to the Temple with a couple other missionaries, President Coffman, Ana Garcia and her son JJ.  Ana is the mom of "The Kids Family" in Klamath Falls who is was super close to.  JJ got his endowments taken out and invited me to go in with him.  He leaves for his mission December 3rd to Dallas Texas.  He is a great kid.  It's amazing to see how he has changed in just the few months I've known him. His whole family are converts and he is the first one to go on a mission in his family as well as the Spanish Branch so it is a big deal.  Super awesome!  The Temple is always an amazing experience but even better this time watching two recent converts going through the Temple.  The Gospel can really change lives.  I felt blessed being able to be a part of this amazing experience.  Also had a great lesson with F. and D. who are progressing slowly.  They won't really commit to too many things so not really sure what to do with them.  We will just keep working with them though.  It's really frustrating teaching people who just don't understand the importance of this Gospel.  Drives me crazy haha.

Friday was another Big Highlight of my mission.  J. entered into the waters of Baptism and followed the example of our Savior.  It was an amazing experience to be a part of.  He has come a long way these past weeks that I've known him and have been teaching him.  He is such a solid guy.  It was great to see how the Gospel can change someone's life. You see the gospel change so many lives out here on the Mission.  It's a great feeling.  I also had a great district meeting this day.  We focused a lot on Missionaries working with members and the importance of this.  The investigators that I have
seen progress and get baptized is because the members either introduced the investigators to the missionaries or they were a big part in their conversion because they cared and wanted to help these
people.  Missionaries can't do it all on our own.  It's the job of the members to find people for the missionaries to teach because those are the people who will actually progress.  An old thing that we use to do and are now starting to do it again is asking the members, "The Whom Do You Know..." questions, like "whom do you know who has recently had a loved one pass away, or just had a baby, or is going through a difficult time, or has a struggling teen, or neighbors who have just moved in".  We ask these questions to get the members to start thinking of those around them that could be blessed by the Gospel.  So start thinking! Haha

Saturday we got transfer calls.  I seem to not be able to keep comps that I like with me for very long. Haha. Elder Thacker is being transferred to Santa Clara.  I'm getting Elder Allen again.  He's cool.  I'm excited to see how we do.  Saturday morning the Klamath Falls Branch went to the Temple so I was able to go see Coffman, Galindo, and all the youth.  They were super excited to see me.  It's nice seeing old friends.  We also worked in the Thrift store at St. Vincent's.  Always a blast.  They love having young people do all the work for them haha.

Sunday we had J.'s confirmation.  That was another cool experience to be a part of.  He is so happy now and I can't wait to see him grow in the Gospel.  We also went with a member to see someone in the hospital that was in a huge car accident and gave him a blessing.  He was in the ICU in really bad shape.  No bueno.  It's sad to see Thacker leave but getting Elder Allen should be fun.

Hope you guys have an amazing week!

Love you all!!!

Elder Perrine

Birthday package from home.
 At the temple with JJ and Ana
 Juan's baptism day

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