Thursday, October 23, 2014

Medford - Week 22

Hola hola hola,

So this week was a blast!  Elder Thacker is super cool and this area is awesome.  Also lots of cool Elders to hang out with.

We did a bunch of service this week.  I love doing service.  Too much fun.  We helped a lot of members out doing yard work or building stairs.  We also help out at Saint Vincent thrift shop and kitchen.  Also worked at Calvary temple food pantry.  Doing work!

This week I ate a chile del diablo.  Hotter than a habernero.  I just ate a little haha.

Had interviews with President Russell.  It's always good talking to him.  We also watched Meet the Mormons.  Such an awesome movie!  Pretty soon we will be able to use it for teaching.

So J. is still on date for Nov. 15 and also D. and F. were my investigators from last year.  They are still here and are starting to progress now and want to get baptized.  It's awesome!

Went on exchanges with my district leader Elder Sorensen.  He's a cool guy.

This last Sunday was the Primary Program.  I was here last year for it also.  It was trippy.  It was nice listening to the kids sing.  There were some funny parts that people couldn't help but just laugh haha.

Rojas family was happy to see me again.  I guess they've been in Sacramento because one of their cousins just got baptized.  But they were super excited that I was back in Medford.

I'm loving the mission life.  Too much fun. (So happy he is loving it.)

Have an amazing week!

I love you guys so much!

Elder Perrine
Another short letter but I did get 3 pics from his this time. :)


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