Thursday, September 4, 2014

Klammath Falls - Week 15

Hola Madre,

So another great week in the field has passed.

This last P-Day we had an opportunity as a Zone to go to the Kingsley Air Force Base.  It was super awesome!  I guess they have the most Nuclear Weapons underneath the Base in the whole west coast.  It is also the only F-15 (type of fighter jet) left on the whole earth.  Some really good pilots come from this Base.  We got lucky to go behind the scenes because a member is a big dog at the Base.  Awesome experience.

So I had my first bike crash this week.  I ate it over my handle bars and had a huge hole in my arm and messed my shoulder up.  But thanks to Dr. Trejo (Elders Quorum Branch President) it's getting all better.  He cleaned it up real good.  It's good to be a missionary here in K-Falls.  Lots of Doctors, Stake President owns the Hospital here, chiropractors, dentists and more haha.  (Poor guy.  His arm looks terrible.  Grateful for Dr. Trejo.)

So a Cop was shot in the face this last week.  Crazy stuff.  There were cops everywhere that day.  We talked to this guy for 40 mins in his front yard and as we were leaving the cops noticed a black jeep Cherokee in the driveway which was the get away vehicle.  Luckily he wasn't the shooter but it was still sketchy.  (Yikes!)

Awesome miracle happened this week.  It was time for lunch and we were going to go somewhere to eat and decided to try Wendy's out.  As we rode up a lady and her two little daughters got out of their car and the daughters were like "Missionaries!!!".  They were of course members but from another ward.  As we were in line she ordered first and then she said she would buy our food which was awesome because we both were really broke.  We talked to her and I guess she has been inactive for like 10 years and just started coming back and said she has seen missionaries everywhere.  Cool thing is she said she was prompted to come to Wendy's because she was needed there.  I know that Heavenly Father wants to help us and know what we need, even if it is just a small lunch, he is always there.  It was a really cool experience and she even started crying because she felt the Spirit so strongly.  Really cool!  (Love when he has these cool experiences.)

Later that night we were out around 8:30, it was pitch black and we were on bikes like always.  We were getting ready to ride home when a familiar truck pulled up.  It was the Player Family from one of the wards and they offered to drive us all the way home which was 6 miles up hill.  They even took us out to Burger King and bought us a bunch of food.  Awesome family!  They live like right down the street from us and we didn't even know.  Heavenly Father really took care of us that day!

We found a new investigator J. C.  We have another investigator who doesn't want to be taught but we stop by and she gives us drinks and treats so it's pretty awesome.  H. is progressing!  We have been talking a lot about baptism with him.  He wants to get ready for it.

We have been biking like crazy!  About 20 miles a day.  It's good exercise! (Glad he is getting the exercise.  He eats out so much he needs it. Ha!)

We had some green and blue tortillas.  Really cool.

JJ got his mission call!  (One of the young men from the Branch.  He has been going out with them the past few months to prepare himself.)  He's going to the Dallas Texas Mission English speaking.  Which is weird because he speaks Spanish.  We are all super excited for him.  Isn't Nic in the Dallas Mission?  (Nic is one of his best friends from the Ward.  He is in the San Antonio mission though.)
I love you guys very much!

Have an amazing week!

Elder Perrine
 Not sure what the story is behind the eggs.  ?? Cute though

Just really liked this pic of him                                                                       Ouch!


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