Monday, September 29, 2014

Klammath Falls - Week 19

Hola Madre,

This week was just packed with awesomeness!!!

Last P-day we played basketball like always then went to Sister Bennett's place and played some pool.  Pool is so much fun.  I smash everyone.  That Billiards class is paying off.  Sister Bennett also has a huge clothing section in her store with Suits and hats and what not.  So we put on some sweet stuff and took some awesome pics.  We look like a Mafia.  Mormon Mafia!  Sister Bennett also loves me so she gave me this sweet vintage falcon tie.  So cool!

Got kicked out of my millionth apartment complex haha.  Met my first Atheist there.  That was an interesting conversation.  I don't get how people could be Atheist.  (He said the managers come out and tell them not to come back and bother their tenants.  Makes me a bit sad, but I guess it comes with the territory and Kevin is obviously used to it by now.)

The members really liked H. and he really enjoys church which is super awesome.  He has come a long way which is really cool to see.

We had an apartment inspection by some members who are in charge of that.  So we had to deep clean our apartment haha.  They said they've never seen this apartment that clean before.  The other elders didn't do a good job on that.  What was cool was the members were from Monterey.  Their last name is Meeks.  They are older.  Probably 50's or so.  He use to be stationed at Fort Ord so we were talking about all that for a long time.  That was super awesome.

So it finally started raining which is good.  It's also cooling down.  I love the colder weather!

So we had a competition in our mission.  Whatever zone had the cleanest car at zone conference would get a pizza party.  My zone won so we had some bomb pizza.  

So this week the Home town high schools faced each other in football.  KU Vs. Mazama.  We went for about 40 mins which was awesome.  Presidente Coffman is a teacher at KU so he got us in.  It was cool to watch a football game again.  The high school football here is not as good as home.  They are all tiny guys.  It was a huge game though.  The whole town was there.

Had another Saturday working at the Galindos building their fortress fence.  It's huge.  It's fun to help out though.

So we found out we actually have a neighbor upstairs which we thought was empty.  His name is K. and he is from Texas.  He's just here for a couple weeks.  His bike tire was flat so he asked us if we had an extra tube which we didn't but I patched it up for him and it worked.  We started talking about the church and he asked for a Book of Mormon which was awesome.  So we gave him one and he said he would read it.  Miracle!

So on Sunday it was A.'s birthday.  One of the Galindos kids.  They had a small bday dinner which no one showed up so I'm glad we were there.  We made it a blast for him.  It was his sixth bday.  We had some good food and a cool piƱata!  Super fun!

I read this scripture in studies this week.

 12 For there are many yet on the earth among all sects, parties, and denominations, who are blinded by the subtle craftiness of men, whereby they lie in wait to deceive, and who are only kept from the truth because they know not where to find it--

13 Therefore, that we should waste and wear out our lives in bringing to light all the hidden things of darkness, wherein we know them; and they are truly manifest from heaven--

14 These should then be attended to with great earnestness.
D&C 123:12-14

It's our duty as members of this church to share this Gospel with other who are in the darkness and know not where to find the truth.  We can bring them out of the darkness and into the light.

Thanks for everything!

I love you guys!

Hope you have an amazing week!

Elder Perrine

Klammath Falls - Week 18

Hola Mama,

So this week was good.  My studies in the morning have been getting a lot better and I'm learning a ton.

Last P-Day we had the normal schedule.  Played B-ball early in the morning them just hung out all day.  P-Days are amazing days and well needed after a long week of work.  I got a sweet Bollo tie.  Not sure how to spell it but it's one of those cowboy kind of ties with the two strings.  Mine has black strings and silver and gold eagle thing.  Super awesome!  We went to a cool Oregon place that had lots of western and Indian stuff.  Pretty awesome.

So we had some great success.  It's always nice.  M. is still progressing.  The only thing that has been holding him back forever is his Mom.  But M.'s testimony has been strengthening a lot so hopefully soon he will see the water.

So "The Kids Family" is finally going to seminary.  We have been challenging them to go and told them how awesome it is so they challenged us to go as well.  So we went twice this week at 6. Getting up at 5:30.  Not fun.  I'm done with those seminary mornings haha.  But seminary was a blast with all them.

So this week I have been studying Christlike Attributes out of the Preach My Gospel.  It's a really awesome section.  So far I have studied Faith, Hope, Charity and Love, Virtue, Knowledge, Patience,
And Humility.  They are great topics to study.  Preach my Gospel is on the Gospel Library App and is an awesome way to learn the Gospel.

Friday night eating dinner at Sister Bennett's restaurant an Elvis Impersonator and his wife came to put on a show.  It was actually really good.  He did and bunch of Elvis songs, Johnny Cash, Frank Sinatra, 50's Rock, and funny impersonations of people.  His wife was also a really good singer.  Really cool show to have while eating haha.

Another really awesome thing is that H. actually came to church this Sunday.  I let him borrow a white shirt and tie and he just fit right in.  He was talking to all the members and making comments in class. Super cool experience.  He just loved it.  It's crazy to see how someone with that past can change so much.  Super cool.

A couple Christlike Attributes that really stood out to me are Knowledge and Patience.

Knowledge is really cool.  It is the only thing you can take out of this life.  That's why it is so important to learn all we can while we are here.  We were sent here to learn and grow.  In D&C 130:19 it

19 And if a person gains more knowledge and intelligence in this life through his diligence and obedience than another, he will have so much the advantage in the world to come.

Patience is something that is very hard to have but it is worth it.

It says in Mosiah 23:21...

21 Nevertheless the Lord seeth fit to chasten his people; yea, he trieth their patience and their faith.

We are tried so that The Lord can see how strong we truly are.  This life is a test.

In Alma 34:41 it says...

41 But that ye have patience, and bear with those afflictions, with a firm hope that ye shall one day rest from all your afflictions.

What a great promise to have that though this life may be hard and we will go through many trials that one day we will be able to rest from it all.

Well I hope you have an awesome week!

I love you guys!

Elder Perrine 

I am pretty sure this is H., the investigator

Kevin helped make Mexican Pan bread
Elvis impersonator and wife

Friday, September 26, 2014

Klammath Falls - Week 17

Hola hola hola Madre,

Another awesome week has just flown by.  Weeks are just blurs now and I'm glad I write everything down or I'd be so lost.  There is always so much stuff going on. Haha

So this last P-Day we had a sweet Zone Activity.  We watched the church movie, "Ephraims Rescue". Super awesome movie.  It's like 17 miracles.  It would be a perfect family home evening activity.  Very powerful message.  It's crazy to think what the early pioneers went through to reach Zion.  I love learning about all this church history.  History is just a fascinating topic.  

On Tuesday we had another Zone Conference in Medford with the Russell's.  Zone Conferences are always a blast and I always learn so much. A main thing we talked about is being "Peaceable Followers of Christ".  We need to practice what we preach.  I get spiritual exhaustion after these big meetings haha.   On the way home I got Carls Jr!  There are no Carls Jr's in K-Falls so I was craving it. It was a nice treat.  I stopped by the Clantons home on the way home since they lived right there.  They were shocked to see us and it was nice to see them and talk with them about how the Branch is doing in Medford.  (The Clantons were a family from when he served in Medford.  They are an amazing family and Kevin really likes them.)

I had the amazing opportunity to go on an exchange this week with one of my Zone Leaders, Elder Jordan Anderson.  He's from Fillmore Utah (of course) but he is super cool and we have a ton in common.  We had a blast on the exchange.  We gave these three investigators blessings which I haven't done a whole ton of blessings so I was super nervous but I just let The Lord take the wheel and guide me through it.  They all said they felt the spirit strongly which was super awesome.  Anderson and I had some fun BBQ'ing chicken and Bratwursts! Yummy!  I have a BBQ at my apartment that I've never used so we decided to give it a try and it turned out really well.  There's a bunch of Elders here that I'm super close with and they are really cool.  They all keep talking to me about going to college at Dixie, in Saint George Utah. Haha. I guess a bunch of guys are going there.

Saturday we had another great day of service working on the Galindos fence some more.  We have all the posts up and now we are putting on the boards.  It looks like a fortress haha.  We got to eat some amazing homemade tamales, not nearly as good as Grandma Perrine's but they were good.  Speaking of Grandma Perrine.  You think I could get the recipes for Spanish Rice, Sopa, homemade tortillas, tamales, and whatever else haha.  Por favor.  Also I was talking to Hermano Galindo about my high blood pressure because he's a doctor and he said that it was cool that I was taking Losartan Potassium.  He said it's not used very much anymore and that it's pretty cheap.  He said my Doctors really must know what they are doing. 

On Sunday it was our Branch Conference.  The Stake Presidency came to talk to us.  I really like the Stake President here.  He is an awesome guy and a powerful speaker.  He also owns the big hospital here.  He talked about how we need to be "On The Lords Side".  We all know who is going to win (God) so we can choose to be on the winning side or the losing side.  If we are on the right path then it will be uphill and it will be hard but our Heavenly Father is trying to get us to the Safer Higher Grounds.  Great talk!

Also had an awesome night. Haha.  Elder Garcia and Elder Jesperson came to spend the night here in K-Falls because of P-Day and they brought mummy sleeping bags.  Well we all decided it would be funny to put the sleeping bags on and body chuck each other and have a huge brawl.  It was awesome and super funny!  I have a big video of it that I will try to send.  It's pretty intense hahaha.  (Bunch of goof balls. The video was pretty fun though.)

This week in Gospel Principals we talked about our Talents.

There are certain things we must do to develop our talents. First, we must discover our talents. We should evaluate ourselves to find our strengths and abilities. Our family and friends can help us do this. We should also ask our Heavenly Father to help us learn about our talents.

Second, we must be willing to spend the time and effort to develop the talent we are seeking.

Third, we must have faith that our Heavenly Father will help us, and we must have faith in ourselves.

Fourth, we must learn the skills necessary for us to develop our talents. We might do this by taking a class, asking a friend to teach us, or reading a book.

Fifth, we must practice using our talent. Every talent takes effort and work to develop. The mastery of a talent must be earned.

Sixth, we must share our talent with others. It is by our using our talents that they grow (see Matthew 25:29).

All of these steps are easier if we pray and seek the Lord’s help. He wants us to develop our talents, and He will help us. (Chapter 34: Developing Our Talents)

Sounds like soccer is a blast.  I'm sure you guys will get use to the crazy schedule haha. Those cinnamon rolls sound yummy.  (I made cinnamon rolls for Tylers seminary class.)

That's awesome about the update.  That's funny they were red lighting you haha.  I'm sure everyone would of rathered of listened to you talk about me anyways hahaha.  (My update on Sunday went over so they red lighted me, I guess.  I didn't see it so I just kept talking.  I tried really hard to keep it short, but it's impossible to sum up 6 months in 5 minutes.)

Well I love you guys very much.

Have a awesome week!

Elder Perrine



Klammath Falls - Week 16

Hola Madre,

This week was a blast!  This last P-Day all the Spanish elders and some English elders went to the Lava Tubes.  We went with the Harmon family.  They are super awesome!  The Lava Caves are actually in California right under Tulelake.  It was kind of cool being back in Cali for the day.  The caves were extremely fun!  I could spend like a week there exploring all the caves.  There are just so many of them.  Great day!

This week I had a lot of great food.  I had this Mexican corn with cream and chili powder on it like the ones from Nacho Libre haha. (A favorite in the Perrine household)  Good stuff!  Had Arrepas also which are from Venezuela.  Super bomb things.  Had Chilquiles also.  Also empanadas.  Too much good stuff.

So I got to do some awesome yard work this week.  My Paco side came out haha. (Paco was his nickname at home.  He is an amazing hard worker and landscaper/gardener)   Sis Bennett needed some yard work done of one of her 16 rental houses.  I got do make some rock borders around all the flower and bush beds.  I used a bunch of natural big rocks from the field next door instead of the pink ugly brick things she bought and when she came back she loved it!  She said she has gotten a ton of complements on it.  I got mad skills haha.  We are also helping the Galindos build a huge fence around their house.  It's going to be a big project.

H. is really progressing.  He gave up smoking and drinking alcohol.  It's really awesome.  Everyday he is getting closer to baptism.  The rest of our investigators still need a lot of work.

This last Sunday I had the opportunity to teach Priesthood.  It was really fun.  I taught on Work and Personal Responsibility so it was a easy subject for me.  A lot of people don't like work, but work helps build our character.  If we have a positive attitude towards our work we can enjoy our work even more and it's just good to have a positive attitude in life.  Makes life more enjoyable.

On one occasion President Monson said: “We … can choose to have a positive attitude. We can’t direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails. In other words, we can choose to be happy and positive, regardless of what comes our way” (“Messages of Inspiration from President Monson,” Church News, Sept. 2, 2012, 2). (Our Prophet Thomas S Monson)

Sounds like your weeks are crazy now!  Super busy!  Sounds like a lot of fun stuff is going on though.

I'm not really sure what to tell the ward haha.  Tell them  missionary work is important.  It's our duty as members to spread the gospel to those around us.  Tell the youth to go to seminary and to pay attention in there.  To learn all they can and to prepare to serve missions.  I'm sure you can get a lot of stuff from my emails I've sent.  There are some good stories in those as well haha.  ( I gave his update at church on Sunday and asked if he had anything he wanted to say to the Ward.)

Thank you for the awesome package and for all the goodies. I love the ties, especially Great Grandpa Chiapas, and thank you for the Ross gift card!  (I made him some marshmallow guns to have fun without hurting himself ~ i.e. watermelon to the head.  However, in their infinite wisdom, they decided to freeze the marshmallows and shoot each other.  He said it was like getting hit in the face with a rock. Seriously Elders??  :)

I hope you have a great week.

Love you guys!

Elder Perrine
 Fun Package!
 The Mormon Mafia Ha!
 Fun in the lava cave


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Klammath Falls - Week 15

Hola Madre,

So another great week in the field has passed.

This last P-Day we had an opportunity as a Zone to go to the Kingsley Air Force Base.  It was super awesome!  I guess they have the most Nuclear Weapons underneath the Base in the whole west coast.  It is also the only F-15 (type of fighter jet) left on the whole earth.  Some really good pilots come from this Base.  We got lucky to go behind the scenes because a member is a big dog at the Base.  Awesome experience.

So I had my first bike crash this week.  I ate it over my handle bars and had a huge hole in my arm and messed my shoulder up.  But thanks to Dr. Trejo (Elders Quorum Branch President) it's getting all better.  He cleaned it up real good.  It's good to be a missionary here in K-Falls.  Lots of Doctors, Stake President owns the Hospital here, chiropractors, dentists and more haha.  (Poor guy.  His arm looks terrible.  Grateful for Dr. Trejo.)

So a Cop was shot in the face this last week.  Crazy stuff.  There were cops everywhere that day.  We talked to this guy for 40 mins in his front yard and as we were leaving the cops noticed a black jeep Cherokee in the driveway which was the get away vehicle.  Luckily he wasn't the shooter but it was still sketchy.  (Yikes!)

Awesome miracle happened this week.  It was time for lunch and we were going to go somewhere to eat and decided to try Wendy's out.  As we rode up a lady and her two little daughters got out of their car and the daughters were like "Missionaries!!!".  They were of course members but from another ward.  As we were in line she ordered first and then she said she would buy our food which was awesome because we both were really broke.  We talked to her and I guess she has been inactive for like 10 years and just started coming back and said she has seen missionaries everywhere.  Cool thing is she said she was prompted to come to Wendy's because she was needed there.  I know that Heavenly Father wants to help us and know what we need, even if it is just a small lunch, he is always there.  It was a really cool experience and she even started crying because she felt the Spirit so strongly.  Really cool!  (Love when he has these cool experiences.)

Later that night we were out around 8:30, it was pitch black and we were on bikes like always.  We were getting ready to ride home when a familiar truck pulled up.  It was the Player Family from one of the wards and they offered to drive us all the way home which was 6 miles up hill.  They even took us out to Burger King and bought us a bunch of food.  Awesome family!  They live like right down the street from us and we didn't even know.  Heavenly Father really took care of us that day!

We found a new investigator J. C.  We have another investigator who doesn't want to be taught but we stop by and she gives us drinks and treats so it's pretty awesome.  H. is progressing!  We have been talking a lot about baptism with him.  He wants to get ready for it.

We have been biking like crazy!  About 20 miles a day.  It's good exercise! (Glad he is getting the exercise.  He eats out so much he needs it. Ha!)

We had some green and blue tortillas.  Really cool.

JJ got his mission call!  (One of the young men from the Branch.  He has been going out with them the past few months to prepare himself.)  He's going to the Dallas Texas Mission English speaking.  Which is weird because he speaks Spanish.  We are all super excited for him.  Isn't Nic in the Dallas Mission?  (Nic is one of his best friends from the Ward.  He is in the San Antonio mission though.)
I love you guys very much!

Have an amazing week!

Elder Perrine
 Not sure what the story is behind the eggs.  ?? Cute though

Just really liked this pic of him                                                                       Ouch!