Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Klammath Falls - Week 14 (Transfers)

Hola Mama,

So last week we hiked Hogsback again.  I don't know what we were thinking haha.  But it turned out to be worth it once we reached the top.  We hit a bunch of golf balls from the top.  Super fun. (He said it was in the middle so there was no chance of hitting anyone below.  Yikes!)

I also had the opportunity to go see a Chiropractor, Hermano Harmon. He is the second counselor in the branch presidency and he is a super cool guy.  His family is awesome.  He cracked like my whole body.  It felt so good.  Now I'm thinking about maybe being a physical therapist or a chiropractor.  It would be cool.  (Kevin has a broken vertebrae in his lower back so he has back problems too.  Made me nervous having his back "cracked" though.  Grateful Hermano Harmon was able to give him some relief from his back.)

So we biked all week.  We have no more miles because the sisters used our Van twice to Eugene so they used all our miles to drive.  Now we have been biking like crazy. About 20 miles a day and a lot of hills.  We will bike this week also and get more miles at the end of the week.  It's good exercise though.

So one night this week we were out walking, tracting and were on our way home when we noticed a lady working on her broken down car, so we went over and helped her.  It was right next to the church. Then more and more Elders kept showing up. It was pretty funny.  By the end there were about 8 Elders standing around the car.  The ZL's (Zone Leaders) drove us home and we saw a crazy guy dancing down the street doing tribal stuff with a bra on his head and a tennis racket in his hand.  It was about 9:00 at night too. (Kevin is always telling us about how "crazy" some of the people can be.)

Dairy Queen finally opened up. It hasn't been open since I got here.  Yummy food.  I also learned how to make some bomb Tortas from the Arriolas.

We have had some really good lessons with Hugo and he said if he is ready he will be baptized September 27.  Super exciting!  (Yeah!!!  So excited for them.)

My bike tubed popped this week so I had to go buy a new tube and fix it.  Good thing I know how to work on bikes haha.

So another funny thing that happened this week was again at 9.  Something about late at night haha.  We were biking home and I was in front of Fowler, the next thing I hear was a yell and a crash.  I turn around and Fowler was laid out on the ground. I just started laughing.  It was so funny.  He didn't get hurt.  (Poor Elder Fowler.  Instead of helping him up, he takes a pic of him. Ha!)

Did some awesome service.  I guess I have a thing for rock walls and moving dirt because I'm always doing it. haha.  (Kevin has done this a few times with his Grandpa)   We helped Hermano Trejo build a rock wall and shovel a bunch of dirt.  He's a really cool family.  Another young family like the Harmons.  He was a Professional Soccer player and now he is a Doctor.  Super cool guy.

We played soccer saturday night and this time a bunch of people actually showed up.  There were about 20 of us.  Good time to bond with the members and investigators.  Hermano Trejo was showing off his soccer skills haha.

So we got transfer calls this week.  I'm staying in K-Falls again.  I like it here so I'm glad I'm staying. Elder Allen is going to Newport which is the coast.  He will be doing Zebra work. He will be with an English speaker and he will do Spanish and English work.  (Zebra work??  Interesting term.)

So Sunday was a great day.  We were in charge of singing time since Hermana Harmon was out of town.  She asked us to do it.  It was super fun and being in primary made church better haha.  We also had S.'s baptism on Sunday.  He is 10 years old and his older brother was baptized about 6 months ago. He was so happy.  Awesome experience.  We also had an awesome lesson with R.  He is another progressing investigator.

In studies this morning I read this,

On one occasion President Monson said: “We … can choose to have a positive attitude. We can’t direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails. In other words, we can choose to be happy and positive, regardless of what comes our way” (“Messages of Inspiration from President Monson,” Church News, Sept. 2, 2012, 2). (Our Prophet Thomas S Monson)
CES Devotionals - Quotes

Have a great week. Tell everyone that I love them.

Elder Perrine



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