Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Klammath Falls - Week 13

Hola Mama,

This week has been another great week.  Time is flying by its crazy.  Its a good thing I write stuff down or I'd forget everything.

So last Monday we Bowled again.  Its super fun.  I'm really liking bowling.

This week was full of off days and on days.  That's just how it is.   Some days we have a ton of lessons and find great people and other days it seems like no one is home and no one wants to talk to us.  But its a great learning experience.  It just makes love those days that we have success even more.

We have been finding a lot of great solid English investigators but we have to unfortunately give those to the English Elders.  They appreciate it though.

One day this week it poured Rain like crazy.  And of course we were outside walking around tracting. We got completely soaked.  I didn't have one dry spot.  It was pretty funny.  The rain felt good!

We finally were able to contact this less active girl.  When we went over to teach her she said that she invited a friend over who was actually interested in learning more about our church.  He came over. They are in there low 20's so they are super cool.  We had a great lesson with them and her friend wants to learn even more now.  People are ready to listen, we just have to find them.

One day this week we did a TON of service.  Hermano Galindo needed help loading up box springs, mattresses, and frames that he got from a hotel that was getting rid of them.  So of course we helped out and it took all day.  But it was so worth it because the bed sets we had we gave to members that needed them.  We probably delivered about 20 sets or so.  I was also able to talk to S., Juans' son who both of them went to Sacramento.  Juan is a recent convert and the son is investigating the church.  We spent all day doing service so I just talked to him about church things.  It was a great opportunity.

We have an Investigator right now named H. who is a MMA fighter trying to get into UFC.  He's 22 and a super cool guy.  We had some great lessons with him this week and I think he is getting close to baptism.  We taught him the Plan of Salvation.  Super good lesson and he understood it all.  A couple days later we took him to the church and we did the church tour with him and showed him all the rooms and what we do in each class.  That was another great lesson I think he will be a lot more comfortable coming to church now.  He said he would come this Sunday.

So Yesterday was ZCM (Zone Conference Meeting).  The Neilsons were there from the Seventy.  Super cool to meet with a Seventy.  We learned so much from both Elder Nielson and Sister Nielson.  Both are great people and powerful speakers.  The Main focus was on the Atonement and there is the Redeeming Power and the Enabling Power.  We learned that we can be cleansed through the Atonement but we can also receive the strength to get through this life and all the trials that come our way.  We talked about how we shouldn't ask for the problem that we have to go away but ask for the strength to get through it.  If our Heavenly Father just got rid of all our problems we would never progress.  We have trials to help us out.  We also talked about how the Atonement can make bad men good but also make good men better to best to a Saint.  There's just so much that we learned.  It was a really awesome experience.

I'm hoping to stay here a couple more transfers.  This area and Branch is awesome!  (Transfers are next week so I asked if he thought he would be transferred)

Well I hope you have a great week.

Thanks for writing me.
I love you guys!
Elder Perrine
(Kevin didn't sent very many pics this week.   Here are just a few.)
 This is a Branch member.
 Kevin is down and just to the right of the only guy holding his arms up on the right side.

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