Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Klammath Falls - Week 12

Hola Madre,

So this was week was just full of fun!
So on Monday we attempted the Willies Pizza Challenge but failed.  So close only had a couple slices left.  It didn't look that big at first till you start eating it.  That was an awesome experience.  I didn't have to eat the rest of the day haha.  (He looks like he is going to throw up.  Haha!) 

So crazy thing happened this week.  As we were tracking we went through this gate to knock on this house.  But out of no where three big dogs come out growling and barking.  2 big Pit Bulls and a German Shepard.  (Yikes!  I would have wet my pants.)  Not very nice dogs.  I was luckily close to the gate still so I booked it out and lock the gate.  (Seriously Elder??  You left your companion to be eaten by dogs?)  Fowler was way ahead of me by the door so the dogs like jumped up on him but he pushed them off and sprinted to the fence and jumped over.  Our adrenaline was pumping like crazy.  It was an intense experience.  The owner came out laughing and said he never saw someone sprint to the fence that fast before.  I couldn't help but just laugh at Fowler because he was shaking so badly.  The owner was cool though so we talked to him.

So the next day we went back that same street that the dogs attacked us because we still felt like someone was there that we needed to talk to.  We found a house but the guy turned out to be native but he was super interested.  He was never big into religion but he also saw missionaries walking around so he told himself that the next religious people came to his house he was going to ask them what it was all about.  So he asked us and we had a 2 hour discussion with him about what our church is all about. He asked a bunch of crazy questions but we were able to answer them all and at the end we give him a Book of Mormon to read.  He said he would which is awesome.  It was crazy to see his attitude change from not very interested to super interested.  He said our church makes a lot of sense and that if he had to join a church it would be ours.  He also called the Book of Mormon "back up" haha.  Super awesome guy.  (So awesome to see him have these experiences!)

Also found a new family.  The R. Family.  They are young family with three kids.  They seem pretty interested so we are excited to keep teaching them.  There are like 8 R. families here. It's a huge family so it would be awesome to baptize them all haha.

So Saturday was the Crate Lake Rim run, which is a Marathon.  This is the second year that President Coffman and his dad Bishop Coffman have been in charge of it so we were able to go and help them out.  We had to wake up at 3:45am so we didn't get much sleep that night.  Crate Lake is about 1 hour away and it was awesome there.  So freaking beautiful.  I definetly want to go back and hike down to the lake and go camping there.  We were in charge of the finish line of the Marathon.  I was in charge of writing the names and times down as they came in so that was pretty crazy at moments but it was all super fun.  (He was in track for many years and had many races, but never had the chance to work a race.  Great experience!)  That lake is just HUGE!  So we had cool neon volunteer shirts but there were also a bunch of leftover shirts that the runners got so we got one of those and a medal also haha.  There were about 500 runners and over 100 workers.  It was a big deal and The Coffmans said they couldn't of done it without all the Elders.  So it was cool to help out.

Funny story on Sunday.  Elder Allen (his companion at the CCM and his companion again when he went back the second time)  was cleaning off the stage because that's where we have Priesthood and he was moving a table.  The table hit the breaker and all the lights went off in the church and 5th ward was having their Sacrament and Elder Beasley was giving a talk so he had to keep talking in the dark. Super funny!  (That would have been awesome!  Poor guy.  I would have been so embarrassed)

Thank you so much for the Package.  It was perfect.  Lots of nummies and the pictures are awesome. They are nice to have. 

That's crazy the kids are all growing up.  You guys are getting old haha.  (Nice!  I was telling him how I have a kid in Preschool, Elementary, Middle, High School and on a mission.) 

Yeah I saw that Matt (Zavoral) was leaving.  I'm sure he is having a blast in the CCM.  It's also crazy that Tyler (Williams) is coming home.  That time flew by.

I'm hoping I will still stay here in K-falls.  The branch is awesome!  (He has transfers on the 25th and I asked if he knew if he was being transferred)

Well I hope all is good back at home.

I love you guys!

Elder Perrine
 Must be a girls birthday party from the Branch.  Rockin' Dora the Explorer hat!

 Gave me a heart attack being this close to the edge! 
 He was right.  Crater Lake is beautiful. 



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