Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Klammath Falls - Week 14 (Transfers)

Hola Mama,

So last week we hiked Hogsback again.  I don't know what we were thinking haha.  But it turned out to be worth it once we reached the top.  We hit a bunch of golf balls from the top.  Super fun. (He said it was in the middle so there was no chance of hitting anyone below.  Yikes!)

I also had the opportunity to go see a Chiropractor, Hermano Harmon. He is the second counselor in the branch presidency and he is a super cool guy.  His family is awesome.  He cracked like my whole body.  It felt so good.  Now I'm thinking about maybe being a physical therapist or a chiropractor.  It would be cool.  (Kevin has a broken vertebrae in his lower back so he has back problems too.  Made me nervous having his back "cracked" though.  Grateful Hermano Harmon was able to give him some relief from his back.)

So we biked all week.  We have no more miles because the sisters used our Van twice to Eugene so they used all our miles to drive.  Now we have been biking like crazy. About 20 miles a day and a lot of hills.  We will bike this week also and get more miles at the end of the week.  It's good exercise though.

So one night this week we were out walking, tracting and were on our way home when we noticed a lady working on her broken down car, so we went over and helped her.  It was right next to the church. Then more and more Elders kept showing up. It was pretty funny.  By the end there were about 8 Elders standing around the car.  The ZL's (Zone Leaders) drove us home and we saw a crazy guy dancing down the street doing tribal stuff with a bra on his head and a tennis racket in his hand.  It was about 9:00 at night too. (Kevin is always telling us about how "crazy" some of the people can be.)

Dairy Queen finally opened up. It hasn't been open since I got here.  Yummy food.  I also learned how to make some bomb Tortas from the Arriolas.

We have had some really good lessons with Hugo and he said if he is ready he will be baptized September 27.  Super exciting!  (Yeah!!!  So excited for them.)

My bike tubed popped this week so I had to go buy a new tube and fix it.  Good thing I know how to work on bikes haha.

So another funny thing that happened this week was again at 9.  Something about late at night haha.  We were biking home and I was in front of Fowler, the next thing I hear was a yell and a crash.  I turn around and Fowler was laid out on the ground. I just started laughing.  It was so funny.  He didn't get hurt.  (Poor Elder Fowler.  Instead of helping him up, he takes a pic of him. Ha!)

Did some awesome service.  I guess I have a thing for rock walls and moving dirt because I'm always doing it. haha.  (Kevin has done this a few times with his Grandpa)   We helped Hermano Trejo build a rock wall and shovel a bunch of dirt.  He's a really cool family.  Another young family like the Harmons.  He was a Professional Soccer player and now he is a Doctor.  Super cool guy.

We played soccer saturday night and this time a bunch of people actually showed up.  There were about 20 of us.  Good time to bond with the members and investigators.  Hermano Trejo was showing off his soccer skills haha.

So we got transfer calls this week.  I'm staying in K-Falls again.  I like it here so I'm glad I'm staying. Elder Allen is going to Newport which is the coast.  He will be doing Zebra work. He will be with an English speaker and he will do Spanish and English work.  (Zebra work??  Interesting term.)

So Sunday was a great day.  We were in charge of singing time since Hermana Harmon was out of town.  She asked us to do it.  It was super fun and being in primary made church better haha.  We also had S.'s baptism on Sunday.  He is 10 years old and his older brother was baptized about 6 months ago. He was so happy.  Awesome experience.  We also had an awesome lesson with R.  He is another progressing investigator.

In studies this morning I read this,

On one occasion President Monson said: “We … can choose to have a positive attitude. We can’t direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails. In other words, we can choose to be happy and positive, regardless of what comes our way” (“Messages of Inspiration from President Monson,” Church News, Sept. 2, 2012, 2). (Our Prophet Thomas S Monson)
CES Devotionals - Quotes

Have a great week. Tell everyone that I love them.

Elder Perrine



Klammath Falls - Week 13

Hola Mama,

This week has been another great week.  Time is flying by its crazy.  Its a good thing I write stuff down or I'd forget everything.

So last Monday we Bowled again.  Its super fun.  I'm really liking bowling.

This week was full of off days and on days.  That's just how it is.   Some days we have a ton of lessons and find great people and other days it seems like no one is home and no one wants to talk to us.  But its a great learning experience.  It just makes love those days that we have success even more.

We have been finding a lot of great solid English investigators but we have to unfortunately give those to the English Elders.  They appreciate it though.

One day this week it poured Rain like crazy.  And of course we were outside walking around tracting. We got completely soaked.  I didn't have one dry spot.  It was pretty funny.  The rain felt good!

We finally were able to contact this less active girl.  When we went over to teach her she said that she invited a friend over who was actually interested in learning more about our church.  He came over. They are in there low 20's so they are super cool.  We had a great lesson with them and her friend wants to learn even more now.  People are ready to listen, we just have to find them.

One day this week we did a TON of service.  Hermano Galindo needed help loading up box springs, mattresses, and frames that he got from a hotel that was getting rid of them.  So of course we helped out and it took all day.  But it was so worth it because the bed sets we had we gave to members that needed them.  We probably delivered about 20 sets or so.  I was also able to talk to S., Juans' son who both of them went to Sacramento.  Juan is a recent convert and the son is investigating the church.  We spent all day doing service so I just talked to him about church things.  It was a great opportunity.

We have an Investigator right now named H. who is a MMA fighter trying to get into UFC.  He's 22 and a super cool guy.  We had some great lessons with him this week and I think he is getting close to baptism.  We taught him the Plan of Salvation.  Super good lesson and he understood it all.  A couple days later we took him to the church and we did the church tour with him and showed him all the rooms and what we do in each class.  That was another great lesson I think he will be a lot more comfortable coming to church now.  He said he would come this Sunday.

So Yesterday was ZCM (Zone Conference Meeting).  The Neilsons were there from the Seventy.  Super cool to meet with a Seventy.  We learned so much from both Elder Nielson and Sister Nielson.  Both are great people and powerful speakers.  The Main focus was on the Atonement and there is the Redeeming Power and the Enabling Power.  We learned that we can be cleansed through the Atonement but we can also receive the strength to get through this life and all the trials that come our way.  We talked about how we shouldn't ask for the problem that we have to go away but ask for the strength to get through it.  If our Heavenly Father just got rid of all our problems we would never progress.  We have trials to help us out.  We also talked about how the Atonement can make bad men good but also make good men better to best to a Saint.  There's just so much that we learned.  It was a really awesome experience.

I'm hoping to stay here a couple more transfers.  This area and Branch is awesome!  (Transfers are next week so I asked if he thought he would be transferred)

Well I hope you have a great week.

Thanks for writing me.
I love you guys!
Elder Perrine
(Kevin didn't sent very many pics this week.   Here are just a few.)
 This is a Branch member.
 Kevin is down and just to the right of the only guy holding his arms up on the right side.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Klammath Falls - Week 12

Hola Madre,

So this was week was just full of fun!
So on Monday we attempted the Willies Pizza Challenge but failed.  So close only had a couple slices left.  It didn't look that big at first till you start eating it.  That was an awesome experience.  I didn't have to eat the rest of the day haha.  (He looks like he is going to throw up.  Haha!) 

So crazy thing happened this week.  As we were tracking we went through this gate to knock on this house.  But out of no where three big dogs come out growling and barking.  2 big Pit Bulls and a German Shepard.  (Yikes!  I would have wet my pants.)  Not very nice dogs.  I was luckily close to the gate still so I booked it out and lock the gate.  (Seriously Elder??  You left your companion to be eaten by dogs?)  Fowler was way ahead of me by the door so the dogs like jumped up on him but he pushed them off and sprinted to the fence and jumped over.  Our adrenaline was pumping like crazy.  It was an intense experience.  The owner came out laughing and said he never saw someone sprint to the fence that fast before.  I couldn't help but just laugh at Fowler because he was shaking so badly.  The owner was cool though so we talked to him.

So the next day we went back that same street that the dogs attacked us because we still felt like someone was there that we needed to talk to.  We found a house but the guy turned out to be native but he was super interested.  He was never big into religion but he also saw missionaries walking around so he told himself that the next religious people came to his house he was going to ask them what it was all about.  So he asked us and we had a 2 hour discussion with him about what our church is all about. He asked a bunch of crazy questions but we were able to answer them all and at the end we give him a Book of Mormon to read.  He said he would which is awesome.  It was crazy to see his attitude change from not very interested to super interested.  He said our church makes a lot of sense and that if he had to join a church it would be ours.  He also called the Book of Mormon "back up" haha.  Super awesome guy.  (So awesome to see him have these experiences!)

Also found a new family.  The R. Family.  They are young family with three kids.  They seem pretty interested so we are excited to keep teaching them.  There are like 8 R. families here. It's a huge family so it would be awesome to baptize them all haha.

So Saturday was the Crate Lake Rim run, which is a Marathon.  This is the second year that President Coffman and his dad Bishop Coffman have been in charge of it so we were able to go and help them out.  We had to wake up at 3:45am so we didn't get much sleep that night.  Crate Lake is about 1 hour away and it was awesome there.  So freaking beautiful.  I definetly want to go back and hike down to the lake and go camping there.  We were in charge of the finish line of the Marathon.  I was in charge of writing the names and times down as they came in so that was pretty crazy at moments but it was all super fun.  (He was in track for many years and had many races, but never had the chance to work a race.  Great experience!)  That lake is just HUGE!  So we had cool neon volunteer shirts but there were also a bunch of leftover shirts that the runners got so we got one of those and a medal also haha.  There were about 500 runners and over 100 workers.  It was a big deal and The Coffmans said they couldn't of done it without all the Elders.  So it was cool to help out.

Funny story on Sunday.  Elder Allen (his companion at the CCM and his companion again when he went back the second time)  was cleaning off the stage because that's where we have Priesthood and he was moving a table.  The table hit the breaker and all the lights went off in the church and 5th ward was having their Sacrament and Elder Beasley was giving a talk so he had to keep talking in the dark. Super funny!  (That would have been awesome!  Poor guy.  I would have been so embarrassed)

Thank you so much for the Package.  It was perfect.  Lots of nummies and the pictures are awesome. They are nice to have. 

That's crazy the kids are all growing up.  You guys are getting old haha.  (Nice!  I was telling him how I have a kid in Preschool, Elementary, Middle, High School and on a mission.) 

Yeah I saw that Matt (Zavoral) was leaving.  I'm sure he is having a blast in the CCM.  It's also crazy that Tyler (Williams) is coming home.  That time flew by.

I'm hoping I will still stay here in K-falls.  The branch is awesome!  (He has transfers on the 25th and I asked if he knew if he was being transferred)

Well I hope all is good back at home.

I love you guys!

Elder Perrine
 Must be a girls birthday party from the Branch.  Rockin' Dora the Explorer hat!

 Gave me a heart attack being this close to the edge! 
 He was right.  Crater Lake is beautiful. 



Friday, August 8, 2014

Klammath Falls - Week 11

Hola Mama,
So this week was packed full of fun stuff.

P-Day was a blast like always.  Instead of bowling we played pool at Sister B.'s place.  Took some sweet pics. We tried to copy a old picture that was on the wall.  We could of done better but it turned out pretty well.  (They actually did a pretty cool job.)

So since we got hit a while ago we had to take our van in this week to get fixed.  Which sucked because we had to ride bikes all week long.  It would be super hot then all of a sudden a lightening storm would come in and pour rain.  Crazy stuff.  The nasty miggies were horrible riding bikes around too because they would just smack you in the face.  There is also a really bad fire around here and it looks like the end of the world.  The smoke just covers the sky and it's so nasty to bike and walk around.  We finally got our van back today which is nice.

So this week I met the Rugby Coach for OIT, the college here in K-Falls.  He is a member in 1st ward.  He is a really cool guy.  His name is Bro. Brown and he started talking about me playing Rugby and says that I would be a good Rugby player.  Looks like I might have to try Rugby when I'm back haha.  (No surprise there.)

Had exchanges this week with Elder Allen.  He came to my Area and it was really fun.  It was cool to spend the day with him.  We had a lot of success.

This week we have just been finding people left and right.  Most are flakey but we found a couple that seem good. The area is getting better which is awesome.

So Saturday we did pear picking.  It was super fun!  It's the churches welfare orchards, which are huge!  We picked pears for about 4 hours but it was super fun because there were tons of people there.  Mad tons of missionaries.  It was just a huge party and picking pears are super easy.  This was in Medford too.  We went to Jasper's which was my favorite place to eat there.  Amazing Burgers.  One of the members ended up paying for us which was awesome!  There were about 8 elders so I know it was over $100.  He is a really nice guy.  We got to stop by the Medford temple too because it was right down the street.  It was a great day.  On the way home the smoke was nasty.  Couldn't see anything.  K-Falls is just covered in smoke.

Fast Sunday was good.  I was so hungry and tired but pushed through it.  Testimony meeting is always great.  I talked about service since the pear picking.

So in studies this week I read the talk to my favorite video, "Come what May, and love it".

When we fell down, she expected us to pick ourselves up and get going again. So the advice my mother gave to me then wasn’t altogether unexpected. It has stayed with me all my life.
“Joseph,” she said, “come what may, and love it.”
I have often reflected on that counsel.
I think she may have meant that every life has peaks and shadows and times when it seems that the birds don’t sing and bells don’t ring. Yet in spite of discouragement and adversity, those who are happiest seem to have a way of learning from difficult times, becoming stronger, wiser, and happier as a result.

Sister B. is coming today.  You will like her. She is a super nice lady. Her husband played for the Red Sox and a couple other big baseball teams but he passed away.  I can't wait to get the package.  I'm excited.  In the package I sent home there are some slacks and church shoes.  If Tyler wants those he can have them.  If not then just leave everything in there.  I also wrote a letter for him.  (I received a call on Thursday from Sister B.  She was coming down to Sacramento to drop off a members daughter who lives down here.  Kevin asked her to take a box of stuff he didn't need and pick up the package I was getting ready to mail.  It was sooo neat to meet people who knew my son and loved him.  She said that he is fluent in Spanish, which is exciting to me.  I knew he was nervous about going back and relearning Spanish.  She said lots of nice things about him.  Her son said all the ladies are gaga over him.  No surprise there.  Ha!  This is one of the benefits of having him serve so close. I was also able to bake him is favorite goodies and send them up with her.  Great experience.  I have been missing Kevin and more emotional more these past few weeks than I have since he left.  This helped a bit and made him feel closer to home.  Only 18 more months to go!)

I heard you are coaching haha.  That is going to be interesting with you two as the coaches.  (I got suckered in to coaching Jesse's soccer team with Stephanie Cofran.  Soccer has been a big part of our life for 13 years, but I have NEVER played the game myself.  Oh well.  They are 4 and 5, so what do they know if I do things wrong. Right? Ha!

Hope you have a good week and all is well.

Elder Perrine

Klammath Falls - Week 10

Hola Madre,

Can't believe it's been another week.  I'm glad today is P-Day.  This week has been exhausting and it's time for a break.

Last P-day we had a Zone lunch party at the Zone Leaders house.  We made a bunch of burritos and drank a bunch of soda.  Super fun.  After that we all went to bowling again.  I'm getting better each week.  My high score was 137 and I had 4 strike in a row at the end.  (No surprise he is getting better at bowling.  That kid is a natural at anything athletic)

So this week we finally got a branch mission leader, Hermano C.  He's been a member since December so he's pretty new but we are helping him out to know what he needs to do.  

So we had the opportunity to attend the Medford Temple this week.  We don't go to the Portland one unless your up north further but the Medford Temple was still a great experience.  We rode up with a member from Tulelake named Brother Tasum.  Spanish Tulelake Elders rode with us too.  They got us the ride so it was awesome.  A lady out front as we were walking up asked me if I had a name to use, I said no, and she asked if I could do one for a family member so I took one of her family names.  She had the biggest smile on her face and she was just so happy.  It was a great experience to start the day off.  The Temple like always was just amazing.  Got some good pics too.

Got some new investigators this week.  Had our second lesson with them so we can now count them as new.  If we just have one lesson with someone they count as a Potential till our second lesson.  But F. and A. are pretty cool.  They work a lot but they are really good people so hopefully they will be promising.  (They have been struggling finding spanish speaking investigators.  Hopefully these ones work out.)

So here in K-Falls they have these nasty flying bugs called miggies.  They come out at night and all you see are clouds of them.  They come out of the lake.  They are nasty things and just fly around in your face and splatter all over cars.  They don't bite or anything just fly everywhere.  They are annoying haha.  (I have been to Klammath Falls and have experienced these bugs first hand.  It is nasty!  They swarm around by the thousands and are everywhere.  Very weird)

The rest of the A. Family were baptized on Saturday.  I was a witness and also gave the Holy Ghost talk.  The Spirit was so strong during that baptism.  It was an amazing experience and that family just looks so happy now. Hermano A. and his son now have the Aaronic Priesthood.  Super cool.

This Sunday was a great Sabbath Day.  Great lessons and during Sacrament meeting the Young Women had a special program they did.  They just got back from girls camp so they all bore their testimonies about that and sang songs.  .  I

I cut my hair again.  Learned my lesson to never allow Fowler to trim my neck.  Never allowing him to do that again.  I didn't think trimming a neck was super hard haha.

Yesterday the C's were having a bad day and asked if we could give them blessings, of course we said yes. Fowler gave Hermana C. and blessing and I gave Hermano C. one.  It was a great experience and they were very grateful.

Yesterday we also had interviews with the Russells.  It was nice getting to talk with them and to get to know them better.  We also got a new phone which we have been needing. ( They are the new Mission President and his wife. I have not met them but I love them already.  They send out a weekly email to the missionaries and their families.  No doubt he loves the missionaries.)

This week was just so super busy and just drained me.  I'm taking this day to relax and get my energy back. Fun week though.

This week I read a great talk in studies called "From Mzungu to Friend".  It had a great story to it.  Service is a key that can unlock doors otherwise barred to us. As President Thomas S. Monson teaches, “When selfless service eliminates selfish striving, the power of God brings to pass His purposes” (From Mzungu to Friend)
Yeah just send the package whenever.  I can't really think of anything that I need.  I'm pretty good right now.

Looks like the Monterey Trip was awesome.  Wish I could go to the Beach.  I'm glad you all had fun.  (We went to Monterey this past weekend.  It was a lot of fun, but missed Kevin terribly.)

Hope you have a great week.

Love you guys!

Elder Perrine

 Kevin got his companion with the silly string I sent him.  Naughty boy!!  
Pretty sure Elder Fowler was not expecting it.  Haha!

 Nasty Miggies!