Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Klammath Falls - Week 8 (Transfers)

Hola Madre,

So this week has been fun!

Last P-day we played bball and we did some bowling.  Super fun!  Did that same thing today.  I'm getting better at bowling.

Did a lot of service this week.  It's so hot so it's not really fun haha.

Elder Hooker and I did made some music videos.  Pretty AWESOME!

SO since it's been so hot I've been taking a lot of cold showers and drinking slurpees. (No A/C)

I finally finished training!!!!  I have finally graduated!  SO awesome!

SO Transfers were today, so that's why I'm emailing so late.  Elder Fowler just got in.  He came down from Eugene.  Elder Hooker is now in Eugene.  I'm going to miss him but Elder Fowler seems like a fun guy.  I'm also now taking over the area.  I'm pretty nervous but it will be a challenge.

This week we had movie night and watched The Testaments.  The spirit was super strong.  It was all in Spanish too so that was fun haha.

Well email today is going to be short because of Transfers so sorry.

That's crazy you guys got chickens!  I helped the Galindos clip the wings on their chickens.  It was crazy haha.  That's funny I'm replaced by a chicken.  (Jesse named his chicken Kevin)

Hope you have a great week and emails will be better next week.

Yeah that pic is the one for my plaque.  I want Helaman 5:12 for my scrip.

I love you so much.

Tell everyone I say HI!!!

Elder Perrine

 Graduation Day!  What a dork.

 New companion ~ Elder Fowler
Transfer day silly pic

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