Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Klammath Falls - Week 5

Hey MOM!

The days are just blurring together!  Its crazy!  If I didn't write in my journal I'd probably forget everything I did haha.

So this week was pretty good.  All weeks are pretty good when you're out in the field.

So Monday we hiked Hogs Back and that was really fun!  Sweet pics.  I have some more pics of that hike to send today.  So you know how I lost the phone during that hike.  The next morning we went back and started hiking it again to try and find it and we actually found it!  Luckly the ringer was on and we could hear it.  Prays are answered!  (So happy he found it.  Prayers answered for sure!)

So this week was J's. B-day.  He is one of the KID's Family.  (That is what he calls a family in the branch. From what I know there's a single mom with 8 kids.)  He is the oldest and he comes out with us a lot because he is about to put his papers in for his mission.  But on his B-day, Ana, his mom wanted to throw him a surprise party so he just chilled with us all day which was fun and the party had some amazing food.

One of the days this week we were driving then this guy started yelling at us from another car and we didn't know why until we saw a car coming right at us.  Hooker was driving on the wrong side of the road haha.  He thought it was a one way street. (Yikes)

So Elder Hooker bought some Mexican Gospel music and its so funny to listen to.  We made a funny music video in the car with some of the KIDS.  Also Elder Fakahua has this one song and reminds us of the Harlem shake but we call it the Missionary shake.  It's a remix of a church hymn.  We made a sweet video to that too. SO funny.  (I told him to send me the video if he can.  Sounds like it will be fun to watch)

So Sunday was a packed day.  SUPER busy.  Elder Hooker and I taught Gospel Principles in Spanish.  I gave the closing prayer in Sacrament and it was also E's Baptism.  She's the youngest KID.  The last one to get baptized in that family.  She asked me to be the one to talk about Baptism.  I was so nervous but everyone said I did really good.  I was also the Witness.  What was really cool was she got Baptized on her B-day.  Super busy day.  But it's been a really fun week.
Thank you so much for my Package.  The Calendar is nice to have.  (He wanted a wall calendar with all the holidays and birthdays for the family on it.)  I will use the 4th of July stuff haha. (I have a thing about decorating for every holiday.  I sent him some 4th of July decorations)

Well I love you.  I hope you have a good week.  Tell everyone I say HI

Thanks for everything. 

Elder Perrine

Another hike up Hogs's Back

 I haven't seen him on a swing in over 10 years.  Haha!

Elder Perrine looking so handsome at J.'s birthday party

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