Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Klammath Falls - Week 5

Hey MOM!

The days are just blurring together!  Its crazy!  If I didn't write in my journal I'd probably forget everything I did haha.

So this week was pretty good.  All weeks are pretty good when you're out in the field.

So Monday we hiked Hogs Back and that was really fun!  Sweet pics.  I have some more pics of that hike to send today.  So you know how I lost the phone during that hike.  The next morning we went back and started hiking it again to try and find it and we actually found it!  Luckly the ringer was on and we could hear it.  Prays are answered!  (So happy he found it.  Prayers answered for sure!)

So this week was J's. B-day.  He is one of the KID's Family.  (That is what he calls a family in the branch. From what I know there's a single mom with 8 kids.)  He is the oldest and he comes out with us a lot because he is about to put his papers in for his mission.  But on his B-day, Ana, his mom wanted to throw him a surprise party so he just chilled with us all day which was fun and the party had some amazing food.

One of the days this week we were driving then this guy started yelling at us from another car and we didn't know why until we saw a car coming right at us.  Hooker was driving on the wrong side of the road haha.  He thought it was a one way street. (Yikes)

So Elder Hooker bought some Mexican Gospel music and its so funny to listen to.  We made a funny music video in the car with some of the KIDS.  Also Elder Fakahua has this one song and reminds us of the Harlem shake but we call it the Missionary shake.  It's a remix of a church hymn.  We made a sweet video to that too. SO funny.  (I told him to send me the video if he can.  Sounds like it will be fun to watch)

So Sunday was a packed day.  SUPER busy.  Elder Hooker and I taught Gospel Principles in Spanish.  I gave the closing prayer in Sacrament and it was also E's Baptism.  She's the youngest KID.  The last one to get baptized in that family.  She asked me to be the one to talk about Baptism.  I was so nervous but everyone said I did really good.  I was also the Witness.  What was really cool was she got Baptized on her B-day.  Super busy day.  But it's been a really fun week.
Thank you so much for my Package.  The Calendar is nice to have.  (He wanted a wall calendar with all the holidays and birthdays for the family on it.)  I will use the 4th of July stuff haha. (I have a thing about decorating for every holiday.  I sent him some 4th of July decorations)

Well I love you.  I hope you have a good week.  Tell everyone I say HI

Thanks for everything. 

Elder Perrine

Another hike up Hogs's Back

 I haven't seen him on a swing in over 10 years.  Haha!

Elder Perrine looking so handsome at J.'s birthday party

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Klammath Falls - Week 4

Hey Mom,

Another awesome week has passed by.  Pretty Crazy!  So this week was packed full of fun stuff!

We had ZCM, which is Zone Conference Meeting. We had to drive all the way to Medford which was fun.  Road Trip!  It was the last ZCM with President Young. (President and Sister Young have been amazing and so supportive while Kevin was home.  I am really going to miss them.)  We sang Army of Helaman as the Youngs walked in.  He is going home in a couple weeks.  I'm sure going to miss him. The Young's are awesome! I can't wait for Mission Reunions.  (He's already talking about reunions. ??)  They are going to be awesome.  So the ZCM is really fun.  Lots of talks and role plays.  We learned a lot from The Youngs.  We also had
a huge Testimony Meeting.  There were like 60+ Missionaries there.  A really spiritual meeting.

Morning studies were difficult this week.  I'm so tired in the mornings.  (Poor guy is soo tired.)  It's so hard to stay awake haha.  I wish I could sleep in.

This week we met a really cool MMA Fighter.  He's about 21.  We are teaching him now.

This week we had our first Missionary night at the church.  We had a bunch of Pizza and watched the church movies about John Tanner and John Moyle.  A bunch of investigators and members showed up.  Great

I had an exchange with Elder Allen.  It was really fun.  We had some fun experiences tracting.  This one big crazy dog almost attacked us. (Kevin has this weird thing with dogs.  They always want to attack or chase him for some reason)  It was crazy!  Then some crazy buddhist lady didn't want to talk to us.

This week we did some service with F.  He's a really cool guy.  Him and his two sons are members.  They are Raider Fans too.

This morning some Elders and I climbed Hogs Back which is the highest hill/mountain around here.  It was soo hard, but it was totally worth it.  The view was awesome up on top and we took some awesome pictures.  It
was really fun.  I lost our cellphone though so we are going to have to call the office for a new one.  Ooops haha.

I found a lot of good stuff in my studies this week but this one talk I really liked.

Bishop Gary E. Stevenson

Now, consider how your pathway to eternal life is similar to these athletes’ “four-minute performance.” You are an eternal being. Before you were born, you existed as a spirit. In the presence of a loving Heavenly Father, you trained and prepared to come to earth for a brief moment and, well, perform. This life is your four minutes. While you are here, your actions will determine whether you win the prize of eternal life. The prophet Amulek described, “This life is the time …to prepare to meet God; yea, behold the day of this life is the day …to perform [your] labors.”

In a sense, your four minutes have already begun. The clock is ticking. The words of the Apostle Paul seem so fitting: to run the race, that you may obtain the prize.

In the same way that certain steps are essential in the very brief performance of an Olympic athlete--jumps or maneuvers for ice skaters and snowboarders, negotiating the turns of a bobsled run, or carving through the gates of a downhill slalom course--so it is in our lives,where certain things are absolutely essential--checkpoints which move us through our spiritual performance on earth.  (Sports related of course.  No wonder this stuck out to him.) These spiritual markers are the essential God-given ordinances of the gospel: baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, priesthood ordinations, temple ordinances, and partaking of the sacrament each week.

“In the[se] ordinances … , the power of godliness is manifest.”

And in the same way that the discipline of training prepares an athlete to perform elements in his or her sport at the highest level, keeping the commandments will qualify you to receive these saving ordinances.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “I already blew it. My four minutes are already a disaster. I may as well give up.” If so, stop thinking that, and never think it again. The miracle of the Atonement can make up for imperfections in our performance. As Elder Jeffrey R. Holland has taught:

“To those of you … who may still be hanging back, … I testify of the renewing power of God’s love and the miracle of His grace. … “… It is never too late so long as the Master … says there is time. …Don’t delay.”

Remember, you are not alone. The Savior has promised that He will not leave you comfortless.  You also have family, friends, and leaders who are cheering you on.

Well enjoy your week.  I love you so much and tell everyone I say HI.

Elder Perrine

Kevin sent a TON of pictures, but here are a few of my favorites.

Top of Hogs Back

Yep, that would be Kevin on those stairs. Ha!

A member in the Branch owns a "fancy restaurant", as Kevin calls it.  
I think they eat there weekly.  They don't seem to eat at members homes very often.

President and Sister Young (Mission President and his wife).  Amazing people!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Klammath Falls - Week 3

Hey Mom!

I didn't get a email from you.  Must of been a crazy week.  (I sent a letter and for some reason he didn't get it.  I felt sick that he thought that I wouldn't send him a letter because I was busy.) 

I can't believe how fast the weeks are flying by.  Its CRAZY!

This was a really awesome week in my new area.  This area rocks!  Its in the same Branch but just new people to teach and the Elders before us didn't really do anything.  But this week we kicked some butt and now this area is BOOMING!  Met a lot of good people this week.  The North side of Klamath falls, which is my area, is mixed with the super rich people and the super poor people.  So its interesting some times because the poor people live in this section called the Mills Edition.  Elder Hooker and I are getting along really well.  We are pretty similiar so its pretty awesome.  We are by the far the coolest companionship in the OEM. (My son is so humble. What can I say?)

So some things that happened this week are...

I got to give a less active named A a blessing because she was super sick.  Shes like in her 70's and she's just this really nice old lady.  Really cool experience.  I was super nervous though.
We also go running at the College that we live right next to on the track.  I love running on the Track.  It's AWESOME!  One of the mornings we ran to the top of the hill next to the college.  Theres a lot of hills around here.  It didn't look that big but it sucked getting all the way up.  It was exhausting but the view was pretty awesome.  Next week we might hike Hog's Back.  It's the tallest hill around here.  Basically a mountain haha. 
We are still teaching J who is a recent convert.  He's this super cool guy.  He's been through a lot and still is so we always meet with him.  That's when we took the lake pictures because we meet with him at the lake which is awesome.  The place he lives in now is pretty sketchy so we don't go there.
We are riding our bikes a lot now which is nice.  It's super fun to ride them except it's getting hotter and the hills here are tough to ride up!  I'm grateful that I have gears on my bike because if I didn't I would probably die haha.
        There's this yummy place called Jalapenos.  The owner is always there and hooks us up some times.  He's not a member but he knows a lot of members and likes the missionaries.
So we like to walk around Mills Edition and talk to people.  There's this big park that everyone goes to so we always go there to meet people.  One day we meet D and B who were playing basketball. They are in their low 20's.  Super chill guys. We played them a couple times and beat them in 21.  Pretty awesome.  We are going to start teaching them now.  Also met this guy named G and his two sons I and I.  G is probably in his 50's and the kids are 7 and 8.  He has no friends and family so he's lonely.  He totally likes talking to us and we have taught him a bunch and now he's going to start coming to church.  The spirit definetly directed us to him because he was totally ready for us to teach him.  (So cool to see he is excited about meeting people and teaching them.)
       We are having soccer on saturday nights now for members and investigators to come and play. This past Saturday was awesome.  We play indoor soccer at the GYM in the church. Hopefully next week more people will come. (He had me mail his soccer cleats this past week.  He was going through soccer withdrawals. :)

Some stuff I thought was good that I studied this week...

February 2014 Ensign
By Elder Richard G. Scott

God has given you the capacity to exercise faith so that you may find peace, joy, and purpose in life. However, to employ its power, that faith must be rooted in something secure. There is no more solid foundation than faith in the love Heavenly Father has for you, faith in His plan of happiness, and faith in the willingness and power of Jesus Christ to fulfill all His promises.

Some of the principles upon which faith is based include:

•Trust in God and in His desire to provide help when needed, no matter how challenging the circumstance.

•Obedience to His commandments and a life that demonstrates that He can trust you.

•Sensitivity to the quiet promptings of the Spirit and courageous implementation of the resulting impressions.

•Patience and understanding when God lets you struggle to grow and when answers come a piece at a time over an extended period.
There are two patterns for making decisions in life: (1) decisions based upon circumstance and (2) decisions based upon eternal truth. Satan encourages choices to be made according to the circumstances: What are others doing? What seems to be socially or politically acceptable? What will bring the quickest, most satisfying response? That pattern gives Lucifer the broadest opportunity to tempt an individual to make decisions that will be harmful and destructive even though they may appear most appealing when a decision is made.
I would like to suggest 10 specific things to help you be successful in the plan the Lord would have you follow in your life.

First, establish a set of principles by which you will guide every aspect of your life--in your home, in your Church service, in your profession, in your community. 

Second, don’t make exceptions to your standards.

Third, be loyal. 

Fourth, live so that the Lord can guide you to where He wants you to be and to serve. 

Fifth, serve others.

Sixth, smile. 

Seventh, don’t complain. 

Eighth, always have a Church assignment.

Ninth, go to the temple.

Tenth, use the Savior Jesus Christ as your example for life.

 (Living a Life of Peace, Joy, and Purpose)

This week has just been a lot of fun!

     So thank you so much for the Package!  It was awesome to get my stuff and all the nummies!  The little bag you sent is perfect for all my stuff!
Well I hope you have a good week.  I love you so much!
Tell everyone I say HI and that I love them!
Elder Perrine

 Just chilling on his apartment patio.  Such a hard life.
  Goofing with Elder Hooker. 

Without looking too close, can you guess which one is Elder Perrine? Ha!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Klammath Falls - Week 2 (Transfer)

Hey Mom,

So this week was pretty fun.  I forgot my journal at my apartment so I don't have all the details but I'll try my best to remember stuff.

We had a lot of great lessons this week.  We reached the standard of excellence which is a goal for lessons, investigators a Sacrament, etc... and we actually reached it which was crazy.  It's usually super hard to get it but we just pushed hard this week and tried our best.  
I have really enjoyed being able to study everyday.  I'm learning so much already and I feel like everything is starting to slowly come back to me.  I would like to encourage you to do some personal studies everyday.  It really makes your day great.  I have recently been looking at the Ensigns, General Conference talks, Mormon Messages, I'm a Mormon videos, Bible videos etc... since I now have this sweet IPad.  There is a lot of good stuff in there.  The Ensigns are awesome!  They are filled with lots of spiritual things.  Mormon Messages are also super awesome.  You should just watch them all.  We share a lot of the videos with our investigators.  It really helps them understand a little better and the videos are just powerful messages.  One Mormon message video that I watched recently is "come what may, and love it", it's such a great message.  I shared it yesterday with the Kids family (He calls them the Kids family because there are 8 kids and 1 lady who takes care of them.  Not sure if its a foster situation ??), and the G.'s also.  We had a huge BBQ dinner/ party.  Super fun.  Anyways I shared that video with them and the spirit was overwhelming so definitely watch it.  There's this really good quote that kind of goes along with it from President Thomas S. Monson.

Prophetic Promise: Facing Trials

“Our Heavenly Father, who gives us so much to delight in, also knows that we learn and grow and become stronger as we face and survive the trials through which we must pass. We know that there are times when we will experience heartbreaking sorrow, when we will grieve, and when we may be tested to our limits. However, such difficulties allow us to change for the better, to rebuild our lives in the way our Heavenly Father teaches us, and to become something different from what we were--better than we were, more understanding than we were, more empathetic than we were, with stronger testimonies than we had before.

“This should be our purpose--to persevere and endure, yes, but also to become more spiritually refined as we make our way through sunshine and sorrow. Were it not for challenges to overcome and problems to solve, we would remain much as we are, with little or no progress toward our goal of eternal life.”

President Thomas S. Monson, “I Will Not Fail Thee, nor Forsake Thee,” Ensign, Nov. 2013, 87.

(I loved this.  I think this can apply to many people at some point in their life and is a great reminder.)

So I want you to do some personal studying during the week and it would be awesome if you could include your experiences in your email next week and share with me some cool stuff you found. (Yikes.  No pressure)

This week has just been another week in the Field.  I don't have my journal so I can't think of any funny stories this week but maybe next week I can fill you in.

Oh also a big change happened.  Today is actually the first day of the Transfer.  I actually moved to the northern part of K-Falls with Elder Hooker.  Elder Hooker is super cool though. Time to do some awesome work there cuz the area is dead. It's basically like starting all over again in a new area but it's the same branch so I know all the members already.  Just new investigators to teach. Elder Allen is staying in the apartment that I was in and he is getting a new companion fresh from the MTC.  Kind of sucks because the apartment that I was in was super nice and the new one is alright.  The new one is more up in the hills where the richer people are though. Our branch is super tiny.  I think we only had like 20 people at church last Sunday.  There aren't any Priesthood holders.  Only the Branch Presidency.  I think the rest work or something. (I told him that this could be one of his goals.  To reactive and encourage the members to go to church.  He knows, but I reminded him that its just as important to keep the members they have active as it is to bring new members in.)

Well time to go.  Talk to you next week.  

I love you so much.

Elder Perrine

I think these are the Elders that transferred out and Elder Perrine and Elder Hooker took their "spots".  
Kevin knew them from the Mexico CCM