Thursday, May 29, 2014

Klammath Falls - Week 1

Hola Familia,

First day back was pretty exciting.  When I finally got to Eugene, President and Sister Young and the two AP’s met me there. I spent the whole day with the AP’s and spent the night. Also I now have an awesome iPad that I keep my whole mission. It makes missionary work so easy. It has the whole gospel library on it so it's basically all I need to teach all day.

I got to wake up at 5:30 today (Tuesday)....  Kind of sucked but wasn't too bad.  I was just really excited to get to Klammath Falls. It was good to see Elder Allen again (His companion in the Mexico CCM) and Elder Hooker is my other companion. He's super cool also. We all like sports and have a lot in common. I also found out when I got to Klammath Falls that they forgot my big suitcase and box in the mission office so I'm missing tons of my stuff but I'm making it work with the stuff I’ve got. I should get my stuff by next Monday. They brought my bike though but I don't really need it because we have a sweet Jeep Compass. I also met President Coffman today of the Cascade Branch. He's a track coach. I also got a bed tonight. Elders Ayre and Fakahua brought me one. They are the zone leaders. I knew Ayre from Medford and Elder French is here from Medford also so it's awesome. We had to put all three beds in the front room. Big sleep over!

Performed service this morning  (Saturday) for an investigator fixing up a house. Today was the baptism for the A. family. Super cool family. The mom and 2 daughters are getting baptized but the father and 3 sons aren't. The father doesn't feel ready yet. 5 minutes before it was supposed to start the A’s called us and said their car was broken so we had to send a member to pick them up. I gave the opening prayer and the baptism was awesome. That's 8 baptisms for me. I have the most and I've barely been out haha.(President Young told me that they have had 30 baptisms in that Branch in the last 14 months, which is amazing)  Ate dinner with the G’s, who is a member of the branch presidency. He's a doctor from Venezuela. Super cool family.

Today was Sunday. All the classes were really good and President Coffman asked me to give a 10 min talk right before sacrament so I had to hurry up
and prepare  (I told him to always have a talk prepared for times like this.  I didn’t think it would be his first Sunday there though). I talked about a general conference talk by Elder Richard G. Scott called “He has given us an example. It's in the 2014 general conference. The talk actually went really good and I was surprised how good my Spanish was. I wasn't even scared to be up there. It was pretty fun. Also had the confirmation today for the A’s.

It's been really fun being out here. I've already had a lot of awesome experiences.

love you guys!

Elder Perrine

Selfie with Elder Allen (far back) and Elder Hooker

He was so excited to get a 64 oz drink (with Elder Garcia). 
This also shows his apartment and the beds in the living room

Another selfie with companions. :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Arrived in Eugene, Oregon

Elder Perrine has arrived safely in Eugene, Oregon!! He will be traveling down to Kalamath Falls in the morning where he will be serving with his MTC companion, Elder Alan, which is exciting. They got along well and he likes to play soccer too.  It was bittersweet saying goodbye to him this morning, but his father and I know he is where he is supposed to be. More to come next Monday, which is when I will hear from him next.  Until then....