Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Springfield - Week 68

Monday 8/24:  P-Days recently have been pretty lame so we decided to make it sweet.  Turned out to be Elder Swiderski's birthday today, he's in training so he's pretty new.  But we decided to buy a cake and some decorations and drive an hour out to Oakridge to see him and a Elder Campbell.  We snuck in the house and scarred the crap out of him.  It was hilarious!  Man the cake we picked out was good.  We chowed down on that sucker.  So we were trying to figure something fun to do and we heard of some sweet waterfalls so we decided to go check them out.  We ended up going to Salt Creek Falls which is the second biggest waterfall in southern Oregon and drops 50,000 gallons of water per minute.  That's a lot!  It was a nice hike and we had some good times there.  All in all the adventure was successful.  Tonight I had the opportunity to do my first baptismal interview with Pam Sabrowski.  She is an older lady and her husband is a member so it's really exciting.
Tuesday 8/25:  For the first time in my life I went to the bishops store house to do some service cleaning the warehouse and cleaning all the produce shelves.  It's a really cool place.  We had some lessons this afternoon with Brother White and another one with Brother Udy.  We had dinner tonight with Brother Durfee who took us out to Fins Drive In.  It's a old classic burger joint that has a car show every week. They have some good food there.  We were talking about sports because he played a lot and also coached a lot as well.  But he said that the University of Oregon has one of the best Physical Trainer/ Sports Medicine program in the country.  That's pretty sweet!  Tonight I went on splits with Brother Booren and we went shopping to buy a suit for M for his wedding.  Good stuff.

Wednesday 8/26:  We saw M and M and talked to them more about their wedding and baptism coming up.  They are totally locked in and ready.  We saw D a little later.  He's a less active guy but is really cool.  We are working with him to get him back to church.  He knows it's important but is just being lazy.  Tonight we saw V and she is doing well.  She isn't keeping commitments so we are trying to work through that but she has a ton of potential.  We were also in the boonies today doing some work and the country is just so beautiful around here.  Josh Budden from Klamath Falls was up here visiting family so he stopped by and gave us Dairy Queen and we got caught up.  It was sweet seeing him.

Thursday 8/27:  We did some major planning today.  I just want this area to be great so we sat down and really thought about how we can help improve this area and help the people here.  We were able to meet with President Russell for about an hour and talk about the Spanish work here.  The Branch in Eugene, Santa Clara, and Springfield was dissolved about a year ago and the work has just gone hill since then.  We want to get a group back together so that the work can progress once more.  We are really excited to see what happens and we are willing to put the effort and work in to get it done.  President Russell is all for it so we will see what happens.  We also now have a new Ward mission leader in Santa Clara named Brother Charlton.  He's a younger guy going to school at the University of Oregon.  We got to feed the ducks at Brother Deanes one last time.  Tonight we also dropped in on Hermano Flores since he had back surgery.  He's actually doing really well and is already walking.  He appreciated us stopping by and seeing him.  

Friday 8/28:  The Russell's came to District Meeting.  I was pretty nervous because we had to teach a portion before but it went smoothly.  So today I went with Elder Campbell on exchanges out to Oakridge.  It's this tiny town in the middle of no where.  It was fun spending the day out in the woods.  It's nice and peaceful but these poor people are just stuck here and aren't doing anything with their lives.  We did find a Hispanic family so I was able to talk with them.  They are always so nice.  So tonight we talked to T and S.  T is a less active from Utah and S is his girlfriend.  They are by far some of the funniest people I've met.  We had a blast talking with them and then they loaded us up with food.  So Elder Campbell is from Utah and is by far one of the coolest Elders out here.  TOP 5.  He loves soccer, loves MMA, loves working out.  So we get along really well.  Tonight we just talked about MMA stuff and sports.  It's been sweet!

Saturday 8/29:  We couldn't sleep last night so we were up late just talking.  This morning we went and fed some chickens for a member who is out of town.  He had a ton of chickens!  Also taught a family from North Highlands.  Pretty crazy how small the world is.  The son Chaz Carter went to Foothill High.  So after we switched back we had to go to M and M's wedding.  It was awesome to see them get married and see how happy they are now.  The food and cake was also delicious haha.  Tonight we went over to The Flores to help pick some plums and pears.  We picked a ton of fruit.  We even got to keep some!  We stopped by Fidel's and talked with him for over an hour about the Gospel.  He's had a rough past of drugs and gangs and wants to put God first in his life now.  He was telling us all these crazy stories of him and his homies getting in fights and how one time 3 big dudes came up to him to rob him and Fidel pulled out a gun and was going to shoot them but he just scared them off.  He was crazy back then haha.  But he's really chill now.

Sunday 8/30:  We went to 5 hours of church today since we went to Santa Clara then to Springfield.  Long day!  Tonight we did see T though and had a great discussion with him.  It's hunting season now so it's going to be hard to teach people haha.  The weather today is super nice.  It's been raining so it actually looks like Oregon now.  Got a call from President Russell informing us about the meeting he had with the Stake Presidents here.  He said he stirred the pot and got them thinking about getting s group back together.  I'm stoked to see what happens!  Tonight we also were able to visit Brother Pristavec.  He's an old army guy with 13 kids and is going to school to be a doctor.  He's a BOSS!  We got onto the topic of religious freedom and how now a days religion is getting pushed aside and the world is more wicked.  Reminded me of a scripture...

 20 Wo unto them that call evil good, and good evil, that put darkness for light, and light for darkness, that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! (2 Nephi 15)

The world is flipped upside down now.  Evil is now good, and people look at good as being evil.  Gods commandments are even under attack but we know that Gods Commandments will never change but the world just doesn't understand that.  We must continue to defend our beliefs and Gods commandments but we must do it by love.  Otherwise we will not be followers of Christ because followers of Christ do things out of love.  We have to stay on our foundation which is the foundation of Christ.  And Christ will not move.  These are the last days.  We must continue to fight against Satan and his Army.  We must put on the full Armor of God now!  Do not wait till it is too late...

Thank you all for the support!  It means a lot to me!

I love you all very much!

Con mucho amor,
Elder Perrine (AKA La Mole)

Springfield - Week 67

What's up Familia?  Como le va?

So it's been a sweet week! 

Monday 8/17:  This morning I honestly did not want to get up for Racquetball.  It was a struggle but I ended up doing it and it was a blast.  Today we went to Downtown Eugene and walked around and checked out the shops.  It's pretty weird down there haha.  We also played some Dunk ball and that was alright.  Tonight we saw D and L.  They didn't come to church like they said they would.  We are running out of patience with them but we just have to continue to love them and support them.  They are slowly progressing...

Tuesday 8/18:  Today was Elder Johansons last full mission day.  I realized that he will be my sixth companion to go home.  This morning we served at Lane County Foods making some lunches.  Afterwards we went to B-Dubs with some of the Elders.  Elder Strech had some of the Blazin wings and was crying hahaha.  Today we helped Elder Johanson prepare to go home.  Tonight we had splits and saw some good peeps.  It was good.  Elder Johanson is now packing and getting his stuff all ready.  It's weird to see missionaries go home.

Wednesday 8/19:  We dropped Elder Johanson off at the mission home this morning and that was really weird to see him go.  It's pretty sad to be honest to see a homie go but Elder Strech and I are going to continue to go hard.  So today as I was thinking about who to go visit, R popped into my head instantly and I wasn't sure why until we got there.  As we started talking to him we could tell something was wrong as he was on edge.  I guess something really bad happened to his sister.  I don't want to give details.  The Spirit definitely played a huge roll in that lesson for without it R would probably be in prison.  I have learned from this experience to always be worthy of the Holy Ghost and if he prompts you, you better do what he tells you right away. An amazing experience never to be forgotten.  Tonight we also taught V who is slowly learning but as long as she is learning I'm happy.  The L family finally met with us tonight as well.  They are such a great family who is just straying away a bit so we are trying to real them back in.
Thursday 8/20:  This morning we went and played some soccer at the turf fields.  I'm trying to keep in shape and keep my touch with the soccer ball.  So today we had to do a ton of planning and a ton of phone calls.  I have never talked on the phone as much as I did today in my whole entire life.  It was insane how many times we had to call people and talk with them.  The glories of being a Zone Leader... Ha yeah right.  Tonight we had correlation with Brother Deane.  He lives by a pond so afterwards he gave us a bunch of seeds and we had some fun feeding the ducks nearby.  I thought they were going to bite my hand off.  It was sweet though!  Tonight we ate with the Flores family.  Extremely awesome family!  Sam is the husband and he's a convert.  He's from a tough past and he's got a strong testimony so it's sweet talking with him.   So we shared a message with them about how Christ is the bread of life and how he is there with arms wide open.  It made me think of the picture of Christ standing by a door that has no handle.  We are on the other side with the handle and it's our choice to open it and let Christ in our lives or to leave it closed.  

17 O ye fair ones, how could ye have departed from the ways of the Lord! O ye fair ones, how could ye have rejected that Jesus, who stood with open arms to receive you! (Mormon 6)
He stands there with Arms Wide Open to Receive Us!  Don't reject Him!

Friday 8/21:  Today I went on Exchanges with Elder Peterson in his area.  He's a goofy kid but he's extremely smart.  Not too much happened today because a lot of the appointments he had canceled on us.  That's always the worst.  Today we did have a really good lesson with the Sabrowski family.  The wife is getting baptized in one week and the husband is returning to the church.  They are such a great family!  It was a blast eating with them and then we had a bomb lesson.  The wife is totally ready for baptism.  It's great to see how the Gospel of Christ can change someone's life.  

Saturday 8/22:  This morning our service canceled that we were going to do so we decide to knock some doors.  As we were knocking we ran into a guy about our age who was going door to door selling satellite.  Turns out he's a member from Washington and served his mission in Italy.  Him and about 10 other members are in the Eugene area doing the same thing.  I guess it's just like selling pest control.  They always go for the Mormons since we are use to knocking on doors.  Later in we ran into another one doing the same thing.  They were everywhere haha.  It was cool talking with them though.  They said its a lot easier to sell satellite than the Gospel which is pretty sad to see.  People are just lost in the ways of the world.  We attended a baptism today for Tonya.  M and M came as well and they loved it and are excited for their baptism.  We spent the rest of the day in Santa Clara.  We ate dinner with Bernardo Guittierez and his mom.  They are from Michoacan and have family in Sacramento and Salinas.  Small world so we had a good chat about that.  We are basically family haha.  There's about 8 Guittierez families here and they are all related.  Boss families!  Tonight we taught Patricia and Fidel. They let us right in and we had a good lesson with them.  Patricia has 5 brothers in Guatemala who are all members.  Sweet!!!

Sunday 8/23:  Tonight we had dinner with the Gallup Family.  Such a sweet family!  Probably one of the coolest here.  They are all track, basketball, and soccer fans.  They love the outdoors so we get along very well.  I was about to lose hope on cool families here but I guess there are a couple haha.  M and M are also doing great.  Their wedding is this Saturday the 29th so we are excited to attend and then they are going to get baptized the next Saturday.  Two awesome weekends in a row.

So this week President Russell my Mission President brought this scripture to our attention.  

20 Verily, verily, I say unto you, that Satan has great hold upon their hearts; he stirreth them up to iniquity against that which is good.
21 And their hearts are corrupt, and full of wickedness and abominations; and they love darkness rather than light, because their deeds are evil; therefore they will not ask of me.
22 Satan stirreth them up, that he may lead their souls to destruction.
23 And thus he has laid a cunning plan, thinking to destroy the work of God; but I will require this at their hands, and it shall turn to their shame and condemnation in the day of judgment.
24 Yea, he stirreth up their hearts to anger against this work.
25 Yea, he saith unto them: Deceive and lie in wait to catch, that ye may destroy; behold, this is no harm. And thus he flattereth them, and telleth them that it is no sin to lie that they may catch a man in a lie, that they may destroy him.
26 And thus he flattereth them, and leadeth them along until he draggeth their souls down to hell; and thus he causeth them to catch themselves in their own snare.
27 And thus he goeth up and down, to and fro in the earth, seeking to destroy the souls of men.

Satan tries to deceive us, he tries to make us think what we are doing is right even though we are going down the wrong path.  He is our enemy and will try everything in his power to drag us down the gulf of misery.  He wants to destroy our souls.  We must not let this happen.  As we follow Gods commandments, read the scriptures, pray, go to church, follow the Prophet, listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost we will stay on the right path.  

I want you to ponder these questions.... Are you on the right path??? If you are, are you doing everything you can to stay on the path???

I love you all!  Thanks for he support and I pray for you everyday.

Elder Perrine

Springfield - Week 66

It's been a long week!  Elder Johanson will be going home on Wednesday so it will just be Elder Strech and I.  It's going to be weird with just 2.

Monday 8/10:  I could not sleep last night!  Elder Johanson and I might of stayed up too late talking about life.  This is his last week so that's super crazy!  Two companions in a row are going home now.  The Assistants to the President, Elder Workman and Elder Nash came to racquetball finally.  That was a blast!  We chilled at Jakes house again today.  We played some basketball with the A.Ps and some other missionaries.  It was good exercise.  Got to love balling it up!  

Tuesday 8/11:  This morning we had Zone Leader Training.  There we learned our duties and responsibilities as well as how we can be great leaders.  That meeting has probably been one of my favorite meetings I have attended.  The Spirit was strong and I learned a Ton!  For lunch today we went to Buffalo Wild Wings.  I love that place!  It was Elder Whitneys Birthday today so we went and grubbed down on some wings.  Since it was his birthday I told the waitress and they came and sang to him and gave him a hat.  It was hilarious!  He was mad at me at first until they brought out some cake and ice cream haha.  Elder Johanson went to the Mission Home to take care of stuff there before he leaves and Elder Strech and I stayed in our area.  We taught R and K.  Bomb lesson!  Since he is a graffiti artist, I'm going to have him make me a piece.  Tonight for splits I went out with the Strebels.  We taught A and B.  I taught them about how God is our Loving Heavenly Father and that he is with us at all times and knows what we stand in need of.  She has been going through some hard times and that really helped her.  As we were leaving she thanked me for not giving up on her even though they have been flakes.  I now know that even when people are flakes and nothing seems to be working we just need to have patience and everything will work out according to Gods will.  We also saw M and M and had another awesome lesson with them.  They are so solid that there's not much we have to do besides teach them the lessons.  They understand and accept it all.  They are going to get married in the next couple weeks so that should be fun!

Wednesday 8/12:  For lunch today Hermano Salgado made us some bomb Tortas.  We went on exchanges today.  Elder Whitney came to my area with Elder Strech and I.  We helped Brother Halford with some yard work.  He was showing us his drumming skills and wanted us to try it as well, so I did, and of course I'm a natural.  I think I finally found my musical talent.  We had a really good lesson tonight with J and M.  We talked for over an hour and it was just a nice lesson.  In the idle of the lesson a dumb bird pooped on my back.  Nasty!  I've never had that happen before but I guess there's a first for everything.  Elder Whitney and a Elder Eldridge wrestled tonight, man that was funny.

Thursday 8/13:  This morning we went to 32nd st which has a huge sports complex and for morning exercise we played soccer.  Just passing, shooting and lots of running.  It was a blast.  We finally got our car this morning from the shop.  It's now all fixed and nice looking from the crash.  We did some more service today hauling and cutting tree branches.  Yard work is specialty.  Tonight we ate at the Valverdes restaurant again.  They made us some killer burritos!  Tonight we saw a bunch of people but unfortunately we weren't able to teach anyone.

Friday 8/14:  Today was a weird day.  I had the opportunity to give Sister Sowter a blessing today because she is sick.  They was a cool experience.  The only other good thing that happened today was we finally taught D and L even though they fell asleep half way during the Restoration video.

Saturday 8/15:  We started the day off right today.  We taught M and J and also T and C.  Bomb lessons!  The rest of the day we spent in Santa Clara and Eugene talking to a million people.  We had dinner with Bertha Bowker tonight and she made some of the best chicken recipe ever!

Sunday 8/16:  Elder Strech and I went to Santa Clara for church today.  Long day there but it was packed full of great stuff.  We went to Harrisburg to the Valverdes house for a bug Potluck.  Bomb food and it was great to talk with all the members more.  The rest of the day we went hard and taught some peeps.  We saw M and M tonight and they are doing very well!

This week I reread in Alma 18.  We must remember that God is our Loving Heavenly Father and he cares for each and everyone of us.  He knows what we are going through and what we stand in need.  Always trust in him!

32 And Ammon said: Yea, and he looketh down upon all the children of men; and he knows all the thoughts and intents of the heart; for by his hand were they all created from the beginning. (Alma 18)

Love you all!

Elder Perrine

Springfield - Week 65

Life is good!

Monday 8/3:  This morning we rose nice and early ready to play some racquetball.  We chilled a lot at Jake Jacobsons house today.  He's a sweet member in Springfield 1st Ward.  He's definitely one of those people who would do anything for anyone.  Great guy!  We finally saw B tonight.  He's really struggling with his girlfriend and it's just a sticky situation.  We weren't sure what to tell him so we read some scriptures and said a prayer.  Tonight Elder Strech had his first interview as a district leader.  L was interviewed for baptism for this coming Saturday. It should be great!  We had the interview at the Walkers who is a pretty crazy family and they had a studio where he takes a lot of pics and does editing.  He had a ton swords and studio equipment.  It was pretty serious haha.

Tuesday 8/4:  I had my first MLC today which was from 10 to 4.  It was a long meeting but it was full of edifying instruction and inspiration.  We learned about being Exactly Obedient, Planning and Teaching, Inviting people to be Baptized, and Accountability to God.  It was a good experience.  I went out with Hermano De Luna tonight to see Veronica and had a great lesson with her about Baptism and the Holy Ghost.  Tonight Elder Eldridge and I carried Elder Strech up the stairs and to his bed because he was sick and passed out.  Then Eldridge started to carry Elder Johanson up the stairs and that was hilarious.  He wouldn't let go of Johanson and I was just cracking up the whole time.  Elder Eldridge is a crazy guy. Ha.

Wednesday 8/5:  So M and M live right next to the Salgados store so after we ate our burritos we went over and talked to them. M was really open this time when we came by which is great.  We taught them the Restoration and watched the movie as well.  M said a light bulb went off as she was watching it and she is grateful to know that Christs church was restored on the earth again.  They are both on Date for Baptism.  They are such an awesome family.  Tonight we had dinner at El Pato Verde (the green duck).  The Valverdes own it so we get free food. I love free food!

Thursday 8/6:  This morning we helped Brother Greer unload his trailer at the dump.  He's a intense old military guy.  We taught the Halfords today; we discussed the importance of daily scripture study.  It's so vital that we dig deep down into the scriptures to truly understand them.  As we do, we learn so much.  Tonight we had dinner with the Youngers.  They bought President and Sister Youngs old SUV, so that was funny to see in their drive way.  Tonight we saw D and L and had a good conversation with them.  They are stagnate right now so we are just trying to take baby steps right now.

Friday 8/7:  This morning we had missionary training with Elder Swiderski.  We also had to set up for ZTM.  I was pretty nervous, not going to lie.  But as we started teaching the meeting started to go smoothly and before I realized it, it was over.  I didn't even want it to end because I was having so much fun teaching.  I thought for my first time ZTM went well.  I for sure have a lot to work on but it was decent.  For lunch today all us Elders went to Buffalo Wild Wings and chowed down on some grub.  It was nice kicking it with the bros.  We did some major tracting today.  We were busting down some doors!  Tracting always fun because I have the opportunity to meet so many different people.  Some I wish I hadn't met, some that were creepy, and some that were solid.  The solid people are always the best to find.  It's just amazing to me that so many people just won't even talk to us about Christ.  It's very sad to see what this world has come to.  People have just fallen away from Christ and His teaching and just do their own thing.  It just doesn't work out that way but one day they will find out the hard way.  Today we went so hard that we just skipped dinner.  We so R and K tonight and talked to them forever.  It was great because we haven't seen them in a while so we had the chance to catch up on things.  We even put them on date to be Baptized on September 19.  They are excited to work towards that goal and we are excited to see them progress.  The work of Salvation is amazing!

Saturday 8/8:  This morning we had to deal with a sister missionary problem... Zone leader duties are just glorified babysitting duties. Haha.  President Russell talked to us about how blessings work.  You shouldn't get a blessing for the same thing over and over again.  If you do that means you aren't trusting in the Lord and don't have any Faith.  Words of Wisdom from Pres. Russell.  Not much else happened tonight except we taught Chris who is a son of a member.  He's a cool guy so we are excited to continue to meet with him.  We had a really cool conference call with President Russell tonight for all the Spanish Elders.  He talked to us about how we've been called to come here and teach the Spanish speakers the Gospel in their own language.  He related D&C 90:11 which talks about how everyone will hear the gospel in their own language.

Sunday 8/9:  Elder Strech and I went to Santa Clara today to see all the Spanish members over there.  It was good to see them all and we are trying to get make involved with them.  We taught J today but his older brother Q was making it hard to teach the lesson.  Also we taught T which was a totally solid lesson!  So funny story, last night we were suppose to have a movie night with L and D and watch the restoration but they flaked out.  We left a pizza on their doorstep for them.  We came back tonight to see them but they still weren't there but the pizza still was.  So since we didn't have dinner we grabbed it and had a yummy dinner hahaha.  Blessings in disguise.  Tonight we saw M and M and they are continuing to do great.  They came to church today and are even reading the scriptures.  Most solid investigators I have ever taught!  Super cool couple as well!

So I really enjoyed a few verses in Alma 21.  Aaron and his brothers get cast into prison and went through many hardships and when they are released they go straight back into the work of preaching.  They didn't turn back because of their sufferings but trusted in the Lord and endured to the end.

14 And those who were cast into prison suffered many things, and they were delivered by the hand of Lamoni and Ammon, and they were fed and clothed.

15 And they went forth again to declare the word, and thus they were delivered for the first time out of prison; and thus they had suffered.

16 And they went forth whithersoever they were led by the Spirit of the Lord, preaching the word of God in every synagogue of the Amalekites, or in every assembly of the Lamanites where they could be admitted.

17 And it came to pass that the Lord began to bless them, insomuch that they brought many to the knowledge of the truth; yea, they did convince many of their sins, and of the traditions of their fathers, which were not correct.

I love you all!!!

Elder Perrine

 Kevin's nickname was Bart growing up

Springfield - Week 64 (Zone Leader)

Buenos Dias Familia!

Monday 7/27:  It was a late night last night.  We stayed up pretty late just talking about life.  So for Racquetball this morning a ton of peeps were there.  Probably close to 15.  Man was that fun!  It was a chill Prep day.  Just played some ball and waited for Elder Strech to get into town.  So Elder Strech is also a Spanish missionary and is from Pocatello, Idaho.  He's my first comp not from Utah or Arizona haha.  He's super into fitness so we get along really well.  We saw D and L last night and they've been slacking so we had a heart to heart with them. It's very simple and very important.  Most people just don't get it.

Tuesday 7/28:  Another late night.  Running on fumes today because Allen, Pickett, and Burnett came back over last night for their last night on the mission.  They said goodbye to us early in the morning.  It was weird to say goodbye to Allen since I started the mission with him and now he's headed home.  Time flys too fast.  Today we did some good service at Lane County Foods making lunches for a ton of peeps.  We taught A again this afternoon.  We had a great discussion about how the Holy Ghost guides us as we are worthy and  listen to his promptings.  We had District Leader training for the new DL's in our zone. Tonight we had splits and Hermano Gregorio came out with Elder Strech and I to see the Medina family.  

Wednesday 7/29:  Played basketball this morning.  Elder Strech isn't good so we will just be doing normal workouts in the morning ha.  W had his baptismal interview today.  He passed with flying colors and is a stud!  We had a great lesson with E.  She doesn't want to commit to anything so it's hard to work with her.  Tonight we took out some brand new missionaries who just came in the the MTC this afternoon.  I took out Elder Tebault (TeBo). He's a cool kid from Saint George, Utah.  He's going to be a stud missionary.  We saw V and Elder Tebault shared a great scripture with her.  It was a good first lesson for him.

Thursday 7/30:  I got huge this morning!  I'm trying to get fit and I still wake up at 5:30 but now I do cardio and weights.  Elder Strech is my get huge workout comp.  This morning we sang to the new missionaries coming in.  It's always weird seeing these new missionaries coming in, looking all young, and looking nervous haha.  This Elder that bore his testimony told the new missionaries that they all looked, "Shiny" ha.  The rest of the day pretty much sucked.  No one had time or wanted to listen.  What made it even better was the wonderful heat of 104 degrees.  Fantastico!  We saw A tonight and had a great discussion with him.  He's preparing to go back to Mexico City.  He showed me where Real Del Monte, Hidalgo is and its only 1 1/2 hours from his house.  He said it's really beautiful there.  Tonight I had my first Zone Leader Conference call and they had me give the opening prayer.  Of course picking on the new guy.
Friday 7/31:  I had my first new missionary training this morning with Elder Swiderski.  It was weird because I flashed back to when I was new and had zone leaders helping me, now I'm the zone leader.  Elder Strech and Elder Eldridge had their first district meeting today as well.  They did good for their first time.  We taught E today and are trying to get him coming to church and ready the scriptures.  Tonight we drove to Corvallis to see Nashville Tribute perform.  I drove up with a Elder Workman and I got shotgun as he drove so we just talked the whole time.  We got to meet all the peeps from Nashville Tribute.  It was pretty sweet seeing them perform.

Saturday 8/1:  Today was Elder Johansons birthday.  We ate at Buffalo Wild Wings which was bomb!  W was baptized today!  It was great being a part of that.  He was super excited.  

Sunday 8/2:  Elder Johanson confirmed W today.  His Grandfather who baptized W was super stoked to see him receive the Holy Ghost.  The Salgados brought a couple to church who are super Golden!  M and M are going to get baptized soon!  Members are the best!  Elder Johanson and I taught Gospel Principles today with a 2 minute notice.  We had Stake Correlation today with President Ennis.  It went well for our first time.  Being a ZL is a lot of work!

So this week I read an article in the Ensign.  It says...

As a new General Authority, Elder Marion G. Romney (1897–1988) felt inadequate in fulfilling his important calling, so he sought advice from his friend Elder Harold B. Lee (1899–1973) of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. The counsel offered that day both surprised and motivated Elder Romney. Elder Lee said: “If you are to be successful as a General Authority, you will need to be inspired. You will need to receive revelation. I will give you one piece of advice: Go to bed early and get up early. If you do, your body and mind will become rested and then in the quiet of those early morning hours, you will receive more flashes of inspiration and insight than at any other time of the day.”

Years later, reflecting back on that experience, then-President Romney said: “From that day on, I put that counsel into practice, and I know it works. Whenever I have a serious problem, or some assignment of a creative nature with which I hope to receive the influence of the Spirit, I always receive more assistance in the early morning hours than at any other time of the day.”

When I first read this account, I too was surprised by the advice Elder Lee gave. I would never have connected an early daily schedule with revelation. However, I now know that there is a direct correlation. I have also learned that actions traditionally associated with receiving revelation like prayer, scripture study, fasting, temple attendance, and service are greatly enhanced when I go to bed early and get up early.

Thanks for the support and love!

Love you all!

Elder Perrine

Monday, September 21, 2015

Springfield - Week 63

Buenos Dias!
Monday 7/20:  This morning we played Racquetball with President Lowery again.  I'm starting to get a hang of the game.  So since today is a Elder Allens last normal P-Day we wanted to do something fun so we drove out to Lowell, OR which is in the middle of the woods and did some hiking, ate a ton of blackberries, skipped some rocks at the river, and just hung out and had a good time.  We also played some Dunk Ball at the park.  They have hoops you can adjust so we moved them to 8 feet and played 21.  I was slam dunking like crazy and I kept swating down Elder Allen and Elder Johanson.  Tonight we taught L and a couple of his friends.  We also played some soccer with them.

Tuesday 7/21:  This afternoon we went with Hermano Salgado to give a blessing to one of his employees daughter.  When we got to the house we noticed it was a lady who rejected us the week before and didn't want anything to do with us.  This time she was very nice and we gave her daughter, L a blessing.  We also shared a message about Christ and His Atoning Sacrifice.  R, the mother, now wants to come to church and learn more.  The Lord works in mysterious ways but he is always guiding people to where they need to go.  We are just the instruments in his hands.  Tonight I went with Hermano Deluna on splits again.  He also brought his 8 year old daughter, A with him.  We went and saw V and her family.  V's daughter, D became perfect friends with A.  We had the opportunity to give V a blessing.  She's been sick so we were glad to do it.  After we were done she said she felt a warm feeling come over her body.  The Priesthood power is real.  Her mom and sister were also there so we started talking with them and 2 hours later we were leaving after a great lesson with them and a belly full of pisole.  It was a sweet lesson!

 Wednesday 7/22:  For lunch today we ate at the Salgados store.  We saw J again today and talked to him about Baptism.  He wants to be Baptized but we need to talk with his mom again about it to figure it all out.  Tonight we went on splits with the Priests and Young Men's leaders. It was fun.  It was good to take the Priests out to get them ready for the mission life as well as getting the leaders out so they can get some taste of missionary work as well.  Brother Marchant came out with us and we saw D and L again. D started chewing again which sucks but he isn't chewing as much as he use to.  We are starting the program up again and this time he's going to do it.  

Thursday 7/23:  Elder Allen went to the Temple today so Elder Johanson and I spent the day together.  We spent half the day doing service.  This morning we went to Eugene to do some service for St. Vinnie's.  It took us forever to find the place we were suppose to go.  So we had 3 other cars following us around Eugene until we finally found it haha.  We did a ton of yard work and it looked a ton nicer afterwards.  We taught R today, we finally caught him home.  His girlfriend K also joined us and we had a great lesson with them.  Tonight we had dinner with President Lowery.  It was also Elder Allens 20th birthday today.  We had a blast with the Lowerys.  They are super funny and it's fun being around them.  Tonight we saw D again.  He failed with 15 step program so we started it up again and bought him all the stuff he needs.  He should be good now!

Friday 7/24:  This morning we had a good district meeting about door approaches and planning for our investigators.  We saw I today and I guess my trainer Ammon Johnson is engaged to a Hispanic girl.  Good for him.  I is a funny dude.  We had the opportunity to meet J.  She needed a blessing and the gift of tongues is real.  Words were just flowing out of my mouth that.  It was sweet!  She said after the blessing the pain lessened and the burden left.  Amazing experience!  We also saw C and S and their whole family.  They are a blast.  Got some good carne asada.  We had dinner with Berta and Scott.  She made some BOMB enchiladas, rice, and beans.  It looked like a 5 star restaurant.  So we got calls today and I'm the new Zone Leader in Springfield.  President said it was rare that I am called to be a Zone Leader without first being a District Leader so that's really cool.  I also get Elder Strech so we are still in a trio.  Another Party transfer.
Saturday 7/25:  Today was a party.  This morning we went to the Pioneer Party for the stake.  There was a ton of food and lots of games.  Tonight we went to Corvallis and had dinner with the Islas and then went to O's baptism.  I was so grateful to be able to go!  It was by far one of the best baptisms I've attended only because the baptism had so meaning behind it.  Brother Amaton is a recent convert and baptized his 20 year old son O.  It was sweet!  It was nice seeing everyone is Corvallis.  I miss all of them!

Sunday 7/26:  Today was crazy!  Church was good.  Went to both wards.  It was Elder Allens last Sunday.  He said a lot of goodbyes to everyone today.  We had dinner with Veronica and her family.  It was bomb Mole.  Tonight we took Elder Allen to the mission office for a big meeting while we went out and taught.  Tonight we have Elders Pickett, Burnett, and Cook with us.  6 Elders in one apartment is a party.  All 5 of them are going home soon.  It sucks that all my homies are taking off.

This week I read something in Alma 7 I would like to share...

22 And now my beloved brethren, I have said these things unto you that I might awaken you to a sense of your duty to God, that ye may walk blameless before him, that ye may walk after the holy order of God, after which ye have been received.

23 And now I would that ye should be humble, and be submissive and gentle; easy to be entreated; full of patience and long-suffering; being temperate in all things; being diligent in keeping the commandments of God at all times; asking for whatsoever things ye stand in need, both spiritual and temporal; always returning thanks unto God for whatsoever things ye do receive.

24 And see that ye have faith, hope, and charity, and then ye will always abound in good works.

25 And may the Lord bless you, and keep your garments spotless, that ye may at last be brought to sit down with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and the holy prophets who have been ever since the world began, having your garments spotless even as their garments are spotless, in the kingdom of heaven to go no more out.

26 And now my beloved brethren, I have spoken these words unto you according to the Spirit which testifieth in me; and my soul doth exceedingly rejoice, because of the exceeding diligence and heed which ye have given unto my word.

27 And now, may the peace of God rest upon you, and upon your houses and lands, and upon your flocks and herds, and all that you possess, your women and your children, according to your faith and good works, from this time forth and forever. And thus I have spoken. Amen.

The Lord has given us His Gospel and His Teachings.  He has prepared the way for us.  All we have to do is give heed unto his words and we shall be blessed forever.

Thank you for your love and support!

I love you all!

Elder Perrine

Springfield - Week 62

Sorry today's email is a little later than usual.  We've been having too much fun this morning.

Monday 7/13:  We played some Racquetball again this morning.  It was a blast!  Today we just chilled.  We played volleyball again as a zone and that got pretty intense.  We were invited to a birthday party for one of our investigators.  He turned 11 and we played a ton of basketball at the park with a bunch of Hispanic kids.  The rims were about 8 1/2 feet so I was just slamming dunking on them haha.  It was a lot of fun and we even got some bomb hamburgers.  Tonight we taught J and M.  They are new investigators so we had our first lesson with them.  They know the bible to a reasonable degree so it was fun talking with them.  They seem to agree with most of what we teach so it excited to see where this goes.  As we were walking up to our door tonight we heard a yell and all of a sudden like 5 feet from us a A/C unit came crashing to the ground.  The guy was really mad so we just hurried into our house haha.  That would suck so bad!

Tuesday 7/14:  I did not want to get up this morning.  We get up at 5:30 to exercise more in the mornings but I was just so dead.  I was a zombie playing basketball so morning exercise wasn't very good haha.  Today was a BOMB DAY!!!  We taught 9 lessons which is like a mission record for me.  We taught E, A, B, B kids, V, C, G's, L, and J.  It was a party of a day!  Tonight I got to go out with Hermano De Luna and he's a great guy.  He came here from Mexico when he was 19, got baptized when he was 20, and just worked his butt off and is now a Doctor.  He told me if he could become a Doctor from where he came from than anyone can do it.  They just have to have their minds set on it and work hard!

Wednesday 7/15:  Today Elder Reid came on Exchanges with Elder Johanson and I.  It was a pretty good day.  We taught B and he was going to drop us but we had a good lesson with him and caught his attention again.  We also helped Elder Christiansen move a bunch of furniture.  There's going to be a bunch of new missionaries coming in the next few months. We saw A and talked to him more about The Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith.  His testimony is getting better and stronger.  Tonight we met up with D and L and talked to them about starting the 15 step program to quit addictions like smoking, chewing, and smoking.  He said he would do it so we are going back over tomorrow!  We are super stoked!

Thursday 7/16:  Today we had interviews with President.  We also got Facebook back but I chose not to get it.  We would have to make a new account and just use messenger but I'd rather not use it and just stay focused.  Interviews with President was super good.  He was able to help me with a few things and it just always great talking with him.  He gets me really pumped to get work done!  I also had a really good talk with Sister Russell.  I haven't really gotten to just sit down and talk with her so I did for like 40 minutes haha.  For lunch today we went to El Pique.  Great Mexican restaurant here.  It's the place to go!  Tonight we taught D the 15 step program and he's ready to go.  He committed to do it.  He even threw away his beer, Tobacco , coffee and coffee maker.  It was sweet!  So Elder Allen has been sick so we went to a members house who's all about the hippy meds.  She gave him silver water.  It's 99.9% silver.  I guess it's super good for your immune system.  Who would ever think that silver would be good to ingest.  But you have to be careful to not overdose or else you turn purple hahaha.

Friday 7/17:  This morning We played Basketball at 5:30 like we always do, but this morning I was on fire and won all 4 games of 21.  Killed them!  We had a great District Meeting today. We learned about asking good questions, checking for understanding, and resolving concerns.  It was nice to freshen up on those subjects.  Today we mainly passed out invitations to members and investigators to the Fair tomorrow at the church.  It's going to be great.  We basically invited all of Springfield so hopefully we get some peeps there.  We had a good lesson with B and his daughters.  We taught them the 10 commandments with the hand signals.  We also put him on date for baptism for the 22 of August!  We taught A today and yesterday his uncle passed away.  He wasn't in a good mood but we were able to talk to him about a Eternal Families.  I'm thinking this may help him decide to be baptized.  We had dinner at Izzy's in Eugene.  It's a buffet place and it's pretty good. The Lopez family took us out so I wasn't complaining.  I love free food!  We saw D tonight as well.  He's a less active but he reads the scriptures everyday.  He said he'd come to church this week so that would be awesome!

Saturday 7/18:  This morning we helped the Nelsen family move a bunch of stuff from their storage unit to their new house.  I'm glad we went because no one else was there.  Today there was also a baptism in 4th Ward that we were able to attend.  It was super hot today and of course we had a big Ward Pioneer party at the church.  We had a really good turn out.  Great food, fun games, and even some investigators showed up.  It was a blast.  The Bolanders did a pretty funny skit.  

Sunday 7/19:   This morning we had correlation with Brother Booren. Church was pretty good. The L and G families showed up who have been less active for a while.  B, one of our investigators showed up as well.  He seemed to really enjoy it.  So funny story, at church today J wasn't in Priesthood so we went looking for him.  We found him in the kitchen making a cup of hot chocolate. Hahaha.   He's a funny kid.  The rest of the day we visited a lot of people with little success.  We taught A again and answered a bunch of his questions.  Sadly he's not going to get baptized.  He wants to go home and teach his family and get baptized with them. It would be better if he got baptized then went home and taught them but we can't force him.  A also taught us a new word, "La Mole" which basically means someone who is just beast, like me! Haha.  Things weren't working so we tried a new door approach.  I started banging my head against the doors.  It didn't help... Haha. Tonight I got a call from Elders Greer and Arias.  They told me that O, someone I tracted into with Elder Thompson and turned out to be a members son is getting baptized on Saturday.  I'm super excited that he's getting baptized and I get to go!

This week I flew through The Book of Mormon and read all of Mosiah and now I'm in Alma.  I really like the ending of Alma 1.  

24 For the hearts of many were hardened, and their names were blotted out, that they were remembered no more among the people of God. And also many withdrew themselves from among them.

-Many were excommunicated and a lot left the church (less active/inactive)

25 Now this was a great trial to those that did stand fast in the faith; nevertheless, they were steadfast and immovable in keeping the commandments of God, and they bore with patience the persecution which was heaped upon them.

-Those who had a strong faith and kept the commandments did not budge.

26 And when the priests left their labor to impart the word of God unto the people, the people also left their labors to hear the word of God. And when the priest had imparted unto them the word of God they all returned again diligently unto their labors; and the priest, not esteeming himself above his hearers, for the preacher was no better than the hearer, neither was the teacher any better than the learner; and thus they were all equal, and they did all labor, every man according to his strength.

-The Priests and the people were equal.  They both worked for what they had.

27 And they did impart of their substance, every man according to that which he had, to the poor, and the needy, and the sick, and the afflicted; and they did not wear costly apparel, yet they were neat and comely.

28 And thus they did establish the affairs of the church; and thus they began to have continual peace again, notwithstanding all their persecutions.

29 And now, because of the steadiness of the church they began to be exceedingly rich, having abundance of all things whatsoever they stood in need--an abundance of flocks and herds, and fatlings of every kind, and also abundance of grain, and of gold, and of silver, and of precious things, and abundance of silk and fine-twined linen, and all manner of good homely cloth.

30 And thus, in their prosperous circumstances, they did not send away any who were naked, or that were hungry, or that were athirst, or that were sick, or that had not been nourished; and they did not set their hearts upon riches; therefore they were liberal to all, both old and young, both bond and free, both male and female, whether out of the church or in the church, having no respect to persons as to those who stood in need.

31 And thus they did prosper and become far more wealthy than those who did not belong to their church.

-Everything we have is Gods and we should use it as he would.  To help the needy and the sick.  When we do we gain even more.

32 For those who did not belong to their church did indulge themselves in sorceries, and in idolatry or idleness, and in babblings, and in envyings and strife; wearing costly apparel; being lifted up in the pride of their own eyes; persecuting, lying, thieving, robbing, committing whoredoms, and murdering, and all manner of wickedness; nevertheless, the law was put in force upon all those who did transgress it, inasmuch as it was possible.

-Attributes of those who are not part of the Church but are with the Devil.

I love you ALL!!!

Elder Perrine